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Time-Sro Back Agian l Cap 100 l PVP

Server Information PvePvp Server Cap 110 Coins Gold System Solo EXP 300x Party EXP 350x Drop Rate 3x Gold Rate 4x Free Silk 10k Races Chinese and Euro CTFWorking Job Temple Working Arena Working Unique Rank Working Academy Removed Fortress War Hotan


Custom 2.4.3 progressive realm Custom Raids Worlds end, BRD, SM, Onyxias Lair, Void Hold, Ragnaros, Guthrots Lab, Blackwing Hold Tier X, Tier 8, Tier 8.5 Future WOTLK 3.3.5 custom expansion based realm

War-X-Scape - OSRS

Brang new

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kargo - yeni nesil ucakla hava yolu kargo gonderi sirketi

Endless Scape

Endless Scape! It's a brand new Oldschool 317 Pk\eco server. Staff positions are open! NEW BANNER COMING SOON! - Amazing PvM and PvP - Advanced Combat System - Oldschool look - All new weapons - New Boss called Zombie Cyclops that drops PvP armours in the wilderness! - All bugs and glitches fixed - No dupes - Great Community

Flax Ragnarok Online

Freebies 1x Accessory All Stats 15 for every char 1 Doppelganger Card Full Aspd 1 Berzebub Card Uncast Base Exp 999999x Job Exp 999999x Max Lvl 9970 Drop Rate 50 Default Equip Drop 50 Card Drop 50 Max Aspd 190 Server Mode High Rate Main Ethnic or Language English


The new 1 OSRS Server, We have Instant Pvp - No spawning, but ability to instantly PvP Chambers of Xeric Raids, Hourly Dead Man Mode, Community Bossing, Community Skilling, Weekly Events, Helpful Staff Members, Weekly Updates, Perfected PvP, Unique Interfaces, - Best of all we listen to our players, we add what you guys want come join and see for yourself


Hello all, I am here to present you my new servers : :D Max level : 120 and will grow with the time to 255 . -Semi-fun (New-School) -Stat : Int /Dex / Vit /Str up to 125 -Skill-Up-With Manu -Systeme Putere -Systeme Costum ~400 -Systeme Energie -New Desing stuff lvl 1 to 80 -New Weapon lvl 1 to 30 -New Skill en Biologist -Afk Bots -Honors Systeme -Stone Systeme -Pets ~150 -New Quest and all quest give you more surprise -Give basic Weapon : Costume / safebox : can give you an item all 12 hours / pets -News Maps And more Donjon -Servers : International servers but the Language is in...

Server açilis tarihi; 04.12.2015 saat 20:00 Level Cap : 100 Skill Cap : 100 Mastery Limit : 300 Irk : Chinese Exp/Sp Rate : YOK PT Exp/SP Rate : YOK Drop Rate : YOK Gold Rate : YOK Alchemy Rate : Yok Job Rate : 10x IP Limit : YOK Guild Limit : 32 Guild Icon : Pasif Guild Cezasi : YOK Fortress War : Aktif (Sadece JANGAN) Capture the Flag : PASIF Battle Arena : Aktif Academy : Pasif Magic Pop : Pasif Free Silk : 99999999 ClubSilkroad Azul Baslangiç Itemleri; -10 DG Sun+7 FB SET -1 B Gold -5M SP -10 Adet %100 Speed Scrool ClubSilkroad Azul SISTEMI; ClubSilkroad AzulTamamen eglenceye...

L2 Omicron

Features - L2 Omicron Interlude Server Rates - Adena 4000 x - XP 4000 x - SP 4000 x - Drop 4000 x - Party Xp 2 x - Party Sp 2 x Enchant rates - Safe enchant 7 - Blessed scrolls max enchant 30 - Simple enchant scrolls chance - 80. - Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 80 item do not crystallize Unique features Custom character starting points Free Shop Only in starting zone Gm Shop Medal Shop Vote Shop Global GK NPC Buffer Scheme Buffer Max count of buffs - 76 Top Players and clans NPC Npc skill enchanter No grade limit No weight limit Main towns - Giran Working all castle...


Welcome to Lostpk We are in need of new players and staff Make our community be great

Lineage 2 Vortex - NEW open server

Lineage 2 Vortex - NEW free open server - Always updated to the last version - Online 24/7 - All raid bosses avaliable - Custom NPCs - Stats: Adena x200, Sp x80, Exp x80, Drop x1.5 - Friendly staff and growing community


Shaiya Private server EP 4 server ITA-EN kill rated x1 no exp no drop, active pvp

Undamed-Wow Reborn

Undamed-WoW Reborn!!! still working on it. come check it out all old items exist. Get your old Custom Back! 25000 + custom items alot of quest. 12000 haste 0.00

Malice Ragnarok Online

Newly opened High Rate Server A well balanced classic 255100 RO dedicated features Easy farming, Ready to PVP WOE Freebies Zeny based and many more... FREE 2 PLAY Come and Join us

Quantum Infinity - 100s of Customs ECO - Hiring

Website Forums Quantum Infinity is a highly advanced, well-established Runescape Private Server. Online 247 hosted on a powerful dedicated server, Quantum infinity is a busy and friendly community, with players, many of whom use our active forums for help and trading. It will blow your mind with its amazing 100s of custom items, perfect skilling, steady economy and PKing with over 20 minigames and bosses to defeat It is a 748 revision server, which means its probably a more recent and modern server than another RSPS you may have...


Economy 718 Server | 10+ bosses | Flawless PKing + Hybridding with balanced PKP system |Fully working QBD | Full Clan System | All skills working | Boss Pets | Full Screen/Resizable Client with custom Graphics Options | Amazing Voting/Donating Perks | Earn points for Donator Shop via Voting |

Mystical x

Wellcome to mystical rsps. we are brand new and still in beta. we got some custom items and boss and zones. Join now. we are looking staff and another coder

RadidPK | Enhanced PVP Experienced | 2016

- Random PVP Loots - Preset/Custom Gear Customization - Safe/Dangerous | Single/Multi Zones - Spawn Tab System - METAGAME System - Ranking System - Player Profiler System - Killstreak System


PvM - Medium Server Rates 150 Max. Lv 120 Type Classic Country International


Brand New server, staff needed, hosted 247, GE, Perfect PVE and PVP, Stable, alot of customs and more. Just Join us play at lm-scape,com


Master Experience Rate 99999x Drop Rate 80 Max Level 400 Max Master Level 400 Max Stats 32767 Points Per Level 2025 Points Per Reset Keep Stats

Amnesty 317

Amnesty 317 a Eco/social server we have tons of bosses an soon to come custom content very player oriented