Top 100 Conquer Online Private Servers

CoEmu PvP Conquer Online Version 6000+

[Version 6000+][Cps 999mil free][Free VIP 6][Free stuff+12][Server full fixed][New tournaments][Events online 24/24][New class Dragon Warrior][Join Us]

Mythology Conquer

V5095Drop 500 CpsMax Level 137New eventsNew StyleNo NinjaMax 12PvP ArenaPvP TopsSuperFlagFightClass pkNo LagNo BugSnowBansheeJoin For US


US HostedMedium Rate Leveling ServerClassic Conquer Style with Tons of Custom Content, Features, Quests and skillsNo TalismansNo BPNo Pirate, Monk, etc9 Max2nd RB 137 MaxSeveral PvP EventsAuto Meteor SpammerEquip GamblerFast and Stable HostActive GMServer Opened May 2015


5095Free 12 Gears Max Lvl 137 Max 12 1k Cps Drop Ape Bird Twin Phoenix Desert Guild Wars Elite Pk MoreEvents DisCity CouplesPK PkTournament ClassPkEnvoy Weakly Pk War MonthlyPkWar DropEvent Join Us Now

Vanquish Online

Vanquish Online is a Classic 2.0 server featuring absolutely NO DONATIONSP2W. Everything on the server including levels and gear is EARNED by the players, not bought for USD. - Original classes no ninja or newer - New custom events, guild raids, skills, and more. - Balanced classes that are ALL fun to play. - Epic world bosses that drop chests. - Extremely active GM with weekly patches.

CreativeKonquer - Just imagine

CreativeKonquerVR5095Drop Cps 5,000SmallGuildWarFree Stfus 9And 2 RebornArena Hits Arena PvPTops 12 HoursAnd Topat xx5 xx15 xx30 xx40 xx50Afk Paddle 100 CpsDuel Zone New Styles - Online 247Fixed AttackKing System

Shannara Conquer - Classic Experience

Classic Gameplay EU Hosted English Community Max Level 130 Four Main Classes Medium rates Old Jump Maximum 9 NO CPs NO Talismans Active STAFF Fair Gameplay Mining PVE Quests Hourly PVP Events PLAY to WIN - NO OP Donations

Comrades Conquer 5095 - New Server

5095 VersionNon NinjaHave a TowerFan Drop 50 Cps75 Garments in NPC Old Jump Max Level 1372nd Reborn724 EUHost New PK EventSpecial QuestBigBoss QuestGold Prize Quest2GW BigWar and PhilippinesGwActive STAFFHourlyDailyWeekly EventVIP System is Working


Drop 1000 cps 7 king Wars One Hit - BlackName - ChampionRace - RedName - DeadWorld - Revenger - LifePk - BigBoss - GentelWar - Crazy War ButchersWar- Class pola War O - DailyPK Prize 500.000 CPS O - Ms Conquer Host Prize 500.000 CPs 4- Cross Flag Ctf Area- kingdom- unique War 500.000 CPs- SkullVsNinja- Top Supous- Arena Power-Team Pkmanger- Elite guild war- Last man- Captuer The flag -Guild War -Super Guild War - Clan war - MrMsConquer - LastTeam -TopSpouse . BigMonster

CoUnleashed - Veterans Home

Latest Version- Random CPs Drop-Perfection System-Epic Warrior-Epics-Inner Power-Balanced-Online System Reward-15 New bosses every single Hour besides normal bosses-Sub Class-13 Additional Quests-Elite PK-Capture The Flag-Cross Server-New GarmentsMounts included-Prestige system-JiangHu-FBSS tour

Agni Online

V6673Drop 5CPSNEW SERVERWardrobeTitlesPKElitePKPokerActivnessQuests DailyWardrobeTitlesActivenessJiangChiInner PowerP7PerfectionNobility is clearDragon Island Monsters