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Metin2HP PVM-Easy 2014

Serverul este deschis pe data : 24.10.2014 ora 19'00! modul de joc este PVM- Easy , mapele beta sunt si ele disponibile dupa lv 90 , evolutile sunt pana la beta si pot fi facute map 1 la Jae-Seon Kim cu diverse upp din mapa beta, ratele sunt de 150% all.

World of Metin2 Pserver

The Kingdoms of Chunjo Jinno and Shinsoo are gone. Say welcome to the Dinasties Of course you will still find here our most beloved content such as the Meley Dungeon, Earth Dragon, and our unique Pet system along with our popular PvP Arena. Join our 5.000 players today in a new adventure


gameoflegend is a pvm-pvp server with many pet systems, frizes, costumes, smoke evolves many up to the last armor paladin lvl maximum 127 rates 500 when you enter gm you give lvl 40 fms pgm 59 costume jewelery with vampire devil bonuses 50 socks 200X and yang 1.5kkk

Metin2 Prestige - Server PVP PVM

Recent deschis 17.02.2019, acumulare puncte daca stai online, mape noi, sisteme noi, staff matur.


Cel mai fain forum din romania ! Intra si tu , fi primul care are onoarea de a fi inregistrat ! Cautam ownari pe forum , moderatori pe ChatXat & ChatBox !

Ultimate Metin2 Server

A long time ago there was only a single empire that existed on the continent. The country experienced tranquility and peace and did not know the conflating deadly diseases that spread around the world. Innocent people suffered as those who were slain by these beasts or choked to death by disease later rose again as undead.

Metin2 FRZ

Metin2FRZ server PVM-PVP. Rates: EXP: 500x | Drop: 500x | Gold: 500x. 99,00% Up time, No Lag, No Bugs, Armuri noi si Arme noi, Noi Harti , GM events 1x saptamana, Un Staff bun.


Green Este Un Server Pvm-Pvp Cu Rate 900 costume frezurii sisteme noi peturii noi lvl maxim 120 cand intrati aveti sistem de bonus sa vede-ti cat e maxim pv etc

Sykura2 - Fhle die Kraft 2018

Sykura2 ist newschool PvP-PvM Deutscher Metin2 Pserver mit alle raten 200, Viele events, Neue Quests, Maximales Level 105, Viele Neue Maps, Aktive Team, PvM Arena mit Rangliste und Coins Gewinn. Jetzt anmelden und spielen auf Sykura2

Metin2 P Server, Top metin2 game

Metin2 private server, metin2 pvp server, metin2 top private game servers

Pvp Serverler MEtin2 Server

Dragon of Metin2 is a new server starting on 30.05.2014] [Rates: Exp-500%, Drop-500% and Yang-500%] [Max Level 250, Non Stop GM available for suport] [No bugs, Weekend events] [Dedicated Staff] [New Maps, new items from 2014

Lycan Metin2 - Reborn 2018

Midschool Server Lycan Metin2 2018, Rates 1000x, Max LvL 105, Active Lycan Character, New maps, New items, Multy events, No lagg, Itemshop, Great staff, New adventure. Join now


Metin2 Infinity , este un server PVM-PVP fun,cu lvl max 105, pe acest server nu se doneaza , doar daca vreti sa ne ajutati cu o reclama sa-l populam suntem deschisi tuturor Upgrade pentru evoluti sunt bagate la magazin de exemplu otel,batalie ,zmee cele pentru evolutie se farmeaza ...Evolutie maxima , BETA.Biolog fara ltimp toate cele necesare gasiti in magazine Sistem putere , sistem ucideri , sistem AFK, sistem costumefreze cu limita de timp si bonus random . Se fac evente Pvm , Pvp , OX regualt premii pe masura Acum suntem la inceput de drum si suntem deschisi pentru a asculta...

Ancestral Metin2

RATES 2300x EXP, 2000x Drop, 2400x Gold, No Lag, Login ON 247 Server, NEW ITEMS, NEW SWORDS, Whitout HAMACHI, START HORSE

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Top Private Servers - World of Warcraft, Metin2, Counter Strike, Minecraft, Lineage2, Aion Online, Forums etc

Metin2CSSteam PVM

Metin2CSSteam este deschis recent. Suntem o echipa serioasa. Servarul este pvm clasic dupa cum se vede. Rate - Exp 1000 - Yang 1000 - Yang x2 1000 - Drop 1000 ArmeArmuri pana la beta. CostumeTime. PetsTime. Mape Beta Rata Fierar 50 All

World of Metin2

✩ International PvM Server with more than 6000 players daily ✩ 24h Multilang-ingame Support SD3, Aqua Dragon, Devil's Catacomb and Dark Dragons ✩ Exclusive graphical environment ✩ Energy, Dragon Soul and Belt system ✩ Daily events and a monthly Monarch election and many more Features. check it out!

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Metin2DR International Server

Metin2 DR PVM Server , 100% rates , pets , energy,lv max 105 , multilangyage system,dragonsoul,beta pack and more . JOIN US

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metin2 pvp serverler ve pvp serverler alannda profesyonel tantm sitesidir.

Hard-PVM QinMt2

Crezi ca esti pregatit Aventura incepe cu tine

Topmetin - The ultimate Metin2 private server list

Topmetin - The ultimate Metin2 private server list

Metin 2 Black Private Server

Server 70pvm 30pvp craft and evolution for all items


Server Mega Fun ,Level maxim 250 ,new armours,new arms,new maps,new mobs and new items.

Empire Metin2 - UltraFun 2018

Empire Metin2 Ultra-Fun Server,Max level is 250 - Rates Exp 500 , Drop 500 , Yang 500 - New Petshop, new items , new evolutions, Mode PvP-PvM - Custom Maps - No Lagg - Daily Events - Join now