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Version 5165 [New Quests][OnlinePoints][Low Ping][Max lvl 137, +12,2nd rb,Bless 7] p6 and p7 Souls[3 HP event][Free VIP autoloot][Long Term Game] Autohunt System ,Steed ,Talismen, Souls been added for more info join discord

3,170 Votes
2 ConQuerX Classic Server

[US][10 Years Online][Custom Classic][Custom garments][Custom Nobility][No: Potency, Talismans, Ninja, Mentors, Items Lock][Custom Events][Lotto, Mall, Lvl 135, +12, 2RBs][Rates: Middle][Here to stay]

1,787 Votes

Fishing - PvP Bot - Superman Archers - Shift+Click - Voiced NPCs - No BP/Fan/Tower/Steed - Balanced Rates - Semi Classic - No Pay2Win - Stable Source - AFK Farming Companions - Guild Halls

476 Votes
4 IlluminatiCo

NEW Release 5/29/2023 Patch 5730, Pirates, p7, 1 cp drop per kill 2 with Vip, max lvl 140 2nd rb, Gm hosted events, Community voted updates Discord donation ranks and much more!

430 Votes

New Server join Fast 7/8/2024[USA-Host][5731][1yr Online][Professional Staff][Play2Win][Balanced PvP][Stable Economy][Chi][P6Souls][140][DropCps][9 Classes][Custom Security 100 percent Bot-Free]

137 Votes
6 Trinity Conquer - New Era Just Begun

[V5095 Classic][Original 4 Classes][Auto Loot System][Medium Rates][Hourly-Daily-Weekly Events][Community Driven][New Bosses & Garments][Advanced Anti Cheat][Low Ping][Unlocked FPS][No Lag/Delay][Betting Arena][DisCity-Labyrinth-CloudSaint...

136 Votes
7 DragonZoneClassic v5517

Filipino-owned server. Continuously growing community in-game and in discord. Staff is consistently working for updates solely for the purpose of improving the server. DragonZone Classic is an un-official private server of the conquer online game and is...

136 Votes
8 DragonZone Classic V5517

Filipino-owned server. Continuously growing community in-game and in discord. Staff is consistently working for updates solely for the purpose of improving the server. DragonZone Classic is an un-official private server of the conquer online game and is...

136 Votes
9 NobilityConquer

[No Ninja][Classic][Tower][Fan][Max Level:137][Max Reborn:2][Max Plus:12][AutoInvite:All Quests][Hunting Server][Version:5095]

136 Votes

We Allowed sell and Buy for real money πŸ“Œ Version 5017 - 4 Main Class - Max Level 130 πŸ“Œ 1 RB πŸ“Œ +9 πŸ“Œ -1 πŸ“ŒAuto Hunt πŸ“Œ EU Host πŸ“Œ Old Jump πŸ“Œ No CPs πŸ“Œ NO Talismans πŸ“Œ Active STAFF πŸ“Œ Fair Gameplay πŸ“Œ Mining πŸ“Œ PVE Quests πŸ“Œ Hourly PVP Events

102 Votes

ELZAIN ONLINE is the best 5095 private server of conquer. no tower no fan no soul no ninja last char are troj war wat arch

8 Votes

A complex and difficult version, where the progress of your character will be more exciting than expected. Version 6600.

4 Votes

The first server, Private, Shopping Mall prices are at old prices , +12 Max Gears , Based on activity , Play to Win , 5622 , Monk and Ninja and Pirate Only , Max Level 140 , No lag , No Jang.

3 Votes

[Server5065][Rates: Medium][Classic Server][Nobility System 5 King][Online 24/7][AutoLoot System][ Full +12 + Level 137][Top SS-FB][Elite PK][Daily Quest][Super Guild War][OnlinePoints System][Top Spouse][New Garments][Arena Speed]

1 Votes

[Ion Conquer][Last Version][High Drop Rate][EU/US][INSPIRED TROJANS RELEASE][THUNDER STRIKER][New System Rune][New Anima][New Melting System][Medium Rates][Max 140][Active Community][PvP Events][Weekly Updates][Cross Server Tournaments][All Classes...

0 Votes

Launched 14/8/2020 - Earn Real Money 120-150 Dollar - Free +8 Start Pack - Balanced Nobility System - AntiCheat System - Balanced Rates - Play2Win - Drop CPs [1-3] + DBs - Max 140/2nd - Max +12 - Red/Black Names Drop Gear/Silver - PVP/PVE Events -...

0 Votes

Conquer Legacy [24/7 Online, Forever will be] [Here to Stay!] [The Worlds #1 Classic Server with modern cosmetics] [Max Level 137] [Medium Rates] [Max Compose +12] [Original Classes] [Class PK] [Elite PK] [TEAM PK] [SKILL PK] [Hourly events] [Bosses]...

0 Votes

Welcome to catch Private Server ------------------------- Our Server Summary Includes: ------------------------- No Talismans, No Ninja, Decent Leveling System, Classic Guild War. New Quests and Events All Day Long, New Garments and New Bosses. New...

0 Votes
19 OceanCo

New Virson downgrade it to classic with 7 classes , 2nd rb , +12 , -7 , miner many new events and quests ,garments , accesorry . Monk and Pirate benn added 01.05.2023

0 Votes


0 Votes
21 LegendConquer Opened 12-03

[NEW Fresh Server][Opened 12-3-2022][EU Host][Classic][Main 4 Classes][Level 137, Plus +12, 2 Reborns][ElitePK, SkillTeamPK, TeamPK, etc][HourlyPVP][HourlyBosses][VIP RATES 40+]

0 Votes
22 Armageddon Conquer

US-Hosted Server, Free Starter Gears, Balanced Rates, PvP And PvE Daily/Hourly Events, New Systems, New Cosmetics, Daily Quests, Weekly Tournaments [STPK,TPK,EPK], SGW, CTF, Smooth Gameplay, Subclass, Chi, New Features. English Community. Join Us Now

0 Votes

classic conquer online max level 130 2nd reborn adding new features often 5 classes available vip bonuses working nobility 25,50,75 cp drops so it doesn't take the fun away from the game we are a new community so come and join the fun...

0 Votes

Fresh server, Auto leveling gears, Classic Maps, Garments, Mounts, PVP events, Dragon Island, Skill and Team PK Arena qualifier,CTF, offline vending, Hourly events, Daily Quests, Guide Book, Hunting Maps Free VIP, Ai bot, Hourly events, Worth A Try

0 Votes

[V7531][US][AUTOHUNT FOR ALL][UP TO DATE OFFICAL][3D Version][HIGH DROP] [Poker][FULL ARCHIVE] [ FIXED ATTACK, BLANCED SKILLS] CTF,LONG TERM,PK, etc Join today and receive free STUFF - [Online System Cps Reward][Boss Every 5 Min][Poker Money-]

0 Votes