Top 100 Silkroad Private Servers


Cap110 Race ChinsEurop...Pve Skill Mastery 110 Max Degree 11 Alchmey Rate Max Plus 15 With Adv Alchmey Rate Max Plus Item 15 With Adv ExpSP Rating 50x Party Exp SP Rating 60x Server Capacity 1500 Slots Free Silk 2 Silk per hour IP PC Limit 10 Nova Drop From Mobs 101 TO 110 Pet inventory Isro System Exchange Gold Limit 1 Billions Stall Gold Limit 100 Billions Server FilesvSro DDOS Protection Yes Website Protection Yes Backup Dedicated Yes Server Location England Advanced Elixirs B Available Devil Spirit Available 15 Sox Egy A Only Nova Isro System Fortress JanganHotanBandit Battle...


Warrior-Road PvP Server Cap 110 Degree 11 Mastery 440 System Coins Races Chinese and Euroupe Fortress Jangan Weekly Events Every Week At Friday Silk Free Silk information about NPC Warrior-Road Items Dg11 EGY Europe In Shop For 1 Gold Items Dg11 EGY Chinese In Shop For 1 Gold New Avtars For Gold Coin - Arena Coins New Pets in NPC For Gold Coins Only Mastrey Scrolls For 1 Gold Title Name Scrolls For Arena Coins - Gold Coins Model Switch Scrolls Europe Chinese VIP 20 - Flag 9 - Remove Blue Avatars - Rest Strength Scroll - Rest intellingence Scrolls - Devil S 10 In Shop For...


Cap120 Degre13 Skill120 Server files VSRO Race EUCH Exp 20x Exp Party 25x Item Drop 4x Gold drop 10x CTF Yes Battle Arena Yes Drop Arena Coin Mobs 108-109 DDoS Protected Yes

PandaFx Sro

Cap100 DG10 RaceEUCH Experience rate 5x Party Experience rate 10x Gold drop coeficent 5x Item drop coeficent 6x Job rate x120 System job FTW New Donwhang


Genesis Online is a brand new server which brings you the true old school experience that you always dreamt of. Its a gold based server with medium rates, cap 90, lots of fixes and balancing and no coin systems Take a look at our website for more information.

Froina Sro Cap110 D11 PVE Coins Job System

Froina Online Sro Cap 110 D11 Old School Job Based Protected Balanced Low Rates Auto Events Daily Events Arabian Uniques Job Temple Friendly GMs


dg11 Cap 110 System Coin Silk 1Silk 1h

Sapphire Cap 110 HideOut World Ghost Event Innovative game-play

INTRODUCTION. Sapphire is a brand new innovative game which is going to be featured shortly, We are going to offer you a game that we believe that it will raise the bar when it comes to extensive and engaging Silkroad gaming experience, In addition, it is providing the chance for you to put you into the shoes of a hero in a way you wont have experienced before, furthermore, we have spent a lot of time developing a server with a genuine uniques system and a lot of unprecedented systems in order to provide you some epic and unforgettable memories, Sapphire Online is undoubtedly creative,...


SRO THIEN AC Silkroad Online IP BOT PORT 15779 Alpha Test 18h - 1122018 Tham gia Alpha Test c qu cho open chnh thc ln ti 10k silk Chi tit xem Ti y H TR ALPHA TEST Lv 90 Set SOM D09 Full silk Full sp Full gold Trang ch Fanpage httpswww.facebook.comgroupssrothienacmap95refbookmarks Ti game Open chnh thc 18h 19022018 UA TOP NHN THNG Top 1 1.500.000 VND Nasrun2 Top 2 1.000.000 VND Nasrun 1 Top 3 800.000 VND Nasrun0 Top 4 - 10 1000 silk UA TOP JOB CNG C THNG Top 1 2.000 silk Top 2 1.500 silk Top 3 1.000 silk Mi chi tit xin ib Facebook...

hyperion Online

Server Info Cap 100 Degree 10 EXPSP 50x PT Exp 65x GoldDrop 90x Race CH ONLY Start GoldSP Yes Vote System Soon Tradegoods Disabled Magic-Pop Enabled Alchemy Rate 15x Max Weap Opt. 12 with Adv. Max Set Opt. 12 with Adv. Max Accs Opt. 12 with Adv.

Ruby Reborn 100 Cap CH Revolutionary Huge Competition No Limits OBT 5.1

On our last project, we decided to change our brand name as the server would be a different cap and with a completely different structure. However, this time as we are going for 100 cap we prefer to use our first brand name which is Ruby. Of course, this doesnt mean we recycled our old project. Instead, we started from scratch and when I say from scratch I mean from scratch from designs to the database to advertising campaign all start from 0 Because thats the only way you will offer something new. Another way you will get lazy and be like thats already good no need to touch it. To deserve...

SeaSon-Online Cap120 PVP System Coin

Server Cape 120. Coin Silk System . Play to win server. Silk Per hour

Relevation Online A Passage To The Future

Cap 115 Degree 12 Mixed Rates Old School Job Based FGW Silk per hour Auto Equipment Balance Bug Free

Scenrio online

Grand Opening 11.3.2018 basic information Cap 110. Race Balanced ChineseEuropean. Mastery 360CH 220EU. Scenario Main Town Alexandria. Max Plus 12. PC Limit 10. Guild 25 Union Limits 8. Available Fortress Jangan Only. Info Rate. Exp Rate x50. Party Exp Rate x60. Skill Point Rate x50. Gold Rate x1. Alchemy Rate Around x1. Start Items. 50x Reverse Return Scrolls. 10 Tiger Scrolls. 500 HPMP. cher have Good Item D1 to D9

Ate Online 100 cap kolay emek Server

100cap kolay emek server Ate online 15.01.2018


SroCosmos Cap 130 OnlineOfficiall En Este Nuevo Update Que Esperas Para Jugarlo Ven y Jugar Con Nosotros Cap 130 Race CH and EU Masteries 390


VeTo Silkroad private server New System New Date 140 CAP 140lv Skills New System Events 15d items 100x Exp 100x SP 10x Gold Vote for silks Coin System Special Upgrade system Active Job Custom items and more Join US

Vehalla Sro D11

Hello guys .. Are you remember Vehalla-Online its back again . D11 PVP Cap110 No Alchemy system coins Free silk grand opening 18.06.2018

Satan Online

Cap 110 Degree 11 Race chinese and europe Mastery 330 fortress hotan only Magic-Pop Enabled Max-Plus 20 Capture Flag Event Enabled Battle-Arena Enabled

Alekim-SRO D15 New Skills Vote4Silk


Apis Online

80 cap ch server Free Slk Start Time 08 march Al 8 mart 2000da

Magician Online

Cap130 Degree 14 PVE CH-EU Mastery 390-260 Coin System Job System Free2Play No Ip Limit New avatars New Weapons New titles Free bot Jangan FW Silkh Grand Opening 15-5-2018


SpySRO l ROME l 100CAP l CH l Coin System l Auto Events l Daily Silk Rewards

BronzeSro - The Pedigree Of Perfection Cap 110 New School Balanced Long Term

Hello guys to Bonze Sro Online if you are searching for play2win server then you are at the right place After you login to our website you will find acc char panels which will be useful while you are plvling till lvl 110 every 10 lvls you will get a reward gold more pages slots coins and silk items New Custom Teleports you can find it at baghdad oh yea we have Baghdad working with mobs lv 110 All new avatars pet uniques added New Npcs at Alex South for cool goods like new scrolls Uniques Titan Room you Can teleport to this Room From Hotan to kill...