Gaming top 100 list -


Custom PvP/PvE fun. I80, custom seasons & tiers, enchant npc, transmorgify,quests & story lines. Unique mall

#1 OSRS PK Server Just released 200 + players

Eden is a remake of Runescape 2008-2009 with OSRS Contest. We focus on even the smallest details to make the server exactly how you remember it back in the days when you used to play runescape in 2008 be apart of our community and help us improve Eden. We have tons of features - Shooting Star,


HEPKO Myko opening at 07-04-2017 2000 TR Come to Join Us Old Skin and New Quest System with max level 62, Regular Weekly Special wars, Daily Two BDW, Two FT and Two DM events, Ice Zone events, Caos Zone, Lastman, Collection Race, Stay online and earn NP, Special AntiCheat, great PK Join us

GrandMU Season IX Dynamic 1000x EXP NEW

Stable Server Season IX - Play 2 Win - Dynamic 1000x EXP - Beginner Boost - Balanced PvP - All Bosses Fast Respawn, Boss Highscore NEW - Grandreset System - Autoparty - MuHelper - All events - Spots are shown in Map -Achievements NEW - Castle Siege - Party EXP buff - Offtrade

WellCome to New RF EQG

Max lvl 66 Premium 25000x Drop Rate 15x Animus 99999x PT SkillForce GM XP in Mau New Itens Donate lv70 All Donate Itens in NPC 10 Gold Point for buy Initial Itens Master Skill Disable Quests 5055 Off Active Honour Guild E-mail Disable Shop in-game Enable Account Premium Enabled

BlenderGaming 3.3.5a - The Most Powerful 3.3.5 Server

24/7, no lagg, running on 8GB RAM, 100MBit internet port. Custom spawn, alliance and horde mall, awesome In-Build anti-hack system, running on TrinityCore


WebSite : Forums : Quest Items : XileRO Android : Home Town: Prontera Max Lvl: 255/70 (3rd Adv. Jobs) PK Server - 1k/1k/2k rates (XP/SP/Drop) - Custom Rates Commands: @go, @warp, @who2, @storage, @gstorage, @autoloot and @mi, /stat+ amount Server Specs: 3.2 QuadCore , 32gb Enhanced DDR3, Linux OS, 1gb/s Dedicated line, Customized eAMod Deticated Super Server ...


OpticSouls is a 667/721 Revision(Beta), which means you will have old item looks and newer graphics. All Skills are currently working and have some customs in-game. Our home is currently located at the Gamer's Grotto for quick Fun PK and Dangerous PK. Boss's work and have various skilling locations. Enjoy!

Trinity WoW

Classic Wrath of The Lich King, Blizzlike secure and updated weekly. To hell with Bliizards latest patches, come play the best expansion ever, absolutely FREE!

Extaria Gaming

WoW 3.3.5a Support . New Brand Server . Need GM . Less Bug . PvP and PvE Environment . Join Us Now !

Mu Kirosho S8Ep3

Servidor de Estilo Unico y Hard, Exp x25 Dinamica, menos exp si tienes mas resets. Sin venta de items. Todos los items son originales. 46 Puntos por nivel. Vip 1 Bronce 7 Dias Gratis al registrarte. Reset al nivel 400. Max. 125 resets no borra puntos

Ma3x MuOnline [EXP: 7777x DROP: 77%]

[EXP: 7777x DROP: 77%] S6EP3, Boxes in shop. Good drop for jewels. Nice events.

Ogame Private -- Corrado-Game

NEW GAME Uni15 Opens 14 December High-Speed-Many Players-Active Community-Online Since 2009- So when you like the classic look of the game we have the right game for u Join today

Majesty MU Classic

No Reset Level 400 10 stats per level normal 12 stats per level special char Hyon set drop from boss and mobs offlevel and offtrade enabled vote for wcoins stable server 4 chanel servers PVP Easy Top up Using PaypalCreditCardPayMaya No OP Items Hunt base Dedicated Server


Cap 110 MasteryCH 420 MasteryEU 220 Skills 110 Solo Exp 65x Party Exp 80x Sp 70x Gold 85x Alchemy 1.5 Job rates 35x Silk per Hour 5 CTF yes BA Yes Magic Pop Yes Medusa Yes Fortress war Jangan Adv Elixir A,B,C FWG Yes FWG Rate 10x Auto Eqipament Yes sox5 fb Captcha No Captcha in Login Screen IPLimit none Max Plus 20 Honor Buffs Yes Jewel Box Yes Botting allowed Yes


trader system

GoodTimes Silkroad

GoodTimes Game ! Download now, and begin the journey with your friends today ! Only chinese, 90cap, Low rates, IP Limit !

JR-SRO Cap 130 D14 Auto Event System Drop

Cap 130 Dagree 14 Start Lv.1 PVE EU CH Max 16 no ADV 2 Silk per Hour in Lv 130 Only All New Skill cap 130 system Trade Trade 5 star get 2 silk 2 B System Drop For all items System Drop Coins in Uniques Auto Events New Room with amazing Drops

MU Supremo Season 4 Brazil South America

Brazilian Online MU Server - Experience 300 to 500x - Drop 20 to 30 percent - Reset Type of Score - Maximum Points Status 65535 - Balanced PvP - Stay Online and Earn up to 20 Golds per Hour - Switch your hours online by VIP Gold - New Events - Off Attack and Reset Auto Active Commands.

Clash Of Pirates

Clash Of Pirates is a fully 3D designed multiplayer online game based on Tales Of Pirates contents by focusing the gameplay to PK Player Killing only.

Chaos-WoW 4.0.6

4.0.6 Cataclysm, great malls, balanced classes, 85 instant, Ultimate PvP, Custom Instance, PvE Tokens, Great Community, Great Scripts, Great Gear System, Daily Quest Zone and so much more! Give us a try. New Transmoger


Nuevo servidor de mu online internacional. Este es un servidor Slow administrado por profesionales, es muy estable, tiene muchos usuarios online. Si te gustan los servidores duraderos MU SHARO es el server que buscas

• 24/7 Uptime • 2 Realms! instant 80, and level 19 twink realm! • No Lag • Working Bg's • Custom Mall • Teleporters! • Working pvp system • Events Every day! • Stable Server • Active Community • 3.3.5a WOTLK • Join Now !

BlitzReborn 4.x.x - Toxic-WoW Accounts

HIGH RATE ! 4.x.x Toxic-WoW Accounts - Instant Vote Rewards, Instant Donation Items.


PVP-HYBRID-SERVER / Episode 4.5 / selfcreated PVP-Maps / Contour Cards / WP per Kill / Global WP / Infinity Field 3 / Nation Infinity Field / Crystal Event Systen / NGC SP / Custom Level System / 4th NGC-Frontbasewar / Custom Exception Handler / Advanced Weapon Type: Mine / Sky-Level System / 10 Member Formation / New Boss System / Twitter System / Debuff System Improve