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Ionscape - OSRS

Select Between Normal Iron Man Ultimate Iron Man Select Game Mode Normal Mode Extreme Mode (15% Drop Boost) (1/15 XP Rate) Website: Webclient: Vote Page: High Scores: Discord:


Hosted on a dedicated server central USA Perfect switching, OSRS bosses, HD textures, animation smoothing, custom pets, custom items, HD floors, customize your revision from 317, OSRS, 508, 525, 625 hitsplats. Come join!


Some Key features: OSRS Data, Bank Tabs, Dupe Free Stable Economy, Fluid Smooth Client Fullscreen Resizeable, Beautiful Maintained Forums, Tons of Minigames, Perfect Skilling, Flawless Combat, Achievements, Huge Variety of Bosses Including Zulrah, Prestige Endless Fun and alot alot more.



TormentedRs Inferno, Raids, Fun Server, Customs

Welcome to TormentedRs We have inferno, all major OSRS bosses, raids. Active staff, active dev, newly launched server looking for a friendly player base. Come and join us!


Were RageFire, Were back and up a fight to the top RSPS out there but we need your help. We have a lot of content and are giving a reward to players to say thankyou for joining so we hope we hope you will come and take a look you wont be disappointed RAGEFIRE TEAM

OutlawRSPS - Revs Vork Raids Inferno

OutlawRSPS is a new RSPS with a small dedicated community but looking to grow. Frequent updates and player driven. Raids, inferno, wilderness slayer, wilderness keys, PK shop the pk points can also be obtained from wilderness bosses, daily loyalty boxes. These are just a few things to look forward to. There are also tweaks to basic gameplay like smelting steel-runite only takes 1 coal The owner is beyond dedicated to this project and will help if you encounter any issues. As a new server there are a few bugs being found but fixed almost immediately. To play all you need to do is visit the...

Darxi 667-742 Content Packed | Quests | Achievements | Pets | Dub xp Weekends | Highscores

Player Shops | Squeal Fortune | Minigames | Boss's | Qeusts Pet Shops | Rare Drops | Daily Events | 100% Raids | Highscores Falling Star's | Achievements | Daily Trivia Well Of Fortune | Sinkholes | Hidden Penguins Beautiful Homes | Custom Animations Double Xp Weekends | Pet Investments $$$

RuneWar - Raid Items.

Welcome to RuneWar, We are friendly and welcoming to anyone that joins our community, RuneWar is brand new and growing every single day. Here is some features that we have in-game as of now - Raid Items - Ironman - Hardcore Ironman - Prestige Ranks - 100 Achievements - Shooting Star - Evil Tree


Amazing Vote rewards Highscore system Donation system Ruse based Server Vps hosted


Legends dont give up Eco PVM PVP Boss Pets Many Customs Non P2W Active community

RazoryScape Brand new Server

RazoryScape Brand new Server osrs we are different in everything

ElitePk - OSRS - Revs - Vorkath - Events


OutlawzRs 1 pre-eocosrs mashup NEW

pre-eocosrs content guaranteed to keep you busy for months 40 bosses great staff 5 game Modes and more

Overloadx 317

Fun, and sportsmanship like. Overloadx, is a good server that will be open to the public forever. The server has tons of custom items, that isnt stupid like most other servers. Godwars... Overloadx bosss...Donator zone... custom funpk zone... and much much more I wish you the best on the server

Ventrix -New- Revs Raids Vork Active

Ventrix is a server that not only had the great OSRS Pre-EoC experience, but also a custom feel to stand out from most of the RSPSs in the industry today. Its 6 months of work and has more and more coming everyday. We really believe in the long-term game, so were constantly going to be pushing awesome updates to keep our players entertained.


Ruse based Server Vote system Highscore system Donation system Brang new


Daily server mantanance, edgevile home, player owned server, 20 bosses more to come Daily content added, 100 npcs to battle, all working skills custom ranks and ranked zones balanced pvmpvp and f2pp2p, everything in the game can be earned like dp,coins,bp,pkp, ect join for a chance to win exclusive content


Dedicated Server Here at Valkar we take pride in having our server on 247. We always want to have the server online except when updating so that you can play We are always available and brain storming about new ideas for the server. If we ever have downtime its because we are either fixing something major or improving something. Server Community The servers community is a MAJOR concern of ours We want to be here for you like no server has been before. All staff members are REQUIRED to be there when a player is in need of help or assistance. Whether it is a Developer or Owner etc. we are...


20 Bosses 15 Minigames RAIDS Loads of Content

Ulthium Custom Custom Combat 20 Bosses

Welcome to Ulthium, the 1 custom runescape server. We feature 20 bosses, 20 minigames, boss pets. All our skills work, including construction, dungeneering and more. Weve even taken the liberty of adding new zones for you, custom skilling zones and pvm zones. Weve also extended the end game, featuring prestige tier based gear. With extra HP. Weve got the fast paced, balanced combat with just the right amount of scaling to seperate us from the rest of the Runescape Private Servers. We just arent shy on trying something new. Featuring active, helpful members. With a FANTASTIC devolpment...


Introduction Rigaur is a runescape private server based on a 317 revision. It is completely free to play and offers some of the most unique and highest quality gameplay in runescape private server history. We have been online since August 2018 and have shown no signs of slowing down. We offer high quality, bug-free minigames, 100 functional skills, loads of bosses, rs-like grand exchange, veteranmaxcompletionist capes, loyalty system, dicing, and much more. Our community is constantly growing, and our staff team is always active and willing to help you through your adventure. We are always...


317Loading a 562 interface Eco-Based Gameplay Flawless PvM Combat Countless bosses with interactive fighting styles Custom interfaces shops Member perks, with multiple member ranks obtainable TONS of content, guaranteed to keep you entertained Active staff with weekly updates Integrated forums discord Bounty hunting PvP system with artifact drops Boss Kill Tracker Duo-Slayer Tasks Fully functional dungeoneering, with co-op Grand Exchange currently in beta but functional Loyalty rewards titles Moderate exp rate, guaranteed to make that grind worth it

EverusX - Monthly vote giveaways

New 718 server looking for motivated staff and players

Salve-PS Pure OSRS Raids All Pets

Salve-PS is a brand new rework of the previous-existing version. Salve-PS is a unique and authentic RSPS offering a perfect OSRS experience, with OSRS content, Raids, Inferno, OSRS graphics, All bosses, All Pets, Achievement Diaries, Miscellania, Max Cape, All IRONMAN Modes, Motherlode mine, Rooftops, Perfect OSRS Slayer, a world filled with NPCs and Shops, Hiscores, No custom items and monsters, active community, weekly updates, and much more