Shaiya Top 100 - Private Servers

Shaiya Invictus

Shaiya Invictus is a play to win Custom Episode 5.4 server. Max Level 70, Instant Level, Free Maxed Gears, Maxed Weapons and Accessory, Custom Skills, Bosses, Blacksmith on the website and much more


Episode 4.5 Endlevel ist 120 99,9 alles Farmbar EXP Rate 25 Free 30Tage sachen in der ItemMall bei Upgrade drin Kill Rate x1 GRB is jeden Sonntag um 20uhr 3PVP Areas 15-30-80 Neue Map fr beide Fraktion ausser Dungeons

Shaiya Army EN TR

Shaiya Army provides best Shaiya Server With our best experience on developments and administrations, you surely play and enjoy Shaiya in safe Come and take a look, Our community is waiting you

Shaiya Parda

Ep 45 running-Customized Weapons / Gear / Lapis-Exp is on 450 x / Link rate in on 50 / Enchant rate is on 99 / Kill x5

Shaiya Arcania

Shaiya Arcania, EP 5.4 PvP Server, Final Gears in AH NPCs, Balanced Classes, Faster PVP, Gold based server economy, costumes, instant level, Battlefield Runes and much more features, check it out

Shaiya Instinct - Episode 5.0

Shaiya Instinct Episode 50, 3PvP Areas 15-30-70, GRB Schedule Every Saturday 9PM, KILL Rate x2, EXP Rate x1300, NO Custom Items, FREE Shaiya Points by PvP rewards, FREE 30 Days CRR, PID, EE, RPC, PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting, DDoS Protected Server

Shaiya Future Battle DDOS PROTECTED

Shaiya Future Battle is back up, With one of the best DDOS protected dedicated servers, One of the best secured servers out there Most custom sets youll ever see on any server, instant levels, PvP, Amazing site custom made We are a fully fixed ep 54 server Come check us out today

Shaiya Danger

Shaiya Danger is a Ep 6 Server, 100% Free and full PVP Server. Kill x10 Events everiday. No Donation, The Gear is for Free in the Item Mall " And Merchant in AH ! Active Staff and Massive PVP Join us Today!

Shaiya Victoria III

Server PLEN,Exp rate x500,kill x2,every day events, Classic sets, Debuff lapis, Max enchant 10, Donation for laze, Active Straff Team. DDOS Protected, PvPPvE system, max lapis lv6elle lv2, Join US

Celestial Shaiya 2017

Celestial Episode 6, level-max 80 with EXP rate 1000X Kill rate is 5X PvP-PvE System Dedicated Staff for help No lagg Many events DDOS Protected. Join now

Virtus In Deum - Shaiya Best PVP and Game in Philippines


Ab Ep5.4 Ohne !!! Iron Invasion !!! !!! KEIN REINER PVP-SERVER !!! Bis max. Level 90 Neue Waffen & RĂ¼sstungen & Item's & Map's Wir wollen Spass und Fairness haben. Shaiya bietet mehr, wir zeigen es euch !!!! EX-CT auf beiden Seiten (MAP3), ist nun eine EVENT-MAP.

shaiya pirat

shaiya pirat is a free server with drops item mall free and no farm join us all

Shaiya Last Fight Deutscher 6.4 Pserver

Deutscher EP6.4 Server, Custom Pets, Custom Wings, Custom Rstungen, Schnelles Farmen, Hilfsbereite Community

Shaiya Destruction

Eventos semanais,Servidor especial edition,intocvel ativa aps a morte em pvp,novas montarias grtis no item mall,servidor com uma interface personalizada,recompensas de rank pink star,quests de pvp,opes de cones skill personalizada ou original,chars nascem equipados e linkados e recriados prontos para irem pvp ou drop,episodio 7,experincia lv 90, 99 free item mall e drop,anti GM edit ON,anti farm kill ON,drop ap 150 por mob em kanos,novas asas,pets,fantasias e montarias,drop 100,servidor exclusivo pvp 90,online 24 horas,Kill x80 e em eventos x160 a x250,Rank 1.000.000,Itens personalizados...

Shaiya Heineken

100 Free Full PvP 24 Hours 200 Players Online Join Us Now Fantasys, pets, Wings and Aps Free

Shaiya Old

Classic Episode 4.5! EXP Rate x30, KILL Rate x1! Old Style Shaiya Grinding, Questing, Boss Hunts and PvP! No Custom Items! No Debuff Lapis! No knockout Nostrum! Check us!

Shaiya Kalponapa

Welcome to Shaiya Kalponapa This is the best private server around world of Shaiyas We are an unique server with many fatures if you will play with our server you will enjoy most we not have any vote reward like all servers have but you will vote to promote our server join us now

Shaiya Infinity

We are a Custom Ep. 4.5 Server. Shaiya Infinity is focused on PvP with some PvE elements. Everything in game is easily obtainable through fun farming and daily events. Our active staff are here to help you on your quest Join today and become part of our growing community. Check out our Website

Shaiya Desire

The best Shaiya server you have never seen before Epsiode 5, Max Level 70, EXP Rate x50, KILL Rate x2, Max Lapis Lv6, Elemental Lapis Lv2, NO Custom Items, Active and friendly staff team. Start your adventure Today

Shaiya Chaos

Episode 5 Relic Of Mystra PvP, Grinding, Faraming and Boss Hunting Max Level 70 Max Lapis Lv6 EXP Rate x20 KILL Rate x2 No Custom Items Ending equipments lv65 69 No Knockout Nostrum Auto Renew 30 Days Consumables SP can be obtained through vote system

Shaiya Tyranny EP6

Shaiya Tyranny Episode 60 KILL Rate x1 GRB Schedule Every Sunday, 3PM NO Custom Items, Max Lapis Lv7 FREE 30 Days Consumables CRR, PID, EEPvP, Farming and Boss HuntingInstant lvl mode 15, 70 DDoS Protected ServerFree 70s and 15s GearAll items in item mall can be farmed


SHAIYA REVOLT Haydi 1-15 heyecann bizimle yaa Kutsal setler npcde Pet , Kanat grevleri 2 adet 15 pvp mapiminz klasik ve apu 2 3 tane boss eit eit kostum , pet , kanatlar SP binekler 12 infaz sabiti Haftasonlari etkinlik show FFA haritamiz Hem Trke hem ngilizce web sitemiz ve clientlarimiz 3 adet gzel mi gzel bossumuz Oyuna para yatirmak istemeyenler iin farm alanimiz Klasik ep 4.5 skillerimiz Orjinal shaiya setlerimiz Orjinal oynani dengeli klaslari ile Shaiya Revolt sizlere amansiz bir pvp deneyimi sunuyor. Hala ne duruyorsun Hemen indir , ye ol Revolt ailesine katil Yeniliklerimizden...

Shaiya Zen

DEUTSCHER PvPvE Server, Max Lv.80, Ep.6, Lapis St.8, kein Debuff, EXP Boost x100, OS Gear, Vote 4 DP, Sockel- und VZ Chance 99,9 , Perfect Reroll, Events, aufregende Droplist, Level Gear, Pets, Costumes, Wings, Gold ist hochwertiger, SSL-HTTPS, DDoS Protected

Shaiya Maximus

Maximus is a new EP4.5 server with some custom modification as new map, boss, interface. EXP x75x100 at weekends Kill x2x3 at weekends JOIN OUR COMMUNITY TODAY