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Lineage 2 GM Server

-=ABOUT GM SERVER=- Server Rates: - Adena: 5.000x. - XP: 5.000x. - SP: 5.000x. - Drop: 5.000x. - PartyXp: 2x. - PartySp: 2x. - Safe enchant: +65535 - Max Enchant Weapon: +65535 - Max Enchant Armoor + Jewels: +65535 - Starting character: 1 LvL. and accesslevel 3 GM Features: You start level 1 with access to enchant max +1000 full inventory items Every 10 Level from level up 1-99 you unlock features for enchant and add skills Every 10 Level you unlock (//add_skill) Skills to add at your GM Character Every 10 Level you unlock to (//enchant) Enchant Items in your Inventory Areas: Town &...


New High Five Server EXPSP x7 Adena x5 Multiply boxes - 3 Profesional L2J emulator No bugs No lags No global buffers Balanced IG Donate shop with NO GEAR Automatic Events


Dear players Im proud to tell you that our server is finished and prepared for start There will be a really hot start of the new Interlude-NO CUSTOM x500 server, with many players, big clans and huge online playing communities. We have worked hard to deliver the best chronicles realization, many useful services and functionality. The best players, who play Lineage II, choose L2KO You will make tons of new friends here. We will give to you that feelings wich others servers cant suggest.

L2 Timeus

RatesGeneral Experience x5 Skill Points x5 Adena x5 Drop x2 Spoil x10 Manor x10 Quest Experience x50 Skill Points x50 Adena x10 Drop x5 Reward x10 Enchant Safe Enchant 4 Max Enchant 20 Enchant Rate 60 Enchant Skill 100 libro

L2 Weds PvP

Bem Vindos Viajantes Do Lineage Interlude Criamos Um Projeto Um Pouco Diferente Para Deixar Ainda Mais Divertida A Sua Jogabilidade No Game, Nosso Mundo lol Rate Confira Nosso Sit


Magyar Mid x15 - Server - Special Shop, NPC buffer, Custom system, Premium, Events, Offline Shop, GGK, Custom Luxory, Free to Play




Rates Xp 5000x. Sp 5000x. Adena 5000x. Drop 1000x. PartyXp 2x. PartySp 2x. Starting character level - 20. Enchant rates Safe Enchant 3 Max Weapon Enchant 18 Max Armor Enchant 18 Max Jewel Enchant 18 Normal Scroll Enchant Rate 65 Bless Scroll Enchant Rate 100 Crystall Scroll Enchant Rate 40 NormalBlessed Scroll Max 15 Crystall Scroll Max 18


7200 REAL ONLINE Adena and experience for PVP The best clans are playing on gvel2.com Mass battles, events, mini-events, raids, sieges and much more Guaranteed quality, long work without wipe, 247 instantly support The classic ideal balance is like an interlude, but the graphics are better Event of the year - your chance to become a legend of this story The largest GvE Faction server on the Internet. x1000x1000x1000 Start 75lvl all your need PvP Exp,Adena,Materials is not a last hit system. Its based on damage done. Game Manager Massive PVP running 247 with mini-games for winning faction in...


H5 x3 low-rate server. PTS files, Grand Opening 23th February 2018. Bitcoin event


Server Game Description 0 Comments Our site httpsbeyond.lt Hello stranger Do you want to play your favorite game and get some Bitcoins in the same time Beyond World launched its first Lineage II server in 2006. Its one of the oldest, and most famous Lineage II servers in Lithuania. We had many seasons many of them were the best years for our players. We had fun, so were back again, for the best season of them all. Beyond World is aiming to become famous, not just in Lithuania, but across world. Were going international Classic High Five server We made this server for comfortable game. Solo...

IPlay.GG x10 H5 Grand Opening 1st March 2018

RATES Experience - x30 Skill points - x30 Adena - x15 Drop - x10 Spoil x7 CONFIGURATIONS Auto loot enabled except bosses Subclass maximum level 80 All Three occupations are at 0 cost and can be taken from Kidmac Johnson Located in every Town Olympiad, Sieges, Territory Wars will be set to follow original gameplay Offline Store can launched via command .offlineshop there are no specific regions Auto potions enabled for elixirs, all known HP potions- Waiting on Community confirmation There are no Mana potions, you can use Toggle Mana regen 130MPsec- Waiting on Community confirmation...