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DarkMaze Server Online

DarkMaze Server Online

DarkMaze Server Online 2018 PK Server, Active GMs, New Effects, New Maps, New Features Coming Every Week Events Websites httpdarkmaze.servegame.com httpswww.facebook.comgroups176280873298973 INFORMATIONS AND FEATURES Rates 25x - SOLO EXP 40x - Team EXP 10x - Drop Rate 150x - Fairy Max Level - 150 Max Pet Level - 102 Balanced PK SERVER --MAPS-- Argent City Shaitan City Icicle City Dark Maze Center Battle Royal Chaos Argent Opens every 3 hours Isle of PKChests drop random azrael gems Crazy Newbie PK Piggies Drop Random Notes 75k, 100k , 225k, 300k, and 1m Valley of Death Chaos Icicle Dark...

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DarkMaze Server Online
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