Gaming top 100 list -

WoW RO Wotlk

Midrate 15x Blizzlike Content Crossfaction Transmog Heirlooms 1k gold at start 3.3.5a

SilentLC Last Chaos

Deutscher Last Chaos Server. Keine Hohen Raten. Cash LacaBall. uvm

Dekaron Infinity - The New Adventure

Dekaron Infinity A9, 12 Classes, Root server, High Rates Exp 2000x, Drop 1000x, Upgrade 75, Maxim Level 250, 145 Weapons, New items, Custom Maps, New Bosses, PvP Arena, Siege Working, Active staff, Regularly updates. Join now

Havoc Ran Online Classic EP7

OFFICIAL SERVER FEATURES OF HAVOC CLASSIC 4 Balanced Classes Swordsman, Archer, Brawler, Shaman Class Max Level 210 Max Skill 167 Sync Base and Party Leveling System NO FD SetWeapon Max Upgrade Set and Weapon 10 NO TO Max RV card and Randomizer E-Shop and V-Shop Ready Official Ran Map Quest and Spiritual Sphere Quest Dual Login Auto Disconnect Item Linked Low Rate Server View Character Info avoid edited accounts No over stats item No Edited Items In-game FPS Counter No Bias admin, GM and Staffs and very approachable. Official RAN Skill Effect Official Ran Interface EP7 No Rebirth Pots...


Underworld is a new RSPS needing players like you to make the community better, so come along and give our owner and developer some ideas - after all, it is a server ran by players ideas

Mu Valencia Season 6 Epi 3

Mu Valencia Season 6 Episodio 3 Items Originales Experiencia 1000x Drop 50 Todos los eventos activos Bienvenidos a esta nueva familia

Empire RF PvP 2018

Empire RF Online private servers, Experience Rates x50, Drop Rates 5x, Animus Rates 1500x, Loot Price 10x, Loot Speed 10x, PTSkill pointsForce x300, Maximal Level 55, Shop in-game Enable, PVP Max 42.000 Day, Accounts Free gain GP for time Logged, New Maps Added, Active Team, Every Day events, New quests. Join now

Bonestorm WoTLK 3.3.5a

NEW blizzlike server, Rates 5x, game base speed1.5, Discord channels EN, FR, ES, DE, New characters start with 15 Gold, Friendly members, PVP-PVE events, Maintained by professional developers, 100 Working Raids, BG and Arena

Ultimate Last Chaos

Best New Server- Free to Play- Private EP2 Last Chaos- Max Level 260-Exp 100- Upgrade Rate 80-Skill Cost 0 Sp- Custom Armor and Accessories-New PVP Dungeons-All New Custom Guild Hall Helpful and Friendly Staff NEW Event Juno

Vehalla Sro D11

Hello guys .. Are you remember Vehalla-Online its back again . D11 PVP Cap110 No Alchemy system coins Free silk grand opening 18.06.2018

Castlevania Cabal Online

Base Exp Rate1500x,Skill Rate600x,Craft Rate500x,Drop Rate100x,Alz Bomb Rate1x,Alz Drop Rate40x,Maxim Resets100,Points Per Reset200,Starting Class Rank11,Starting Alz1 Million,Starting Honor10,Starting AccountPremium,Up to EPISODE 8OLD TRANSILVANIA GAMESTG Cabal Online

Titans Co

New Server 2D Easy Server Drop 10k 15 King 15 Event Per Hour 15 Boss GuildWar Every Tuesday and Friday Join Us and Enjoy

Anonymous-Conquer NEW SERVER

ClassicEU Hosted5165NO CPS1RB9No NEW ClassesVIP SystemCustom SystemFBSSEXPMOB1vs1Discord CommunityEnglish based Community


EconomySkilling Server - Ironman- Key Bosses - Salamanders - PetsBoss Pets - Bounty hunter - 18 Bosses - Free Veteran Rank until 061618 - NEED BETA TESTERS - VOTEREWARD


Servers Lineage 2 MuOnline Cs Wow


Server name NavaSro ServerType PVP System Coins System Gear Cap 11 Level Cap 110 Mastery Level 110 Start Level 110 just kill 1 mobs in jangan lvl 1 name Mangyang to become lvl 110 if you want make account to treader you can lvl up your account its full easy Exp 60x Exp Party 65x SP 40x Gold Rate 30x Drop Rate 40x Max Plus 14 with Advanced IP Limit No limit FGW Disable HolyWaterTemple Disable Academy Disable Magicpop Disable CtfWorking Arena Working Job Temple Working Race EuropeanChinese Nova From NPC egy A in NPC Fortress War Jangan Hotan Bandit Available Char inventory 3 Page...

Alliance Shaiya Reborn - Episode 4.5 Eternity

Alliance Shaiya is an episode 4,5 classic server without custom itemes. EXP Rate x10, KILL Rate x2, max level 60.

Schizo Ran Online EP7

Server Features 4 Class 210 Max Level 167 Last Skill Sync based Hunt,Quest Party Leveling NO FD SETWEAPON Max Upgrade InGame 10 Quest Based 247 Dedicated Server Official Tyranny System Combo Based Pots Based Hunt Based Market System Item Link Enabled Character View Enabled Character Item View Classic Interface Success Rate All Original Based from Ran PH Freebies Automatically upon character creation

Titan Co

New Server 2D Easy Server Drop 10k 15 King 15 Event Per Hour 15 Boss GuildWar Every Tuesday and Friday Join Us and Enjoy

Dimitri PK RO

100x 100x 7x No Godly item Donation,9950 Classic ServerNo Pre-renew or Renewal No Wipes ,StableLagfreeBalanced PK Server Were brand new server that from July10 WOE Bring you to old memories .Come and join us

[ SROMANIA ] a SRO-R Private Server

A quest based server, that allows you to actually enjoy Silkroad instead of boting :D You wont regret giving us a try, I promise.

Shaiya Desire

The best Shaiya server you have never seen before Epsiode 5, Max Level 70, EXP Rate x50, KILL Rate x2, Max Lapis Lv6, Elemental Lapis Lv2, NO Custom Items, Active and friendly staff team. Start your adventure Today

New Age SRO - New Server

New Age SRO Patch 1.188v, Rates Exp 150x, Party Exp 160x, Gold Drop 15x, Drop 200x, Job EXP 50x, Trade Prices 5x, Level Cap is 110, No Lagg, New events, Active Team, Join now on New Age SRO


RebirthRO free ragnarok online Private server New renewal 3rd jobs Rebellion - Kagerou - Oboro server named Thor 100100102 Two classic servers Loki 10010020 and Eir 553 1000 players online 100,000 active players 100 secure website Free Pokemon pets 247 uptime Active WoE and BG

Sky Pirates Online

Try a whole new experience TOPPKO PK servers with new unique features. Catch up fast in no time Sky Pirates Online Join us now.