Travian Private Servers New List

LegendTrav - The Original T4.4

The really PROFESSIONAL Travian private server running at multiple T4.4 version


2500x and 500 Free Gold vote use four good than gife 100 Free Gold


Welcome to Mzravian,the speed ver 3.6. server speed 1000X not bugs 100% Work. Can buy a gold about money(if you buy send me message in the game(can buy only packed A its 500Golds) Ty ). The register on. Just come to play there!!!!!

Travian-Infinity x999999999999 FAIR-PLAY 2014

A new server , with no bugs/lag , with cone system , evasione , farmlist, real system battle , come and join us !

TraviSpeed х50000+ Gold +500

Всем здрасте Открылся новый сервер Скорость х50000+ Голд +500(за топ 1 по фарму +50 голды) Скорость построек +1000,изучение +1000 Новая раса арабы

SwordTrav is strategy game made in 2016 by swordtrav team it have much update like lottery and casino

this is the best teravian . I paly I like this game

Travian 500000+

Travian Private Server x500.000 best travian super speed and classics travian/ Gold +500

Just try it Once you you wont Regret

Speedtra brings travian speed private servers with fully working T4.4 version. 5,000x - 10,000x

Travian Slovenia

A brand new Travian server based in Slovenia. A new round started yesterday and we're looking for new players. FEATURES: - Version T3.6 with no bugs; - Fast, responsive, rarely-crashing server; - 100x speed; - Medals every second day; Come and join us for free! :)

Best TravianA NO BUGS!!!

Best private server without lag and bugs! Sign up now and get ALOT OF TROOPS AND GOLD :)

MoxTrv server Español Travian

Bienvenido a MoxTrv: velocidad del Servidor : 1000x Tropa velocidad : 1000x Speed ??Evasion : 1000 Mapa Tama�o : 100x100 Village Exp. : Slow

X1000 Travian NO CATAPULTS

DISABLED CATAPULTS X1000 Speed, X100 Troop Speed, 3 Days Protection, Gold to new Players v4.2 servers

the best travian servers Build your empire and struggle for supremacy, Multiplayer Strategy Game, Enemies lie in Ambush, Raise a Mighty Army


Never get bored when playing our bug-free and enjoyable Speed Servers


the brand new private server.Some featuresfree gold100 every day and 500 to start,no lags,no bugs,no buying troops,fast server,friendly mh,possibility to have max 2 accounts and many more just started 5.02.2018


(*) TraviMytro (*) (*) Ultra-speed version of Travian (*) Multi-language game (*) 24/7, non-lagg guaranteed (*) 500x speed (*) Closest to nonbugg (*)Old style Travian! (*) Alliances, and much more! Join now!

Fastrav israel!!!

Hello and welcome to Fastrav, we have 1 server look about version 3.6 and in the future we open 4.4 servers. when player Register to the 3.6 he get 1500 golds for free! let me see you there!!!


[ForceTravi Notification] Welcome To Our ForceTravi Server (Travian Private Server) We Have Diffrent Speeds On Our Server High Speed: Speed : 1.000.000 x & Speed : 100.000 x Low Speed: Speed : 500 x & Speed : 300 x Contact Us: Skype: fares.alain2

LosTrav World - Best Travi Server !

LosTrav World - The best travian private server ever ! We run v4.4 with our unique features !.


with a powerfull vps server and new hosting,NextTravian is most reliable private server from all.The server is started now with 1000000 speed and if register and write to MultiHunter you will have 50.000 from all troops of your tribe and 3000 free gold.GO GO GO !!!

TravTatar - prog and servers !!

TravTatar - prog and servers !! fast programs for the server then easy use

FantasyWar T

FantasyWar is 100 free, classic, high speed 50x strategy game. Experienced and helpful team, game balance, stable service, attractive game scenario. Everyone is welcome to join us Online strateji oyununa hoşgeldiniz.. Online strateji oyununa hoşgeldiniz.. Oyuncularımız çok sevdi. En güçlü ve cesur Trxoyun oyuncularının arasına girmeye hazır ol! efsanevi dünya harikaları için savaşlar yeniden başlıyor.. Beğeni ile oynayacağınız Serverlarımızda hiçbir bug yoktur. Sürekli online Yöneticiler ile sizlere hizmet vermekteyiz. Serverlarımız gerçekten çok iyi makinalarda kuruludur. Çeşitli hızlarda beğeni ile oynayacağınız oyunumuzda sizleri görmekten mutluyuz.. İyi oyunlar dileriz Trxoyun Ekibi...

best travian speed server

here is the newest travian server on the net.with no lags and bugs and 100000x speed is the most realiable have 8 hours begginer protections and if write to multihunter you can have 3000 gold for start. GO GO GO !!!!