Hello Boys and Girls, ive found a new Black Desert private Server Its called www.BDX.to and it is the old blackdesert.to private server. Its based on korean Files. And has 0 Bugs The Server has nice Features, like a Teleport Feature Website based Trade System You can Trade Items on the Website And Exchange System. Exchange Golden Daggers for 50 Pearls Rates are EXP x7 Skill EXP x3 Life EXP x5 Life Drop x2 Boss Drop x5 Horse EXP x5 Increased Drop-Rate from much Items and from lvl 50-66 you just need 25 EXP to lvl up. Weight and Inventory Expansion cost only 1 Pearl. reduced prizes of...


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  Website URL http://www.bdx.to/
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  Date Signed Up 2018-03-22 06:40:25

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