Travian Private Servers New List


- speed x1000 - trop speed x1000 - start gold 500 - beginner's protection 1day - medals every day - WW - natars 1 week

Travmania - 100.000X - NEW SERVER - LAG FREE

Travmania is no different to the other servers, but we're not running this for your donations. We want to provide a fun and extensive travian clone for all to enjoy! Come along and take advantage of all the bot farms just waiting for you to loot them!

Travian gamby x10000/x50000/x.....

Spacial server:x10,000 surpise when you sing up you will give 600 gold per id but this round language in server is thai and next round in jan 2015 language in server eng ( no lag no delay 100%)


Dutch-Travian. a new travian server with 2 servers Version 3.6 500 x server speed. 250 troop speed. Daily Medals, 24 hours Protection. no instant troops Hosted on a Version 4.2 speed x 10000 troop speed 250 medals every 12 hours adventures/bid system working dedicated host!

WhyNow Travian T3.6 450x

Server Speed 450x Troop Speed 300x Evasion Speed 300 Map Size 150x150 Village Exp. Fast Beginners Prot. 5 hrs Medal Interval 7 Days Multiserver with Free Gold

The really Travian private server running at multiple speeds at T4.4 Plus version and offering the richest gameplay experience in in the world. Working troop shop, trapper, a functional farm list and a real battle system Come join now

T4.2 1500speedx Travian server All registrants will receive free silver 500000 registration is open Strategy 03/07/2015 Travian T4.2 1500speedx szerver Minden regisztrálo 500000 ingyen ezüstöt kap regisztrálás nyitva Strat 2015.03.07

TravItalia | 5x NO BUGS

Buongiorno, siamo il TravItalia Team e siamo qui per annunciarvi che il nostro progetto è andato in porto! Cosa offrite? Server di gioco Travian in cui potrete divertirvi e passare tempo con gli amici. Ci sono dei bug? Quelli maggiori sono stati fixati. Se ne trovate contattateci.


Top Server, No Bug, 200000 Gold free, speed 1000x, protection 1 days, player Farm active.

Gotravspeed Private Servers different speed servers 1,000,000 500,000 , 250,000 , 100,000 No Lag, RE worked Farm list, More update

private server

[color=red][b]New Travian4.4 speed 200 x [/b][/color] [color=Black][b] STarT 200 x : Now [/b][/color] [color=blue][b] (One) A Cage = 200 Animals [/b][/color] [color=black][b] 50 Gold free !!![/b][/color] [color=red][b] Register Link : [/b][/color]

Travis - Play in ancient Travis world

Game speed: 50x, warrior speed: 20x, capacity, cranny, carry, trades: 10x, This game is for mid rating travian fans who like to play in private server . Admin will try his best that you feel happy in this server.

APOS Travian server [10x] FREE GOLD

100% Lagg free 3.6 TPS Free gold and no bugs, have fun and be safe. Started 03/22/15

Travian Pvp Server T4.4 Original Server

Travian Pvp Server T4.4 Original Server.Orjinal travian t4.4 servernda sernde yerini al ve hemen savaa bala

Good travian server:) Speed :500x,no bugs,fair game

• • Serverio greitis: 500x • Kariu greitis: 250x • Apsauga: 6h • Jokiu bugu • Sažininagas žaidimas • Startas 2015-04-01 20:30!!! Linkiu linkso ir įdomaus žaidimo ;) Ieškomi reklamuotojai. • • Server Speed: 500X • Troops Speed: 250X • Protection: 6h • No Bug • Fair game • Start 2015-04-01 20:30 !!! I wish interesting game;) Search ads


Citvian games provides best travian speed 4.4 experience to the users. Enjoy the completely bug free game experience with citvian.

Oyun Travian T3.6 100000X,500000X,1000000X

Oyuntravian its the popular travian server since 2012. We have more than 300 players registerred every round and we growing up every day. Come and enjoy with a lot of people. Create your alliance, win the rounds, know new friends


This is a best travian server TravianAcid 1000x GOLD FREE Welcome TravianAcid Enter the world of fun, build your kingdom and completes the wonder to reign over a vast empire



Ultravian is a new speed server 1000x --- Server Speed 1000x Troop Speed 100x Evasion Speed 100 Map Size 25x25 Village Exp. Slow Beginners Prot. 5 hrs Medal Interval 1 Days Server Start 15072017

Epiro x100 x50

Server online 100 time


One of the best server on the internet,Warlegends propose a unique gameplay.We dont have a WW,but to win is needed to be the strongest on the map.The game during 1 month and the winner will have a 15 prize

TTwars strategic game - Teutons, Gauls, Rom

TTwars brings travian Speed private servers with fully working version. 5,000x - 10,000x Win The Game And Got Prize



New tx200 4.2 version of speed server started 2018.02.20 Each registrant player receives 2million silver There are extras eg for 100 gold you can buy 2millio clubswinger 1 mission for 1 gold and much more. httpwww.travianttx.nhely.hutx200anmelden.php