WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List

Nexus-WoW 3.3.5 An Unparalleled WoW Experience

335a - 1x Pure BlizzClone - Growing Community - Free private server with constantly available lag free realm - Well Scripted Instances - Working Wintergrasp - Working collision - Professionally developed to deliver best stability and high performance

Ziton WoW

Max level 255 custom 3000 items and quest's,custom bosses,Gm host Pvp event and more event's Faction mall Custom leveling zone,Profesion zone,Profesional staff Join Now!!!


Simp Cabal ep 10 Welcome to SIMP Cabal currently running on ep 10 , server dedicated to gamers from all around the world with great connectivity for Asia and USA and also good connectivity for Europe and other regions. The server rates are :Exp rate : 300x Skill xp : 500x SP : 500x Wexp : 5x AXP :25xPet Exp : 20x Drop rate : 30x + 3 DROPS PER MOB The server is running on full ep8 files and also has the new ep9 and 10 features added as well : 1. Fully working new armor sets and weapons and accesories from ep10 , named Acredinium ( dropable on Arcane Golem Boss with 14% amp...

Frostfire-WoW | Instant 80


BlenderGaming 3.3.5a - You Decide Your Path!

We are the most completed 3.3.5a server. We have a Blizzlike X1-Rate realm and a Instant-80 realm! The Blizzlike realm is X1 rate so you have the same feeling of Retail WoW back on the 3.3.5 patch. Our Instant-80 realm has custom items, vendors, malls, teleporters and Much More! Our server host: RAM: 12GB (Soon Going To Upgrade) Internet Speed: 1GBit (1000MBit) Bandwidth: Unlimited Website: CLICK HERE Core: TrinityCore (Comiled - NO repack!) OS: Windows Server 2008 Shop: Yes (Fully Working) Donation System: Yes (PayPal and SMS) (Fully Working) Total Numbers of Staff: 6 - 10 Staff... - 3.3.5a

Highend Server - Highrate - Blizzlike - Lagfrei 24/7 - Charaktertransfer - Events - Gildenhäuser - Instant-Taxi - KEIN DONATESERVER - Punktesystem für Aktivität mit Shop und Questcompleter

WoW Guides And Turtorials

WoW Guides and Turtorials are a new company that gonna provide free guides and offers you cheap products to become a pro in World of Warcraft!

[Deutsches Projekt][Blizz, High-Rate & Fun Realms] [255 Max Level] [8000+ Custom Items][Ultimative Stats][über 800000 Schaden] [Tier 11 bis Tier 15] [Erstaunliche Custom Instanzen][Custom Playertreff] [BG System][Balanzierte Klassen][Deutsches Team] [Keine Lags]

Frozen Waste

patch 4.3.4 | Every Raid Spawned,Firelands,dragonsoul,etc | Blizlike x15 | 24/7 Uptime | In need of GM's | First 300 people get instant 85 + Tier 13-410 Heroic | Fun Server Coming Soon


3.3.5a, Level 255, Level 1 to 80 funserver, player bots, all raids, all Battlegrounds and much more

Axios-WoW - 3.3.5a - Where worthy players play!

x5 Exp x3 Gold - NO LAG - GREAT community & GMs - Battered Hilt Chain - FULLY SCRIPTED ICC including GUNSHIP - Ruby Sanctum - VoA - Naxx - ToC - Ulduar - Wintergrasp - Dungeon Finder - Working RBG - Raid progression release - Starting with arena season 5

Swigger World of Warcraft

Hello and welcome to our newly started Swigger world of warcraft server. Wotlk 3.3.5a, 24/7 online and lagfree! Custom raids and events.

Frostbite-Wow - Instant 80 - PVP

FrostbiteWoW is a brand new 3.3.5a instant 80 PvP realm. With nice malls, everything working and no downtime you'll find yourself in love with the server within minutes. Join today and find out what we can offer you! We have many interesting features, some of them listed below: Instant 80 Custom Battleground Exclusive VIP Mall Active Battlegrounds All Arenas Working Transmogrification Active Staff Friendly Game masters Fun Events

Majestic 12

Is there a warrior hidden inside you, then you should probably take a closer look. Discover a world of hidden areas, races and quests. What we can offer is xp X6, and gold X6, and an opportunity to play Wotlk 3.3.5A as Rppvp. Register now and experience the game as Horde or Allies

LegionWoW - 3.3.5 - Professional Staff - Join Today

We at LegionWoW are here waiting for you. We always have staff online who are there for your needs. We have 2 realms. One is an I80 and the other is a Blizzlike. I hope to see you all ingame!

Orbit Server - The Classic 19 Twink Experience

Do you miss the 19 twinks? Tired of all the Customs? We have all 2.4.3 19 twink gear fully working, Honor Point System, Kill Point System, Rated Arena, Skirmishes, FFA, and much more!

Invictus Wow

Invictus Wow es un servidor hispano en Wotlk dedicado y optimizado para que la latencia sea mínima. Invictus Wow se caracteriza por su increíble estabilidad, te beneficiarás de las frecuentes actualizaciones para reparar bugs y disfrutarás de la mejor experiencia de juego online.

Ryn'ash WoW 2.4.3 [1x rates]

1 Gbps connection - 1x rates - PvE Progression - Arena Seasons -

Vanilla-Entertainment x15 1.12.1

• Vanilla-Entertainment 1.12.1 • 24/7 Uptime • Ragnaros and other raids opened • 15x XP • High Experience Rates, Other rates blizzlike • No Lag • Working Bg's • Scripted instances • Working pvp system • Best prebc server out there • Stable Server • Active Community • No OP donations • Dedicated servers • Join Now !

UnforgivenWoW - 3.3.5a Funserver

UnforgivenWoW - 3.3.5a Funserver Millions of health and damage Tons of custom stuff Reforging, transmogrifying,

Mythology Warcraft - Custom Content

We are introducing a whole new type of a private server. We have redesigned the whole game to create a new expansion. The expansion is based off of Mythological content. We have a full team of professional staff. No Lag. Join Today!

Crazzy WoW BR

Server PvP na versão 3.3.5a (Lich King) que busca proporcionar diversão ao player evitando uso de itens customs. Sem lag,nem crashs. O servidor conta também com várias scripts inovadoras,para oferecer um maior conforto ao player.Vem se divertir conosco!!


Wow private 3.3.5 Blizzlike server x1 and Instant 80 Fun realm x25 Level cap 100. Daily updates

Design WoW-Guides

We're a community thats bringing you almost everything you need to become a pro in World of Warcraft, register today to get access to it!


Legendary Wir sind ein Deutscher WoW Privat-Server auf dem Patchstand 3.3.5a. Wir bieten euch einen Chartransfer vom Offiziellen sowie wie auch von anderen Privat-Servern. Icc 10/25 NH offen sowie auch die Hardmode wariante. Klassen zu 95% Gescriptet! 6 Stunden Support Gm´s und Developer immer noch gesucht