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OGame, OGame Oyna

Eliteogame - Uzayda geçen bir çeşit strateji oyunudur. Aynı anda binlerce oyuncu ile karşılıklı oynanır. Oynayabilmek için sadece normal bir internet gezgini gerekir. Şimdi sende aramıza katıl!

1030 WARS

1030 Wars has made some changes. Uni 1 will re-open soon. I will reward those who register for the Universes with DM as my way of saying Thanks for the support.


After unlocking the mystery of the Stargate's ninth chevron in 2009, a team of explorers from Earth's Icarus base become stranded on an unmanned spaceship called Destiny - launched by the Ancients at the height of their civilization millions of years ago as part of a grand experiment to explore the universe, set in motion but never completed.

Velorium Space

A new Era arises. Velorium is starting Are you looking for a good ogame clone which has the rates x10 faster than the real Ogame. A long lasting Universe with many Features which is not pay 2 win. Build up your Empire and form Alliances to conquere the Universe of Velorium. Find Arsenal Items or farm other Players - research your new Explorations and protect your Empire - develop your Mines and defend your yield - sell Items at the Market or just bid at the Auctioneer for advtanges. The world of Velorium has many aspects and were developed for a long competition with great Features like the...


NEW UNIVERSE!! buildspeed: 5x gamespeed: 5x fleetspeed: 5x Absulute FREE!! Play2win, not pay2win [[[-----> ORIGINAL OGAME DESIGN


Браузерная космическая стратегия.Флот 10х, Игра 1300х, ресурсы 40000х!Новые офицеры,технологии,флот и оборонка!Боты собирают ресурсы!Мгновенная постройка юнитов!Развитие альянсовых технологий!Новое: осада!получайте ресы из осажденных планет!2 экспы ТМ!

Xsure Speed

Hallo Leute Xsure 2014 Ist Der Schnellste Server Der Welt. GameSpeed 99.999 Ress Speed 500.000.000.000 Flotten Speed 90


Astro-Mania is an advanced browser based game on 2moons. Its totally different of most games, We have tall of new features, buidlings, fleets and defense. We run on a comforable game speed.

Ethernia Wars - fight and win!

Polish server, where everyone will find something for themselves. Friendly atmosphere and gameplay at a pace similar to the original. No stress, pure fun.


Join us today and be the Emperor of the Universe Bugn bize katln ve Evrenin mparatoru olun

Space - Destroyer (2moons clone) Opened the 23/04/2016 at 13:00

Balanced ogame clone. Game speed x20, fleet speed x10, Resources production x20. You earn dark matter through points, so it's play2win, Join now! we are looking for active players!


Best server of Ogame; resorces 60mil,fleet 26,general speed 99,999


Nouveau serveur Ouverture le 06122016 Vitesse Ressources 50 000 Flottes 100 Jeux 50 000 Staff a lcoute des joueurs a bientt

OGame Space War Game

OGame Space War Game is a new ogame based space strategy game. Hızlı ogame oyna, uzayı fethet!


NUEVO (Español)-Clasico Blizz Clon Ogame, Rates bajos, (Nucleos,Mercenarios,Gobernadores,Misiones....). Atencion continua en Español, Ingles y Ruso. Entra y juega con nosotr@s.


A Massive multiplayer Strategy sim, set in a universe were Galactic war has torn the worlds, and set them back 100 years,


Inter-War is free browser game style Ogame . This is the best uGamela and Xnova on the web! Craving to be a stellar emperor, you are a good strategist, want to conquer new planets, galaxies, eliminate other enemies and be at the forefront of star players - sign up.


Join our freshly born universe and build the strongest space fleet. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. httpmnmdreamphoto.comoghr Admin frendly Daily giveaways for active users.


ToGra is free browser game style Ogame . This is the best uGamela and Xnova on the web Craving to be a stellar emperor, you are a good strategist, want to conquer new planets, galaxies, and be at the forefront of star players - sign up.

Stellar Wars

Welcome to the wonderful world of space Join the battle


Trete der wundervollen Welt von Zyperax bei, ein rein-deutscher Server mit guten Raten, freundlicher und schneller Support und einer netten Community


Ihr seit Alle Willkommen in mein Speed Ogame Spiel Geschwindigkeit: 1.000.000 Ressourcen Geschwindigkeit: Flotten Geschwindigkeit: 10 Flotte ins Trümmerfeld: [75%] Verteidigung ins Trümmerfeld: [25%] Maximale Galaxy: 9 Maximales System: 500

NOgame Quasar - New Server Online NOW!!!

"In The First Time ...when The Great Galactic conflict took place and powerful weapons were discharged...their destructive energy almost destroyed the entire Universe...new galaxy was born...it will become to be known as Quasar Galaxy..."

Infinity Ogame

Infinity Ogame es un juego de simulacion estratégica espacial con miles de jugadores a lo largo del mundo compitiendo por ser el mejor simultáneamente. Es 2 veces más rapido que el oficial. Totalmente en Español.


99% English Farmer Game Edited Version Of İzariam Extra Rope Control 10 Ambrosia Free Surprise Awards Beta Version Tested Bugs Fixed Team 73 Support Team -------------------------------- Follow Us: https://www.instagram.com/ikariamzet/ https://www.facebook.com/ikariam-Zet-1637014156572310/ Link : http://ikariamzet.tk Contact : ikariamteam73@gmail.com