WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List

Dynamite server

Servidor blizzlike -Rate.XP.Kill = x30-Rate.XP.Quest = x50 , servidor español con Staff cualificada!

Area WoW Private Server

Area-Wow Community provides 2 servers, 1 server fun wotlk 3.3.5, 1 Cataclysm 4.3.4 pvp. We expect the Area-Wow Community to play with us.

Genesis-WoW Wotlk Low-Rate

Genesis WoW 3.3.5 Wotlk Low Rate Server. Teleporter - Tansmog - Starterpaket.


[3.3.5a][Level 90 Fun Server] [Level 80 Highrate Server] [Balanced PvP] [Custom Items, Quests and more] [Battleground, Arena working] [TeamSpeak]

InfernO WoW Instant 70

Stable uptime, low latency. All arenas and battlegrounds work. Full scripted raids & dungeons, spells & talents, PVP, arena. Custom NPCs, for example Barber, teleport. Masses of vendors.

WoW Forever

Patch 3.3.5, Fully scripted, 1x Rates Full blizzlike experience. Quality over quantity, 247 support, NOW HIRING, New community, Join us today


Servidor 4.3.4 cata,habla hispano con 2 reinos,uno blizzlike y otro instant 85,ven a conocernos!

Afterlife-WoW | Instant 80

Instant 80 | Playertreff | Startgold | PvP | S8 u. T10 Startgear | S9 Custom Gear | 2 Custom Spells für jede Klasse -> sorgfältig ausgewählt um die Balance nicht zu gefährden | Trinitycore

CoalCraft - 24/7 Blizzlike WOTLK (1000+)

Come play on CoalCraft, introducing our 24/7 new online blizzlike Wrath of the Lich King release.

Strong WoW

We are a instant level 255 server with 13000 custom items, quests, bosses, events, player any class on every race, and lots of other great custom systems. Come join

Cecret WoW 3.3.5a Unique Custom Funserver

Cecret WoW 335 Wotlk Custom Funserver--Lots of unique custom content only seen on Cecret WoW--Unique upgrade custom questline--Custom Quest Areas--Join now for a great experience

Twinstar Wow server

Wow Private Server // Cataclysm 4.3.4 xp Blizz // Wotlk 3.3.5a xp Blizz // 2.4.3 xp 0-12 // All pvp pve server // no lags // 3000 players minimum // profesional team // no bugs

Burning Blade - 3.3.5 Private Server 20x

335 Patch • Rate 20x • Full Scripted Istances • Dungeon Finder • Wintergrasp • Transfer From Any Server • PVP Every Day Arena Points • Hinor 3x • NO LAG!

WOW-X Blizzlike/Funserver Cataclysme 4.3.4 is a blizzlike/funserver. We have a 16gb of free memmory and a fiber optic connection so expect a low lag game play! We have a custome server shop and lots more. Join us today!

tranquilitywow 2x rate open beta progressive 3.3.5

Hey all. Us at project tranquility are requesting players to test our server after been in development for a few months now. What is project tranquility Project tranquillity is a 3.3.5 progressive server. This means that bc and wotlk content is currently locked and the other expansions will be opened as time passes. Dungeon finder is also disabled. This just sounds just like primal wow what makes project tranquility a viable option Me and many of the staff members used to play on primal and we werent happy with how they changed the code to give very high buffs to the bosses in raids....

1.12.1 WoW Old School Custom Vendors Anti-Cheat Instances Scripted

Rates Max Level 60 XpRate 50 Quest Xp 80 Drop 50 Legendary Drop 10 Money 35 Honor 20 Reputation 50 Craft 50 Server Features Anti-Cheat Anti-Spam Custom Vendors Dungeon Set 1 Dungeon Set 2 Instances Scripted New Characters starts with all flights unlocked


We are the best world of warcraf fun server... Just join us and be happy!!! We work 24/7 ...

Death WoW TBC 2.4.3

Blizzlike no custom stuff and other mess all was rebuilded from scratchMoney 5 XPKill 5 XPQuest 5 XPExplore 5 RestInGame 5 Honor 2 Also players can join UNIQUE battlegrounds to play 1vs1 :D

Justice WoW 2.4.3 Fun

2.4.3 TBC - Fun server - Custom Bosses/item's/Quest's - Durnhold Available, NPC Buffer, VIP6 Buff's Free, Starting with 5000-7000 Weapons, Aerolite Drop in Custom Instance, Friendly Staff, New server with a lot Of Things for you.

Fu nserver max level 255

fun max level 255 kamelan motfavet o jazab ba set itemhaye bahal no lag sar bezanid pashimon nakhahid shod ghol midam ,,,, lezat bazi ra dar kenare ma tajrobe konid.


No lags. New PvP location, transmogrification, arena spectator, teleport master. 2 profession available. Working resilience. Working geodata. Challenge. Fully working PvP/PvE content.


his evening Blizzard released the official patch notes for Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar. They're pretty much what one would expect after months of testing ... long, detailed, and they contain all the juicy details that made it into the patch's final version.


Full custom Sever custom raid custom boss custom item max level 255 More millions 400 hp

Noones WoW

Noones WoW - Level 150 Custom Funserver. - Custom Zones, Areas, Item, Quests etc. Full Custom Funserver


World Of Warcraft private server with a community vote style of moderation. Players vote on exp rates, events, and other misc. things. Find us on facebook at