Shaiya Top 100 - Private Servers

Shaiya Tilanyth

Episode 4.5, Max Level 60, Custom Stuff, Custom Bosses, New Boss in 1530 PvP, PvP Reward System, All Items Farmable, Kills x5, Weekly Events, No Debuff Lapis

Shaiya Evony

Episode 4, 200 EXP, x10 KILL, DDoS Protected, Shaiya Evony is an evolving episode 4 server which seeks to emulate the experience of playing the game in its earliest iterations, including advancing through early patches Experience the Grind, Boss Hunts and Massive PvP once again. Shaiya top 100, 200 server, shaiya private server, shaiya p servers

Shaiya Rouge

Disfrutaras de incesantes aventuras en un joven y magico mundo donde queda mucho por descubir muchas alianzas por forjar que te ayudaran durante batallas por librar cuando la guerra este a las puertas esfuerzate por triunfar para alcanzar la gloria de tu faccin conquistando territorios en todo teos sin fin aprovechando las bastas riquezas de las tierras virgenes aun sin explorar, lograras ser el mejor y mas temido guerrero de todos los tiempos. Tu diosa te bendecira por el legado de justicia o sangre que te prescede.

Shaiya Veliroth Ep4.5

Shaiya Veliroth EP4.5 Classic EP4.5 with custom content -Server is played like a classic ep4.5 grind farm server -Custom invasion system -PRVR are the new Pando and Lanharr with invasion starting in KarisReigo -Everything is farmable in game -x100 Exp rate

Shaiya Reality Reloaded

This is a ep 5.4 server with other content from various episodes. We wanted to bring back the old shaiya that people fell in love with. We are back with all custom gear all trash items removed from the map so you know if you get something its worth keeping max level 7 lapis all gear is created equal.

Shaiya Aridos 6.4

Ep 6.4 PvP base Server, DDoS Protected, Raid Shared pvp Kills, SP From PvP Kill, Max Lapis Lv6, No Debuffs, everything Dropable in game.

Shaiya Utopia

Shaiya Latino EP 4.5, Experiencia x150. Maximo Lv60, NO Debuff Lapis, NO Lapis Absorcion, Armaduras Novato para ayudarte.

SHAIYA MYTH join us now

Episode 5 PvP, Grinding, Faraming and Boss Hunting, Max Level 60, Max Lapis Lv7, EXP Rate x500, KILL Rate x2, No Custom Items, Ending equipments Lv60, No Lucky Charm, No Knockout Nostrum, FREE 30 Days CRR, PID, EE, Shaiya Points can be obtained through Vote, PvP Rewards and In-Game JOIN US

Shaiya Nesarth Episode 5.4

Shaiya Nesarth Ep5.4 Custom private server,new maps,new invasion system and much more,join and show your power.

Shaiya Duff Join us

Custom Old schoolEnglish Server,Episode 4.5 Max LvL 60,Exp rate x40weekend x80,Kill rate x1Events x2,Max lapises lv6,Elemental lapis lv1, Abs ,No debuff lapis,No nostrums,No KO nostrums,CFT,CFW system,GG,DDoS protected,Staff friendly and active. Join usShare your fun with all your friends

Shaiya Thunder

Shaiya Thunder Episode 5 Relic Of Mystra 4PvP Areas 15-60-70,exp x500 Armor 70

Galactic Shaiya

Episode 5.4 Max Level 70 EXP Rate x300x400 Weekends KILL Rate x2 3PvP Areas 15, 30 and 70 Enchant Max Enchant is 20 Linking Rate Max Linking Chance is 50. Lapis Max Lapis Lv7, Elemental Lapis Lv2, Flash and Sonic Lapis Lv2, No Debuff Lapis Toxin only

Shaiya Infinite

New shaiya private server episode 4,5 , free gears, no custom gears, max lapis lv6, max lvl 60,. PVP based Anti DDOS protected, many events, come and check us

ShaiyaRevival EP5.0

Shaiya Revival Episode 5 GRB Schedule Every Saturday 2100 PM EXP Rate X10 Kill Rate x1 Autimatic PvP Rewards Without Custom Items Free Revival Points by Farming Vote Free 30Ds Consumables CRR, PID EE DDoS Protected Server

Shaiya Blitzkrieg

Episode 45 Dedicated Server - Instant Level - Kill x1 Event x2 - Easy Farm - Boss Hunting - No Debuff Lapis - NO KO Nostrum - Friendly Staff Join US

Shaiya Diverge - Episode 5.0

Episode 5 Max Level 704PvP Areas 15,30,70,500EXP Rate x2KILL Rate x1Free Ending Gears for PvP areas 15,30,70

Shaiya Grimoire

Our goal is to provide an amazing experience for all types of players. Old shaiya vets, general people in the community, donators, non donators, farmers, everyone. We want to breathe a breath of new life into the over all shaiya and allow for it to begin growing again.

Shaiya LowLevel EP 5.4 LV15 PVE-PVP

Lv15 PVE - PVP Based Server. No Instant Level. DD1-Jungle-D-Water included. EP 45 mixed Skills. XP-Rate X1. KillRatex1 and with BF Rune x2. Active Staff. We always do our best Job to make you happy Everything farmarable.Try us out You wont regret

Shaiya World

Episode 5, Instant Level, Max Level 70, Max Lapis Lv6, EXP Rate x20, KILL Rate x1, No Custom Items, No Knockout Nostrum, FREE PvP Gears 15-30-70, Exclusive PvP Rewards Items, PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and much more Friendly and active staff members, Start your adventure Today

Demonic Online

Demonic online bolum 6.3 max lv 80 pvp icin ve eylence icin

Alliance Shaiya Reborn - Episode 4.5 Eternity

Alliance Shaiya is an episode 4,5 classic server without custom itemes. EXP Rate x10, KILL Rate x2, max level 60.

Shaiya 3 Worlds 5.4 - PT ENG ESP

Episode EP 5.4 Features Single Cliente Multi-language PORTUGUES, ENGLISH, ESPANOL. Maximum Level 70. EXP Rate X100. Kill Rate X5 95 Free, Gear 69 free, weapons 69 free and more..

Shaiya Conquest ep 4.5

EP4 Shaiya The golden days are back Best of what Shaiya ep4 can offer Intense PvP, Healthy PvE, ep4 pleasant features - a mixture that will leave no one indifferent.

Shaiya UnderWorld Ep5.4

Ep 54 PvP base Server, DDoS Protected, Instant level 15 30 70 FFA with Both faction Same Raid, also Raid Shared pvp Kills, SP From PvP Quest reward, everything Dropable in game, Join US NOW

Shaiya Emperor

Shaiya Emperor Episode 4.5 PvP Areas 60 GRB Schedule Every Saturday 9PM KILL Rate 2 EXP Rate Instant level NO Custom Items, Max Lapis Lv6 FREE Shaiya Points by PvP rewards FREE 30 Days CRR, PID, EE, RPC PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting DDoS Protected Server