Gaming top 100 list -

Awakened Cabal Unique

Medium Rates Antihack-MShield Legendary Boxes New Map Abandoned City EP16 Skills x3 Drops Upgrade to 15 Event Vote Shop ItemChar Transfer Custom Accesories Vote for eCoins Ecoins Staying Online Scroll Boxes Safe Box Palladium Play to Win

80 cap Go GG

oFFmu Season 12 Episode 2 - x10 x100 x1000 Grand Opening December

No Webshop Play 2 Win Level 5 Wings 4th Class Quest Deep Dungeon All new features working. Most advanced mu online server ever existed. Grand Opening 15 December. 3 Worlds x10 x100 x1000


A 317 runescape private server for the players who are tired of slaving to have fun on the regular game

Eon-Play Balanced Eco

317 server with a great community with tons of updates We are focused on adding what the players want

Mobil Chat


Shaiya Reality Reloaded

This is a ep 5.4 server with other content from various episodes. We wanted to bring back the old shaiya that people fell in love with. We are back with all custom gear all trash items removed from the map so you know if you get something its worth keeping max level 7 lapis all gear is created equal.


Mauscape RSPS Brand New Great Content Much bosses

Black lagoon Gaming Silkroads ISRO

Our Server is close to Official Silkroad Online with here and there some exceptions for those players who like or are new to silkroad but dont like to lvl slow and spend many hours to get to max lvl then this is the place we boosted different categorys just enough to have fun, everything you once had is still here monsters spawns and more so lets play now


Instant Login Active PkingSafe or Dangerous PkEco server Drygores Custom items PvP Shop Slayer point shop Working Skills FriendlyActive staff Updates Weekly Dicing rank Donations discussed with PavSwag Kalphite Armor Working Nex Turmoil,Ss, Dragon claws Chaotics JOIN NOW

Argus Ragnarok Online

Server closed if you are owner, please contact us



RF OriginS

Join us and be the best Without donation of weapons and armor. Server free to play. No lags Adm and gm online No bugs Lvl max 55 Only skills gm and nothing more

Basic Pirates Online

Server Rates Solo Exp 15x Team Exp 30x Drop 5x Pet Growth 400x Max Lvl 135 Max Pet Lvl 61 Maps Argent City Main Map Chaos Argent BD Gems Bounty Hunter PK Azrael Gems Boss Chaos Icicle Advance Gems King Battleground Great Gems Boss Death Circle Ring Gems Boss Demonic World Ref,Kals,Uns85 Upgraded Rings,Sealed 95 Weapons Dark SwampGreat,Azrael,Kals,DS Weapons Forsaken CityGreat,Azrael,Ring,BD,Basic Necklace,Mini Rings Exp Packets from Mazes to level up Gems Gems will have a description of where they can be forged into ingame Black Dragon Gems Azrael Gems Great Gems Advanced Gems...


Rates Xp 5000x. Sp 5000x. Adena 5000x. Drop 1000x. PartyXp 2x. PartySp 2x. Starting character level - 20. Enchant rates Safe Enchant 3 Max Weapon Enchant 18 Max Armor Enchant 18 Max Jewel Enchant 18 Normal Scroll Enchant Rate 65 Bless Scroll Enchant Rate 100 Crystall Scroll Enchant Rate 40 NormalBlessed Scroll Max 15 Crystall Scroll Max 18


Servidor oficialmente abierto ya pueden registrarse, descargar y entrar a jugar Servidor season 4 experiencia 1000 drop 70 No quita stats No da puntos por reset 400 lvl el reset stats 65k


New tx200 4.2 version of speed server started 2018.02.20 Each registrant player receives 2million silver There are extras eg for 100 gold you can buy 2millio clubswinger 1 mission for 1 gold and much more. httpwww.travianttx.nhely.hutx200anmelden.php

King Of Desert Sever zellikleri Cap. Max ulaabiliceiniz level 80dir. Derece. Max sahip olabiliceiniz ekipman 8. Derecedir. Irklar. Bir tek in rk olucaktr, avrupa rk bizim kurmak istediimiz eski Silkroad ortamna yakmyor. Mastery. Toplam kullanabiliceiniz mastery puanlar 240 olucaktr. Rateler. Gzel bir Silkroad serveri sunmak istiyoruz ve bu basit rateler ile olmuyor, level kasmak King Of Desertte ok skc olmcak yani arkadalarnzguilidiniz ile gzel kasmann zarar olmaz. Guild Job Cezalar. Guild cezas 24 saat ve Job 72 saat. Beklemek istemezsen Ceza silicileri alabilirsiniz. Vigor...

Solace Pre-Eoc OSRS Content

Welcome to Solace everyone, Solace is a 317 loading various data in order to provide our players with a jam packed game. We primarily will be an economy server but that does not mean will will not have great PvP content for our players to enjoy. Solace will be striving to provide smooth and enjoyable content for our members to enjoy. Something we look to achieve is strong End-Game content so that our stronger more advanced players do not get bored


Features Custom DeadManMode withn the server with a custom map for all you to enjoy,We will never let you downCheck forums for more deatil on DMM or pm a ingame ModertorAdminOaky. Bosses We have over 20 bosses, a pleasureable mix of OSRS - Pre-Eoc bosses. Skills We have all 24 skills functionable,A cool feature where you can just click the skill and it will take you do that designated place Economy As Artex has recently came out of beta our eco is fresh and new. We like to see Artex as a challange so you can feel like youve achived somthing when you get all the rares Are you going to let...

World Of Metin2 Romania

Cele trei Regate Chunjo, Jinno si Shinsoo au disprut. Spune bun venit Dinastiilor Bineinteles ca veti gasi continutul mult iubit printre care si Temnita Meley, Dragonul de Pamant, sistemul de Pet unic si multe altele. Alatura-te astazi comunitatii de 5.000 de Jucatori sa incepi o noua aventura

RhavenMU Season 6 Episode 3

32k Stats PvP Balanced Tested Active Staffs and Gms Cool GM events Exciting Prizes