Top 100 Silkroad Private Servers


120 CAP 12 DEGREE DROPJOBCON SYSTEM FREE SLK SERVER www.facebook.comHEN-Sro-874463362739948 www.instagram.comhen.sro

Titanium Silkroad

Server Information Level Cap 100 Skill Cap 100 Race Chinese European Mastery Limit Chinese - 300, European - 200 Experience x10 Party Experience x15 Item Drop x5 SoX Drop x2 Gold Drop x2 Job Rate 120x Alchemy rate 1x High Performance server DDoS Protected Stable server. IP limit - 3. More info in website


- Free To Play - Play 2 Win - Free Silk - New Unique - New Areas - Vote System - New Special Trade Points Reward System - 247 Events - Cap 110


110 Cap 100x EXP 150x Party EXP PLAY2WIN Alchemy 3x 2 SILKHOUR Vote4Silk Active Staff

DarkWorld Cap 140 Dg14 New Skills

Cap140 Skills 140 Ch560 Eu280 Start Level 1 Max Plus 35 Adv 12 New Skills New Uniques New Event System Auto Event New Pvp System

Thrones Online 110 Cap CHN EU PVE Server Old School Long Term

Thrones Online 110 Cap CHN EU PVE Server Old School Long Term

Hill Sro 110 Cap Hard Rate International Sro System

110 Cap - EU-CH Hard Rate Internatonal Silkroad System - FGW - BATTLE ARENA - Special Job Suit Buffs Play2Win

NayRoad Cap 110 D11 Free Silk

CHEU Exp x5, Gold x2, Job Trade x30, Fellow Pets,Auto Event 2Hours, 2 Silk for Hours,D11 Weapons,Armor,Accessory drop in Unique and Mobs, VoteForSilk,All Avatars, Do no wait More


OVER-SRO cap130 d14 Free silk coin system , 100 free server no donation system .

Silkroad Online Server

Silkroad Online Server - ServersToplist The Best SilkRoad Servers Online. Find Play TOP Servers. httpsserverstoplist.comsilkroad-online


Hello Guys Come Get Fun From The Server PharaohSro Have RW in you Char info Server Coin System Server Pvp Level Cap 110 Skill Max 110 Races European Chinese Masteries 330 Chinese 240 Europe Race Items Cap D11 Rates 3.5 Experience rate 250x Party Experience rate 280x Gold drop coeficent 5x Item drop coeficent 10x Job Exp Rate 300x Available Places Constantinople Available Samarkand Available Jangan Available DonWhang Available Hotan Available Alexandria Available Arena Working So-Ok Working JanGan Fortress Working Bandit Fortress Not Working Hotan Fortress Not Working...

GenerationX Online

Cap 110 , Classic Server with very few Edits . New system for obtaining Rare and Unique Items.Join Us Today

Lion Sro

Cap 100 Euro China Item Egy 10 Degree Egy weapon Egy set and acc from Town Hotan on Npc Exp Rate 10x ExpPT Rate 15x Gold Rate 1x Drop Rate 5x New Avatars Job Cave Edit lv100 mobs Uniques Drop coin Dw Cave Edited to lv100 mobs Auto Event System LSMSDGSKillTheGmAlchemyTriviaPvp LotteryReTypeLucky Staller Math LPMFirst Type Unique Event Auto

ETC-Game Online

Active CTFARENAFGW Active B Fight Active Auto Events Active Team Active GuildUnion Emblem Active Full Secure For Your Account Fortress Active Hotan

GoldenAge Online D13

GoldenAge Online D13 CAP 120 New Extra Features Job Based Limits Baghdad FTW New Trade Routes New Job Skills Triggered Instance The Way to Evolution


GOSRO Private Server x8 expsp rates and 3x drop rates Level 110 Cap old school Chinese 13th Degree items Regular Events 5 Silk per Win Silk Per hour System Free Beginner SUN items level 1-42 beginner quest