Top 100 Ragnarok Private Servers

Destrega Ragnarok Online

Play Ragnarok Online for free at DestregaRO Balanced server gameplay, No Pay2Win We are a 1000x1000x400x high rate private Ragnarok Online server Trans Class only, Episode 13.2 Encounter against the unknown, no custom wings. no Pay2win. See you soon

Revo Project RO

RATES Max Base Level 99 Max Job Level 70 Max Stats Point 99 Max ASPD 190 Instant Cast 150 Dex pls take note we declare as mid rate because rate is 100x 100x 10x DROP RATES General drop 15.00 Normal card 1.00 MvP Card 0.10 MvP Equipment 5.00 Mini Boss Card 3.00


In search of a brazilian low-rate immersive server Your search is over 0806 starts the new server, RagnaReload - Pr-Renewal - Rates 3x3x2x - Max Level 9970 - Housing System - Fishing System - Mobs and Maps from Renew adapted to Pre-Renew - New quests A questboard for each job - Restaurant System - 3rd job skins for transclasses lv 90


PRE-RENEWAL Balance Server RATES 10K10KCustom Max Level 9970 Max stat 99 ANTI BOT Active and Friendly GM Farm Zone Build Manager.

iLoveRO Server

Server Features Max Base Level 99 Max Job Level 70 Attack Speed 190 Max Stats 99 Base XP 100x Job XP 100x Normal Equips Drop 50x Normal Card Drops 2 MVP Equip Drops 15 MvP Cards 0.01

HimuraRO PvP

Max Base Level: 175 (3rd Jobs) Max Job Level: 70 (3rd Jobs) Max Stats: 130 (3rd Jobs) Base Experience Rate: 10000x Job Experience Rate: 10000x Normal Equip Drop Rate: 80% Normal Card Drop Rate: 80% MVP Equip Drop Rate: 40% MVP Card Drop Rate: 40% Max Aspd: 195 Max Char Zeny: 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion)


Visit our website for more info Website Facebook Fanpage httpswww.facebook.compgAsaroreborn Facebook Group httpsm.facebook.comgroups128354367877253 255120


WebSite : Forums : Quest Items : XileRO Android : Home Town: Prontera Max Lvl: 255/70 (3rd Adv. Jobs) PK Server - 1k/1k/2k rates (XP/SP/Drop) - Custom Rates Commands: @go, @warp, @who2, @storage, @gstorage, @autoloot and @mi, /stat+ amount Server Specs: 3.2 QuadCore , 32gb Enhanced DDR3, Linux OS, 1gb/s Dedicated line, Customized eAMod Deticated Super Server ...

Villain Ragnarok Online

255120 - PvpWoe Type Server

Ahura Ragnarok Online [ High Rate ]

Ahura Ragnarok Online is private server that caters to the needs of social and thrill seeking game players alike. With exciting game and fun stuffs, We will make sure to fullfill your desires to develop a unique features that we are sure you'll love.


-Server Info- @ High Rate Server: 8k/8k/80x Rates, @ Base Lvl 255 / Job Level 120 @ ASPD 196 @ Anti Freeze 100% Valkyrie Armor

Legend of Yggdrasil Ragnarok

Classic Server | Start from Eps. 5 continue Update | Max Level 99/50 | Rates 3x/3x/5x | 2nd Job Only | Old Items Database | Old Classic Job Changes | Channel System | Growing Community & Ton of Features.

Cebols Ragnarok Server PK

PK Mode Start On lv 99 and above Expjob expdrop item 100x100xCustom Maximum Level 175 Maximum Job Level 60 Max Attack Speed 198 Max Stat 255 Freebies Item limited time only Custom NPC Custom Map Custom Item

ThrillRO - Mid rate

2557550 - No third jobs - rAthena - Pre-RE 13.2 - MissionsQuests - Vote4Points - Daily Gift - 400 Costumes - MvPPvP Ladders Beginners Pack - Experienced, Professional Staff - Adjusted Cards Equipment - Auto Events - 800 Palettes - Branch Room Renting - NPCs Healer, Tool Dealer, Warper, Kafra, Guild Manager Mailbox in each town - and much more

Flax Ragnarok Online

Freebies 1x Accessory All Stats 15 for every char 1 Doppelganger Card Full Aspd 1 Berzebub Card Uncast Base Exp 999999x Job Exp 999999x Max Lvl 9970 Drop Rate 50 Default Equip Drop 50 Card Drop 50 Max Aspd 190 Server Mode High Rate Main Ethnic or Language English

Malice Ragnarok Online

Newly opened High Rate Server A well balanced classic 255100 RO dedicated features Easy farming, Ready to PVP WOE Freebies Zeny based and many more... FREE 2 PLAY Come and Join us

Net Ragnarok Online

100x100x20x. New Server. Unique systems - fishing, mining, woodcutting, cooking, crafting, treasure maps, enchanting, custom battleground and WOE. Friendly community. We are growing

Cosmos Ragnarok Online

Renewal Custom Rates 75x75x25x Max Level 17570 3rdJob Max Status 255 Max ASPD 194 Balancing System Daily Reward System Super Friendly GMs Growing Community Newbie Care

Argus Ragnarok Online

Server closed if you are owner, please contact us

Ragnarok Online Valkyrie

FRESH SERVER JANUARY 27, 2018 SERVER INFORMATION Episode 12 Destruction of Morroc Max Base Level 99 Max Job Level 70 Max Stats 99 Pre-Renewal Transcendent Job SERVER RATES Base 15x Job 15x Normal Drops 5x Normal Cards 3x MVP Drops 1x SERVER FEATURES DDOS PROTECTED SERVER Gepard Protected No Bot, No Third Party Program, No Dual Daily Rewards Hourly Rewards Event Ticket System 9970 Rewards for more info. go to

Funatics Ragnarok Online

9970 Transcendent Class Lowrate Server MVP Cards Disabled Effects Mini Boss Cards Disabled Effects Boss Rates 0.01 Guild Capacity 3636

Ancient Ragnarok Online

5000x Base Experience 5000x Job Experience 2000x Drop Rates 1000x Normal Card 500x MVPBoss Card Modified PK Server Episode 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown Pure 2-2 Transcendent Classes Max Levels 255 Base and 100 Job Max Stats 255 Max Aspd 197 Instant Cast 150 Dex