WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List


-FunRealm- -Blizzlike- Our FunRealm is max level 255 and have alot of good things: -World Chat- -World Teleporter- -Vote & Donator Shop- -Uniqe Start Location -Transmogification- -And Alot More-


A blizzlike x1 & FunRealm. -Custom Races - Starting area with starting gear - Vote items - Leveling road till 255 - l eveling instances - Vote + donate shop - Pocket teleporter - Over 20M HP - Bounty hunter - Zombie Deathmatch - Duel Gambling - non-pvp mall - pvp-mall - Transmorg - Reforger - Vip Rank system - World chat -Friendly & dedicated staff -and allot more - join us now !

Xanlord's Realm

x Blizzlike x 1x rates x friendly & small community x mature and good staff x fully scripted instances x no pay to win x Pathfinding and LoS x weekly fixes x Join us now!

tbc 99% fixed ,soloq 3v3 , real money 2v2

instant 70 start s3 gear arena 2v2 , 3v3 , soloq 3v3


Welcome to Forsaken Wrath Of The Lich King 3.3.5a we are a newly started English/Danish Server any age is welcome we have a frindly Staff willing to help you if needed oure server have build in antihack. server are a mid rate make a Death Knight at LvL: 30 Duel spec at LvL: 20

Cloudwall 3.3.5 P-Server

All Vanilla, TBC and WotLK Raids and Instances All Arenas and Battlegrounds working Friendly and helpful staff Cloudwall x8 XP Rate realm, Azure - Instant 80 lvl PvP realm in development


[Instant 80] [Starting Gear S7] [99% Uptime] [Balanced PvP System][Working Spells/Talents] [Crossfaction Feature] [Transmogrification][VIP System] [Arena Spectator] [Anti-Cheat System] [1v1 Feature] AND MUCH MORE!

AIZZARD-EU 4.3.4 [ DEU / GER ]

Deutscher 4.3.4 Server | Wir sind eine Deutsche World of Warcraft Community wir bieten Realm Server auf dem Patch stand 4.3.4 an und versuchen ihnen ständig einen Professionellen ablauf unserer arbeit zu bieten.

Free PvP Game Server 2.4.3 [FUN]

if u going site and see : "report attack page" please select on "ignore this warrning" -------------------------- PVP 2.4.3 Server have custom items and custom instance! Pvp system = world channel - vip system! And donation items!

Woop-wow instant 85 fun server 100% uptime.

Full S9 S10 and S11, along with full heroic raiding gear. We have friendly staff from all over the world You choose what you want to do we do have both PvP and PvE on this server. Arena's are scripted and work along with BG's 100% uptime with our owner always watching the server status and fixing bugs, we do not have a forum at this time but we are working very quickly to get one set up and added to our site. Feel free to join us and have a bunch of fun. You also get a free mount when ever you join.

Light of Chaos Instant 70 PvP 3.3.5

3.3.5 - Instant 70 - Ranked Vendors - Cross Faction - All class all Race - 3.3.5 Private Server

New Private Serve Highest uptime. RDF, Arena, Wintergrasp and Raids all 100 working. FeaturesMonthly Top Player Rewards Give Point With Playing Recruit A Friend Achievement Kill Online RewardsNew Mounts Server Rates experience x7 Skills x3 Rep x3gold x1

Legendarywow 3.3.5

New server 3.3.5|mall shops|custom rates|and much more!Visit web for more info!



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Ready Play Earn

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Menethil wow Classic

- Realm (Menethil) - Status: ONLINE! -Server Auction House 3000+ items -Dungeos Working. -Bg's Working. -Stable Server. -Last Updates. -New server Low comunity! Easy Level Up! -Friendly Staff.

I9WoW Server Brasileiro 3.3.5

Servidor Brasileiro de World of Warcraft Tipo Blizzlike

ResistanceWoW 255 fun Server

Unique Custom Commands VIP extras Player Extras Custom Items Over 500 Portable Morpher Portable Teleporter Change name commands required Change name token Transfer Epic 247365

Legacy WoW - Erlebe WoW neu!

| WoW 3.3.5a | Custom Core | Paragon System(like Diablo 3) | Gilden System | VIP System | Challange Modes | Neue Klassen Rassen Kombi | Transmog | Umschmieden | Item Upgrates | Aktive Entwicklung | Blizzlike | German/English

Wow-Gate 3.3.5

- Exceptional Quality - 99 uptime - All instancesraids open - Regular updates - Dedicated and friendly staff - Active PvE PvP community - Working Arenas and Battlegrounds

Beta - Illuminated - 4.3.4 - Blizzlike - Funserver

Castle Lightwolf Open Beta 100 Blizzlike. Server is in Beta and we are actively repairing and working on improving the 100 blizzlike experience. Currently the server needs extensive testing. We will be releasing a bug tracker to help track bug progress soon. Proudpine Outpost Open Beta Instant 85 Free-for-all Funserver - Custom World PvP System - 17 Custom Daily quest in a fully scaled zone. Quest descriptions in progress - Custom Scripted Battle for Halaa world PvP zone - 5 World Bosses and 3 more in development. - Fully Custom Scripted bosses coming soon - Completely...


WotLK server, 2 realms 20x Blizzlike and 1x Blizzlike PTR, Wintergrasp working on PTR soon on 20x realm too. All scripted. New server looking for fresh community. Friendly staff. Join today.

WoW HardCore 1x Blizzlike

The best wow 3.3.5a Lich-King Blizzlike 1x Only best players is on this server

Purity WoW

Purity WoWArena Season Rankings ALL Battlegrounds work Lag-freeGreat Uptime PvP and Arena Titles Scripted Instances Balanced PvP Vote and be Rewarded Rates17x Xp 22x Quest 20x Drop 16x Rep 22x Gold 3x Honor 3x Arena