WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List


Mutiny-WoW is a PvP Focused instant 80 server. - 3.3.5a

Highend Server - Highrate - Blizzlike - Lagfrei 24/7 - Charaktertransfer - Events - Gildenhäuser - Instant-Taxi - KEIN DONATESERVER - Punktesystem für Aktivität mit Shop und Questcompleter

UnforgivenWoW - 3.3.5a Funserver

UnforgivenWoW - 3.3.5a Funserver Millions of health and damage Tons of custom stuff Reforging, transmogrifying,

Berserkwow 4.3.4 Progressive x20

Welcome Berserkwow 4.3.4 Progressive x20 Rate XP Kill x20 Rate XP Quest x20 Rate XP Explore x20 Rate Money x20 Rate Qest Money x20 Start Level 60 HeLlpinG Gear And More Join Us ToDaY

Ryn'ash WoW 2.4.3 [1x rates]

1 Gbps connection - 1x rates - PvE Progression - Arena Seasons -

Nocturnal WoW 3.3.5 Arena Server

Friendly Staff, No-Lagg, Constant arenas/PvP, Free Wrathful & T10.5! Join today!

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New 9x rates !! Blizzlike 3.3.5a and dedicated server with 99.8% up-time,Lag Free.Come check us out and sign up for your free in-game item !

ResistanceWoW 255 fun Server

Unique Custom Commands VIP extras Player Extras Custom Items Over 500 Portable Morpher Portable Teleporter Change name commands required Change name token Transfer Epic 247365

Aurora-Realms Blizz-Like - 5x Rates - Transmog Anything - NO P2W

WotLK 3.3.5a Blizz-Like x5 Rates NO P2W Transmog Anything Great Community andStaff Dedicated Meet New Friends Customs Vote Shop Battlegrounds Dungeon Finder Raids Dedicated Development Team Trasmogrify Hiring staff

Axios-WoW - 3.3.5a - Where worthy players play!

x5 Exp x3 Gold - NO LAG - GREAT community & GMs - Battered Hilt Chain - FULLY SCRIPTED ICC including GUNSHIP - Ruby Sanctum - VoA - Naxx - ToC - Ulduar - Wintergrasp - Dungeon Finder - Working RBG - Raid progression release - Starting with arena season 5


3.3.5a, Level 255, Level 1 to 80 funserver, player bots, all raids, all Battlegrounds and much more

Wrath of the Titans - Quality Gaming

4.0.6-4.2.0 Supported- Rated Battlegrounds - Blizzlike - Random Dungeon Finder - High Population - Working Instances - Vote Shop - Donation Shop - Professional GM Staff WORKING

Tempest WoW

Instant 19 Twink Server. Intense PvP and PvE. Custom dungeons, custom storyline. Join us today!

Angel WoW

New Server 3.3.5a | x20 rates | Blizzlike | All Content Released | Wintergrasp Available | Looking for Staff | 24/7 Uptime on Dedicated Lines | Daily Updates/Fixes | PvP and PvE Environment | Join Us!


Was euch auf FrostWolf-WoW erwartet: Benutzerfreundliches User Panel Täglicher Support Serverkonzept: High Rate (15x +) Funktionierende Raids / BGs Originalgetreue Contenteröffnung und anspruchsvolle Bosse Moderne leistungsstarke Server Einen WotLK-Realm, (PVP) Aktives Entwicklungsteam und wöchentliche Serverupdates Charaktertransfer und Fraktionswechsel auf unseren Servern Alle Flugrouten Großes Start Packet (Im Start NPC wo ihr Startet)

World of Grad-Battle Instant 70 3.3.5 Server PvP/PvE

This is an Instant 70 3.3.5 Server u will Start with Blue Level 115 Items and U have to do Custom Quests or Go Heroic Dungeons to gain Better Gear !!!

Forgotten Lands

Forgotten Lands è un server completamente gratuito di World of Warcraft L'obiettivo dello staff è fornire a chiunque volesse provare questo ormai famosissimo gioco online un'alternativa completamente gratuita, accessibile quindi a tutti e fornire quindi un'esperienza di gioco il più possibile simile ad un server ufficiale. Per quanto possibile quindi il server cerca di seguire le meccaniche di gioco dei server ufficiali valorizzando sia l'aspetto PvP che l'aspetto PvE del gioco. 10x EXP Raid - PvP Completamente funzioanti

Ziton WoW

Max level 255 custom 3000 items and quest's,custom bosses,Gm host Pvp event and more event's Faction mall Custom leveling zone,Profesion zone,Profesional staff Join Now!!!

MaNGOSZero 1.12.1 Project of MaNGOS

MaNGOSZero is the official test server of MaNGOS for Classic Patch 1.12.1. We focus on providing the best experience for the MaNGOS community. Every bug found on this test server will contribute to a better MaNGOS for everyone. And You can contribute by just playing the game!

WoW Forever 3.3.5a

10x Rates, Active Community, Constant available lag free server,Powered and Maintained Professionally to make sure the best stability and performance are there. Come Join us today @ WoW Forever.

The Grim Guzzler | 3.3.5a 1x Blizzlike

The Grim Guzzler is professional private server dedicated to bringing you the best game-play experience! Our goal is to surpass all other servers in terms of content quality and player appreciation. We always strive to maintain a fresh approach when it comes to how we run our server, while at the same time carefully maintaining the classic game mechanics that brought you here in the first place! Our staff is composed only of the most experienced developers, service providers, and players because of this we are confident when we say that we're the best way to play WoW, look no further. ...

AdvanceD WoW

Instant 80 || 1 Talent || No Edits || Free Sets || Arena Items || Raid Items || Items Votes 284 || Transmogriefer || Area Duel || Commandos em .player || Gm Ons 24/7/365 || Classes Balanceadas || Wotlk HighRate x20 Woltk 3.3.5a

Specification of Realmist: Server Type: HightRate Exp kill rate: 20x Exp quest rate: 20x Exp exploration rate: 3x Gold rate: 6x Drop rate: 10x Reputation rate: 10x Honor rate: 6x Profesion rate: 10x

Nightmare WoW 4.3.4

Professional Cataclysm PvP Server with experienced Staff. Join us today!