WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List

Chupato WoW PvE/PvP 19 twink server

Chupato is a lvl 19 twink server that focus on giving an improved version of a blizzlike gameplay. A lot of original and unique content awaits, comme and check it out :)

Zealot-WoW - Instant 85 PvP & PvE 4.3.4


Servidor Privado Brasileiro World Warcraft

Novo servidor wow, versão pandaria 5.1.0. acesse, servidor ON. > Versão servidor wow pandaria 5.1.0 > Rates, experência x5/ drop x5 /honor x5/ moneyx2 > lvl maximo 90 > Realmlist

Best Fun

Предлагаю вашему вниманию сервер В Вашем распоряжении идеально сбалансированный, долго проходивший тестирование на различные неполадки и , в конце концов, поборовшим их FUN Realm!

Venom Core 3.3.5a Blizzlike

blizzlike PvE Only Low Rates Dungeons Battlegrounds Arenas Events Friendly Staff Scripted Instances Voting Rewards


*3 Armor Holy Vile Unholy *custom quests *custom leveling road*gold farm--Need gold go to the gold farm and farm badges and gold *Custom Instance*Frozen Halls*world bosses *Res by chat command*Cutom Battlegrounds*Instant 80 for a limited time

Fun Server X40,free T9,Free Furious!24/7 Online Staff,no bugs,no crash,no lag!!!

Cursed-WoW is private FUN SERVER with X40 rate,we have stable core we was working 2 years on,no crashes,no lag,no disconnect!!

Darkiron Mist of Pandaria 5.4.8

Mist of Pandaria 5.4.8 4X with normal ~ Drop rate 7X, Join us now

Kastal WoW 3.3.5a German FUNSERVER ++ LOW LATENCY

German WoW Wotlk DEUTSCHER FUNSERVER 335a - Custom Items++Custom Sets (R0,5-R2)++Custom Instanzen++Low Latency dank 4GBit++48Core AMD Opteron++stündliche Datenbanksicherung++ Linux Administrator&ServerSecurity

Wow King Monster blizzlike 3.3.5a

El mejor servidor PvE Blizzlike creado y mantenido por desarrolladores profesionales con una pasin por World of Warcraft. El mejor software en la parte superior del mejor hardware. Baja latencia. Mayor tiempo de actividad. RDF, Arena, Wintergrasp y Raids funcionan al 100. PvE activo y PvP

SeKerS-WoW International 3.3.5a

SekerS-WoW server 3.3.5 is a WotLK! We are a community understanding and supporting all.We will let players fight to win the first player realm achievement ! All achievements first player realm are free including the quest , level ,level 80 , race , etc. The staff will not have level 80 characters before you get your hands on this achievement. We give the opportunity to have AXE Shadowmorune by completing quests !Yes this quest works on our server. Many quests works well,all too many are repaired. You can increase the level and using dungeon,Most dungeons are scripted and repaired we hope...

Walavanille 1.12.X PvE & 2.4.3 PvP

New project from students | 2 realms | 100 Mb/s | Interfaction | Forum | Vote shop (no donation) | Linux Debian 24h/7d in datacenter | Teamspeak 3 (coming soon)

WOW - NEO [ Fresh server, new concepts ]

World of Warcraft - NEO - Fresh server, three realms with low, medium, high rates. Friendly staff members, thousands of active players. Latest updates, unique content, daily events, contests, mega starter pack, Join NOW!


Nouveau projet en cours de développement. Version 3.3.5 Blizzlike. NO CASH SHOP !

BattleDale: The Most Sophisticated Gaming Community

The most sophisticated and fastest developing WoW gaming community. We have lag free realms and are dedicated to providing the best free to play, private world of warcraft server. We have many open realms and support Mists of Pandaria, WoTLK, and, Cataclysm.


Level Cap 255, Patch 3.3.5, Custom Items, Custom Quests, Custom NPC's, Custom Areas, Custom Events and much much more...

Play Warcraft FREE!

With you can earn real money, easy and while playing your Favorite Video Game of all times! We offer a variety of realms from all sizes and capacities, all you have to do is to manage and find for new players to join your Realm.

WoW Latro

Versao Instant 80 Season 8 e Armas Edit free , Itens Por Honor e Arena , Areas De Farm, Quests Diarias e Muito Mais Venha Desfrutar De Um Bom PvP.

Wrathlords Gaming 255 Funserver

255 funserver, all class all race patch custom items custom bosses and custom instances. Friendly staff. 24/7 up on a stable core. And the most important thing is that you having fun here!


wow 3.3.5 server 2 realms instant 80 end Blizzlike x15

Gods Of Warcraft - 4.3.4 Cataclysm

Fully Custom PvP Funserver100 Blizz Rates ServerCustom T-mogFully Customized PvP ZoneCustom Scripted Battle for HalaaCustom Scripted World PvP questsFresh Funserver Concept


The server Spell Force-WoW would like to invite you to take part in the adventure along with us. Here you can find everything you wanted a server for free without donated money or real . Iteme them are taken based on VP (VotePoints) .we have been waiting for you.we have 2 expansion ... Cataclysm 4.3.4 and Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a .....

Organized Chaos

Instant 80 Wotlk Server. All Welcome. Looking for a good community to raid with.


Hello and Welcome to HellguardWoW. This server is still in development. We are just as excited as you are to see the finished result. We are waiting for or Developer to make items and stuff. We are trying to make everything as unique as possible ! And about the website. The website is in Developement too... That means that we don't have a Donate/Vote/Store yet. If you want to make a donation you have to create an ingame ticket.

243 Vanilla Realm

Client required: patch 2.4.3 set realmlist to: Server Information Vanilla 2.4.3 is a recreation of vanilla content using the 2.4.3 client. There is no donation/vote point system and never will be, no pay to win! Outlands/Dark Portal Blocked off Permanently. 1x Experience, Level from 1 to 60. All dungeons fully scripted. Trash + bosses correct spells/abilities. placement + linking + all events working for all dungeons. Overall Difficulty has been increased due to BC talents. Dedicated developers, If you find a broken quest for example, we will fix it. Raid...