Top 100 Silkroad Private Servers


SroCosmos Cap 130 OnlineOfficiall En Este Nuevo Update Que Esperas Para Jugarlo Ven y Jugar Con Nosotros Cap 130 Race CH and EU Masteries 390


VeTo Silkroad private server New System New Date 140 CAP 140lv Skills New System Events 15d items 100x Exp 100x SP 10x Gold Vote for silks Coin System Special Upgrade system Active Job Custom items and more Join US

Vehalla Sro D11

Hello guys .. Are you remember Vehalla-Online its back again . D11 PVP Cap110 No Alchemy system coins Free silk grand opening 18.06.2018

Lws Online

centerIMGexpandable 1httpsimgur.comXsmp8nh.gifIMG size5BHello Silkroad Community.Bsize size2BIts the world of action, join our aventure Bsize We have finally decided to announce our international server colorredBLegend OnlineBcolor. tableheadIMGhttpsi.epvpimg.comYcZScab.pngIMGcentercolorredBWebsite Social mediaBcolorcenterIMGhttpsi.epvpimg.comYcZScab.pngIMG IMGhttpsi.epvpimg.comYcZScab.pngIMG...

Satan Online

Cap 110 Degree 11 Race chinese and europe Mastery 330 fortress hotan only Magic-Pop Enabled Max-Plus 20 Capture Flag Event Enabled Battle-Arena Enabled

Alekim-SRO D15 New Skills Vote4Silk


Apis Online

80 cap ch server Free Slk Start Time 08 march Al 8 mart 2000da

Aliens Online

Cap110 Degree 11 PVE CH-EU Mastery 330-220 Original Rates 0 Edit Auto Events Events for Real Money 3 Ip Limit New avatars New Weapons Free bot Jangan FW Silkh Grand Opening 1-11-2018


SpySRO l ROME l 100CAP l CH l Coin System l Auto Events l Daily Silk Rewards

BronzeSro - The Pedigree Of Perfection Cap 110 New School Balanced Long Term

Hello guys to Bonze Sro Online if you are searching for play2win server then you are at the right place After you login to our website you will find acc char panels which will be useful while you are plvling till lvl 110 every 10 lvls you will get a reward gold more pages slots coins and silk items New Custom Teleports you can find it at baghdad oh yea we have Baghdad working with mobs lv 110 All new avatars pet uniques added New Npcs at Alex South for cool goods like new scrolls Uniques Titan Room you Can teleport to this Room From Hotan to kill...

Encore Network

new server Encore Network Cap 110 , D11 Pvp Game Full Set 20 100 - price 1 gold - Free Egy Weapons Plus 24 100 - price 1 gold - All Scroll For -- price 1 gold - New Avatar - price 1 gold - Everything For - price 1 gold - The server is just for fun

Ayleone Sro


XEON Online

- Free To Play - Play 2 Win - Free Silk - New Unique - New Areas - Vote System - New Special Trade Points Reward System - 247 Events - Cap 130 - Skills 130 - Skill Mastery EU 260 CH 390 - Degree 14 MAX Plus 1620ADV - Alchemy Rate 3x - No Limits - High Rates - FGW - CTF - Battle Arena - 4 Fortress War Towns, and more.

B.P. Moonlight 100 Cap Only CH BR Files PC Limit Server 23.02.2018 - 2000

Black Pearl Online Hakknda Black Pearl Online ilk kez 2011 senesinde Infinity isimli serveri ile alan ilk Trk Silkroad Online Private serverdir. Ald dnemde olduka beenilen server binlerce oyuncuya ksa srede ulap herkesin beenisini kazanp tarihte kendisine efsane olarak yer edinmitir. Server o zamann artlarndaki imkanszlklar, oyuna yaplan saldrlar ve oyun ekibindeki baz uyumazlklar nedeni byk zarar alp uzunca bir sre hizmet verdikten sonra sonlandrlmak durumunda kalnmtr. Bu durum Black Pearle gnl veren btn oyuncular derinden zp onlar yllarca bylesi kaliteli bir serverin bekleyii ve zlemi...

Obsidian Network D11 Long Term Play2Win

Obsidian Network Cap 110 Pve Play2win Multisystems coin system drop system trade system new system for magic pop new Forgetten world reward honor buff and more join and watch the real fun


100x Exp,Sp 20x Drop 110cap

IruneOnline 110 ChnEu JobBased 20.02.18

Special CHN DMG Buff Cap 110 - Mastery CHNEU 330220 - Max Plus 12-ADV14 CTF-Ba-Roc Gate enable 1 Irune per Hour Honor Buff Via Job ActivityPlay to win, Special Npc with Premiumimmortal buyable via Arena coins AC drop at Uniques

Crankroad Online

100 Cap Experiencerate 15x Party Experience rate 20x Gold 2,5x Drop 5x Quest 2x Traderate Custom Magic Pop Disable Alchemy 1.3x max 10 without Adv Elixir Active max 2


GameGame Silkroad Private Server oyun portal. 110, 100 ve 90 cap silkroad pvp server seenekleri ile kullanclarn hizmetinde. Sizde zaman kaybetmeden katln

R8SRO Arena - Reloded Relax Old School

The Silkroad Adventure, how they should be The SRO Arena Project offer the best of Old School gameplay. A game where you will be able to experience the real silkroad gameplay. Without real money to donate and have fun together.



Jan Sro Reborn

Website another Website Name Jan Sro Reborn Cap 110 DG 11 ---- Info ---- Start Lvl 110 Egy A Free Egy B For coins --- Bot Allowed Alchemy Working So-Ok Working Battle Arena Working Jop Working --- Game --- Titles For Coins Legend Honor Buf Full Honor Buff For Coins Extra Premium For Coins Extra GodBless For Coins Extra Avatars for Coins ---- Max Plus 15 no adv Adv 2 Only

Antique Online

Antique Online Cap 110 Server with very few edits Mastery EU220CH330 Good rates for leveling up alone or in a party No IP limits Hard alchemy Max plus 14with adv Nice starting pack Custom Uniques Large stacks of items Coin system for purchasing powerfull items Vote for silk and silk per hour system

Revive Online

Your Welcome ReviveSRO de nada Donate Silk GoodLuck httpswww.facebook.comgroupsReviveSilkroad Reward First 50 Players On NPC 1Gold FB And 12 100 Reward Global10 Revive Coin Premium Vip1 Gold New Flag Old Flag 1 Gold Old Avatar1 Gold New Avatar Revive Coin Devils 1 Gold New Title 1 Gold Thief Avatar Job Coin New Pet Revive Coin Damage303 Revive Coin Damage202 Revive Coin Scroll 10K HP And MP 1 Revive Coin Scroll 15k HP And MP 2 Revive Coin Adv Sheild3 Pro3 Acc3 Weapon51 Gold Max Plus 17 Weapons With Adv 5 Max Plus 15 Set And Acc With Adv 3 Battle ArenaWorking Match...

Hyperion Online

Hyperion Silkroad private server 120 CAP 120lv Skills New Auto Events 13d items 100x Exp 100x SP 10x Gold Vote for silks Coin System Special Upgrade system Active Job Custom items and more Join US