Top 100 Ragnarok Private Servers

Project Endless RO

Server that is based from DarkRO 255120


PhantomRO Dedicado Raca Doram Terceira classe Nao eh pay-to-win Floating Rates Servidor BETA - Aproveite a oportunidade para dominar o servidor Rates Base 10x Job 10x Drop 3x

Ragnarok Online Valkyrie

FRESH SERVER JANUARY 27, 2018 SERVER INFORMATION Episode 12 Destruction of Morroc Max Base Level 99 Max Job Level 70 Max Stats 99 Pre-Renewal Transcendent Job SERVER RATES Base 15x Job 15x Normal Drops 5x Normal Cards 3x MVP Drops 1x SERVER FEATURES DDOS PROTECTED SERVER Gepard Protected No Bot, No Third Party Program, No Dual Daily Rewards Hourly Rewards Event Ticket System 9970 Rewards for more info. go to


We are a Renewal-Classic Hybrid with focus on party teamplay. We offer a unique loot system for instances so every player gets his own loot. Huge World Bosses with personal rewards. Earn WoE currency to buy your personal rewards and get lucky and win rare reward chests. The adventure guild hands-out daily instance and hunting quests. We have rebalanced all 3rd classes and more for an amazing PvP experience. With 5k-5k-Dynamic rates with a max level 250-120 and 200 max stats. No Wipe. Join us.


FREEBIEGPACK STARTER PACK PreRenewal Lvel 255120 Rate 3k3k Drop Rate MVP cards 1Normal Cards 20Hourly events, freebies NPC, hunting mission every hourLast Man Standing Devil Squarevote for point system, fun questsElite weapons for zeny, woe rewardsAnd much more

Funatics Ragnarok Online

9970 Transcendent Class Lowrate Server MVP Cards Disabled Effects Mini Boss Cards Disabled Effects Boss Rates 0.01 Guild Capacity 3636

Dimitri PK RO

100x 100x 7x No Godly item Donation,9950 Classic ServerNo Pre-renew or Renewal No Wipes ,StableLagfreeBalanced PK Server Were brand new server that from July10 WOE Bring you to old memories .Come and join us

Frost RO High Rate Server

Frost RO 255120 High Rate Server Balancer Server with no 100 unfro Armor With Gepard Shield and Modified Drop rate

Void Ragnarok Online

VoidRO - The Darkness Awakened Server Rates 255100 5000x50105 No Instant Job Changer Pure Grinding Long Term Server Server Information Frost Server Farm Server Pure 2-2 Transcendent Job Max Zeny 2,000,000,000 Modified Soul Link Effects Temporary Disabled Lighthalzen Cards Fully Customized for balancing purposes. Multi-clients Enabled Anti RPEWPE System DDoS Protection and Mitigation

Eternal Ragnarok Online

PK Server - Frost Server - Ready to PvP items - BaseJobLv 255120 - Gepard Shield 3.0 - Transcendent Class - Balance Skills and Jobs - Modified Soul Links - Pots have delays

SpiritRO Malaysia


Ancient Ragnarok Online

5000x Base Experience 5000x Job Experience 2000x Drop Rates 1000x Normal Card 500x MVPBoss Card Modified PK Server Episode 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown Pure 2-2 Transcendent Classes Max Levels 255 Base and 100 Job Max Stats 255 Max Aspd 197 Instant Cast 150 Dex

Chibz Ragnarok Online

General Information Server Rates BaseJob Exp 5000k15000k MVP Boss 100 Rare Bosses 100 2-2 Transcendent Classes 3rd Job Classes Renewal Server Max Levels 300 Base and 120 Job Max Stats 300 Max Aspd 196 Instant Cast 150 Dex Max storage and gstorage 600 Max zeny 2,000,000,000 PK Server Main Language English Daily Fun Events Automated and GM events No Overpowered Donates Multi-clients Enabled ChibzProtected Enabled ADv DDoS Protection

Nexus RO

Pure 2-2 Transcendent Job Ninja Kagerou Oboro Sprite BaseJob 255120 Max ASPD 196 Max Stats 255 Max Zeny 2,000,000,000 Normal Card Drop Rate 40 MVP Card Drop Rate 10

Liberation Ragnarok Online

PLAYABLE IN MOBILE ANDROIDJoin us and experience the MIDRATE classic days server for Job Transcendent class. Max Level 9970 MidRate 100x10050x - up to 250x250x50x FloatingHappy hour Rates Pre-Renewal Episode 13.2 with Free JOB PACKAGE

Heroes Ragnarok Online

255120 High Rate Server Pre-Renewal Transcendent Class Frost Server Ready PVP Freebies 3K XP Rate Modified MVP Cards Farmable Donates Easy to do Quest WoEKoE Automated GM Events and many more

Patriot Ragnarok Online

Since 2009 We are commited to create private server of Ragnarok Online trademark by Gravity. We aim to provide you the largest Ragnarok community in asia, continue our ragnarok generation to not extinct by other new branded games in world. Patriot, Super High Rate, PVP WOE based server with balance all job function custom items. Poring Coin is our main currency, and for sure we are free to play server no spesific donation item. All item can be obtained from event by farming the poring coin.

Gogcel Ragnarok Online

Apertura 1 de septiembre Gogcel Ro Servidor High Rate Pre renewal 255120 Exp Rates 1k1k1k Drop Rates 1051 Max aspd 195

Helios Ragnarok Online

Rates 10010020 - Max Level 17590 - Stabel ServerLag free - Eps 16.1 - Many Daily Events end mini games - PVPWoE v4.2Battleground - Great GMs and Players.

upsurge ragnarok

Server Info 10k10kModified Normal Drop Rate 100 MVP Cards 10 Rare Cards 1 Instant Job Changer per account 1 character only Guild Capacity 2424 Ddos Proctection Gepard Shield Protected V 3.0 lgp enabled Mid Rate Server BaseJobLv 255100 Aspd 196 Max Transcendent Jobs FarmPK Server Modified Soul Link effects Balance Skill Delays Balance Jobs Automated and Daily Events Daily Events Hourly Reward Voting System King of Emperium joinkoe Token Quest Break The Seal Quest Endless Tower Thanatos Quest Freebies White Valkyrie Set Doppelganger Card Economy and PK Server

Rakki Ragnarok Online

Rakki Ragnarok Online Normal Pre-Renewal Server Rates 1000x1000xCustom Normal Equipment 500x Normal Card 500x MVP Equipment 5100 MVP Card 0.01 Quest Exp 1000x Max Level 9970 Max Stats 99 Max ASPD 190 Commands List commands, iteminfo, autotrade, autoloottype, go, alootid, who, whereis, whodrops, autoloot, mobinfo Feature Custom NPCs


WePlayRO - Episode 13.2 - Into the Unknown Mechanics Pre-Renewal Minimum Skill Delay Default Base Experience 100x Job Experience 100x Monster Drop 75x MVPMini-Boss Card Disabled Quest Experience 25x HomunculusPet Intimacy 5x Maximum Level 9970 Maximum Status 99 Maximum Party Size 20 Maximum Share Range 20 Maximum Share Bonus 30 Maximum ASPD 190 Instant Cast 150 Multi-Client No restrictions Tomb Stone Enabled Same Sex Marriage Enabled

Survival Ragnarok mid rate 9970 2nd transcendent

SURVIVAL RO SERVER INFORMATION Max Base Lvl 99 Max Job Lvl 70 Max Status 99 Max ASPD 190 No Cast Time Dex 150 Base Exp 125x VIP 150x Job Exp 125x VIP 150x Quest Exp 10x Normal Monster Drop Rate 25x With Minimum Drop Rate 10 Normal Monster Equip Drop 25x With Minimum Drop Rate 10 Normal Monster Card Drop 5 Mini Boss Equip Drop 10x With Minimum Drop Rate 5 Mini Boss Drop 10x With Minimum Drop Rate 5 Mini Boss Card Drop 1 DISABLED For Angeling, Deviling, Ghostring, Maya Purple, Archangeling MVP Equip Drop 3 With Minimum Drop Rate 3 MVP Card Drop DISABLED Godly Items...