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Daily server mantanance, edgevile home, player owned server, 20 bosses more to come Daily content added, 100 npcs to battle, all working skills custom ranks and ranked zones balanced pvmpvp and f2pp2p, everything in the game can be earned like dp,coins,bp,pkp, ect join for a chance to win exclusive content

Silkroad Online Server

Silkroad Online Server - ServersToplist The Best SilkRoad Servers Online. Find Play TOP Servers. httpsserverstoplist.comsilkroad-online

Rebellion Gaming

Rebellion Gaming Ep7

Galaxy Conquest - Phoenix Awaken - Ogame for MOBILE

Galaxy Conquest - Phoenix Awaken is a MMORPG of intergalactic war and commerce for mobile platforms Android , iOS based on the popular Ogame - You start out with an undeveloped planet that is randomly generated in the universe. Your goal is to build an empire consisting of many planets, each with a variety of buildings that produce resources, spacecraft, and research technologies. As your empire grows you can trade with others, attack your enemies and take their resources, defend your own planets against attack, and join alliances for mutual prosperity, training and defense.

Hunter Rivals

Balca eklenen zellikler. Free for allHerkes tek haritaya giris yapan her oyuncu tek savaacak. Haritada oyuncu isimleri dsman olarak gzkmekte ve bylelikle takmlama vb yaplamamakta. Formasyon,tugaylar ise haritada devre d kalmaktadr. Free for all haritasinda esitli eventler yaplacak ve de oyuncular icin farkli bir sava tru olacaktr. Yeni eklenen rtbe sistemi otomatik olarak sizler dsman yok ettikce rutbe barnda yzde olarak ilerleme kat edicektir. Bylelikle binba,albay,general gibi rtbelere ykselebileceksiniz. Rtbeler her oyuncunun isminin altnda eklinde yer alcaktr. Rtbe zellikleri de mevcut...



Krysoria 2 - The rise of Hardcore

HC-Reloaded dies, HC-Reloaded das. Wann ist endlich Schluss damit Das wird sich der ein oder andere beim Lesen des Slogans denken. Wir mchten dieser Frage endlich ein Ende setzen. Hiermit mchten wir an alle potenziellen Spieler appellieren, uns eine Chance zu geben und uns nicht direkt als 0815 HC-Abklatsch zu kategorisieren. Wir versichern euch, dass Krysoria 2 nicht nur ein einfaches Remake sein wird Wir streben danach das einst so glorreiche HC wieder aufzubauen und es zu berbieten, da wir selbst viele Stunden auf dem originalen HC verbracht haben und uns eine ebenbrtige Version wnschen,...

DarkMaze Server Online

DarkMaze Server Online 2018 PK Server, Active GMs, New Effects, New Maps, New Features Coming Every Week Events Websites httpswww.facebook.comgroups176280873298973 INFORMATIONS AND FEATURES Rates 25x - SOLO EXP 40x - Team EXP 10x - Drop Rate 150x - Fairy Max Level - 150 Max Pet Level - 102 Balanced PK SERVER --MAPS-- Argent City Shaitan City Icicle City Dark Maze Center Battle Royal Chaos Argent Opens every 3 hours Isle of PKChests drop random azrael gems Crazy Newbie PK Piggies Drop Random Notes 75k, 100k , 225k, 300k, and 1m Valley of Death Chaos Icicle Dark...

Lion Sro

Cap 100 Euro China Item Egy 10 Degree Egy weapon Egy set and acc from Town Hotan on Npc Exp Rate 10x ExpPT Rate 15x Gold Rate 1x Drop Rate 5x New Avatars Job Cave Edit lv100 mobs Uniques Drop coin Dw Cave Edited to lv100 mobs Auto Event System LSMSDGSKillTheGmAlchemyTriviaPvp LotteryReTypeLucky Staller Math LPMFirst Type Unique Event Auto

GoldenAge Online D13

GoldenAge Online D13 CAP 120 New Extra Features Job Based Limits Baghdad FTW New Trade Routes New Job Skills Triggered Instance The Way to Evolution

Mus63free min ph vn c xn

MU S63 FREE Trang ch ng k ti khon httpbit.ly2QNNlz3 Link download httpbit.ly2QNr44l -MU keep point, Reset ingame. -MAX Point 130.000 -Shop c bn Wing tn th, ngc custom, set FO tt c class -Event nhn qu theo mc reset 100 200 400 555 777 v.v reset cng nhiu item cng gi tr nh -Event ca GM din ra vo cui tun Drop, Boss, Tr li cu hi, PK Team, PK Sinh tn v.v - H thng Bot Trade i m bo chi free vn c item xn


trader system

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SpirusWoW - 1.12.1 - 2.4.3 - 3.3.5 - 4.3.3

Choose between the following game versionsWoW Zero 1121WoW Two 243WoW Three 335WoW Four 444Hosted on Dedicated Servers with Fully working content, weekly updates and double xp events

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Time-Sro Back Agian l Cap 100 l PVP

Server Information PvePvp Server Cap 110 Coins Gold System Solo EXP 300x Party EXP 350x Drop Rate 3x Gold Rate 4x Free Silk 10k Races Chinese and Euro CTFWorking Job Temple Working Arena Working Unique Rank Working Academy Removed Fortress War Hotan


Custom 2.4.3 progressive realm Custom Raids Worlds end, BRD, SM, Onyxias Lair, Void Hold, Ragnaros, Guthrots Lab, Blackwing Hold Tier X, Tier 8, Tier 8.5 Future WOTLK 3.3.5 custom expansion based realm

acil kargo

War-X-Scape - OSRS

Brang new

GameBlogy Game News and Reviews

GameBlogy is the worlds leading source for Xbox, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, Android, Iphone video game news, reviews, previews, trailers...

kargo - yeni nesil ucakla hava yolu kargo gonderi sirketi

Endless Scape

Endless Scape! It's a brand new Oldschool 317 Pk\eco server. Staff positions are open! NEW BANNER COMING SOON! - Amazing PvM and PvP - Advanced Combat System - Oldschool look - All new weapons - New Boss called Zombie Cyclops that drops PvP armours in the wilderness! - All bugs and glitches fixed - No dupes - Great Community

Flax Ragnarok Online

Freebies 1x Accessory All Stats 15 for every char 1 Doppelganger Card Full Aspd 1 Berzebub Card Uncast Base Exp 999999x Job Exp 999999x Max Lvl 9970 Drop Rate 50 Default Equip Drop 50 Card Drop 50 Max Aspd 190 Server Mode High Rate Main Ethnic or Language English


Hello all, I am here to present you my new servers : :D Max level : 120 and will grow with the time to 255 . -Semi-fun (New-School) -Stat : Int /Dex / Vit /Str up to 125 -Skill-Up-With Manu -Systeme Putere -Systeme Costum ~400 -Systeme Energie -New Desing stuff lvl 1 to 80 -New Weapon lvl 1 to 30 -New Skill en Biologist -Afk Bots -Honors Systeme -Stone Systeme -Pets ~150 -New Quest and all quest give you more surprise -Give basic Weapon : Costume / safebox : can give you an item all 12 hours / pets -News Maps And more Donjon -Servers : International servers but the Language is in...