WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List

OFFICIAL getMaNGOS | Classic, TBC, Wrath

OFFICIAL Blizzlike Mangos servers provided by on behalf of the getMaNGOS project! Experience expansions with our own in-house migration system Supported by

Darkiron Mist of Pandaria 5.4.8

Mist of Pandaria 5.4.8 4X with normal ~ Drop rate 7X, Join us now

* Undying WoW - Vengeance of Egorius *

* Instant 80 335a PvE/RP/PvP Realm * Fully Custom Map * Custom Lore & Story Line * World PvP Questing Areas * Custom Cinematics * Legion Artifact Transmogrification & Druid Forms * Over 300+ Custom Mounts * No Overpowered Items * No Custom Items * Vanity Upgrades *

Beta - Illuminated - 4.3.4 - Blizzlike - Funserver

Castle Lightwolf Open Beta 100 Blizzlike. Server is in Beta and we are actively repairing and working on improving the 100 blizzlike experience. Currently the server needs extensive testing. We will be releasing a bug tracker to help track bug progress soon. Proudpine Outpost Open Beta Instant 85 Free-for-all Funserver - Custom World PvP System - 17 Custom Daily quest in a fully scaled zone. Quest descriptions in progress - Custom Scripted Battle for Halaa world PvP zone - 5 World Bosses and 3 more in development. - Fully Custom Scripted bosses coming soon - Completely...

Inception WoW 20 Twink - 3.3.5 - BETA

[3.3.5a] [WOTLK] [Battlegrounds and Arenas] [Stable Dedi] [Never before seen Mall] [Excellent Staff] [Balanced Gear] [High Up time] [Custom Quests] [Friendly Community] What are YOU waiting for?

Eternyum 3.3.5a Progressive

PvP PvE Pathfinding vMaps High uptime Experience lag-free gameplay Active team of developers BGs working Arenas working Talents working Scripted instances Join Us

World of Sickly Dread

Blizzlike and fun private server for WOTLK. Get Lich King gear and other free mounts. New races and gear.


Latest Patch 71023222, 3x rates, 10 gold start, Up-To-Date Development, Demon Hunters working, Cross Faction gameplay 335a Fun Haste Server

[Fun Haste Server 335a][Wrath of the lich King][TONS of Custom Items][Amazing Custom and scripted Instances][Balanced Classes][Custom Quests][Custom Mall][Working BattleGrounds and Arenas]

Perfect WoW

Perfect WoW O Melhor Servidor Brasileiro Privado - World of Warcraft - Lich King 335


Simp Cabal ep 10 Welcome to SIMP Cabal currently running on ep 10 , server dedicated to gamers from all around the world with great connectivity for Asia and USA and also good connectivity for Europe and other regions. The server rates are :Exp rate : 300x Skill xp : 500x SP : 500x Wexp : 5x AXP :25xPet Exp : 20x Drop rate : 30x + 3 DROPS PER MOB The server is running on full ep8 files and also has the new ep9 and 10 features added as well : 1. Fully working new armor sets and weapons and accesories from ep10 , named Acredinium ( dropable on Arcane Golem Boss with 14% amp...

OblivionWoW • LVL255 • TRANSMOG • 3.3.5a

[LEVEL 255 REALM][ALL RACECLASS][MILLION HP GEAR/DMG][MALL][Halaa working][TRANSMOGRIFICATION][Balanced PVP][We pay you with vote points for playing][Battlegrounds,arena working][Scripted instances][Custom Items,Quests][Friendly GMs/Community][TeamSpeak][Best quality]


Servidor de WoW Argentina 3.3.5a. Exp: x2, Reclutar: x4. Max level 100. Servidor de buena calidad 24/7.

Vanilla Exuberance

Patch 1.12 server featuring 2 realms. Bloodhoof at 20x rates and Grim Batol at 1x rates Fresh server No-lag 247 management 1Gbps connection DDoS Protection Professinal team 20x 1x Blizzlike Progressive Vote rewards

243 Vanilla Realm

Client required: patch 2.4.3 set realmlist to: Server Information Vanilla 2.4.3 is a recreation of vanilla content using the 2.4.3 client. There is no donation/vote point system and never will be, no pay to win! Outlands/Dark Portal Blocked off Permanently. 1x Experience, Level from 1 to 60. All dungeons fully scripted. Trash + bosses correct spells/abilities. placement + linking + all events working for all dungeons. Overall Difficulty has been increased due to BC talents. Dedicated developers, If you find a broken quest for example, we will fix it. Raid...

UltimoWoW - Migraciones activas - PvP & PvE 100%

Servidor de Hispano 100% Blizzlike - Versión: 3.3.5a - Sistema de migraciones (Clonacion y transferencia de personajes) - Sistema de compra de items con votaciones - Instances 100% Blizzlike - Arenas y BG\'s 100% Blizzlike - Equipo de programadores profesionales.

Lost In Time 3.3.5a Fun Fast Leveling Server

Lost In Time 3.3.5a Fun Fast Leveling Server Fast XP. Custom Vendors, Teleporters, NPCs Items. Scripted Instances Raids With Random BGs Working. Goldshire Spawn For All Factions - Alliance And Horde Combined. Custom Commands So much more content Please Note That We Are Still New Once You Have Created An Account It May Take Up To 5 Minutes To Activate. Realm List Should Be Set To.... Join us on discord for more information Discord.gg65ykGqs

VarguNetwork Gaming

Instance 80 Fun Realm - Start with Wrathfull Set - Heroic Item Sell With Honor - PvP Titles Enabled - Global Trainer Enabled - 1v1 Event - Boss Event Enabled - 3.3.5a wotLK

Hailstorm Gaming Network

Hailstorm Gaming Network [HGN] 3 Realms with 99% up time and No Lag. We offer: Live Support, Scripted Content, Vote Shop, Dungeon Finder, Professional Staff, Amazing Community, and much more. Join us today!

World of Warcraft: Runescape Edition

Accurate recreation of Runescape in Wow • Modified as well as New Professions • New Spell Learning System: Book of Knowledge • Complete Leveling Experience from 1-120 • Action-Reaction System • Devastate other players in the Wilderness • New Playable Race: Goblins

LineBr - Lich King, Cataclysm - L2

LineBr - Os Melhores Servidores Brasileiros Privados - World of Warcraft - Lich King (3.3.5a) e Cataclysm (4.3.4) - Lineage II (High Five). Entre e confira!

ReforgeCraft ClassLess

Enjoy unique ClassLess WOTLK experience as you create any race class combination for base and then build on it using spells and talents from any class and whatever stats u choose. There are 2 Diff realms and custom commands, you can do any factions quests

The Storm Tide

WOW Patch 3.3.5a Deutsch Community Teamspeak Support EP-Raten 2x Stabieler Server,Keine Lags,24/7 Online Blizzlike Zurzeit in Beta Leveling bis 80 Erfahrene Admins, GameMaster

Valhalla - Legion

Welcome to Valhalla, the first and best private World of Warcraft Legion server Blizzlike Legion - Flex rates - PvE PvP - No pay to win - Fully working Demon Hunter starting zone - Class halls - Artifact system - Dynamic leveling - Weekly fixes


AzerothWoW WoTLK Max Level 80Blizzlike Exp 40x, Gold 10x, Drops 10x-40x, Rep 10x, Honor 10x arena x10Blizzlike ScriptsFREE HeirloomsFree lvl 80 armor247 OnlineNo-LagAnti-DDoSFresh RealmFriendly CommunityJoin Now