WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List

REVENGE - WOW 4.3.4 server

Revenge -WoW .DUNGEON FINDER WORKING 100% and RATETED BATTLEGROUNDS : Server rates - Kil xp 50 - Questxp - 50 - Honor xp =50 - Skills chance-10 and more JOIN NOW Set Reamlist

Ancient Azeroth

Brand NEW and the best progressive WoW Server. Experience the Vanilla, TBC, and WOTLK experience all in ONE Server! Blizzlike-raids. Customizable Rates. All level 60+ content converted to level 80. Active Developers. The battle has just begun...

A.M Team WoW 3.3.5a

Brand New server 3.3.5a Blizzlike 2x rates - Arenas and seasons enabled - Quest 98% scripted [Vote point rewards]

Zolex-WoW Private Server

New Run Server Is Fix Very Good Come And Playing Start Server On:2013/6/10


Private server 3.3.5 2 realm's open non-stop is looking for players and staff

Sword of Souls (3.3.5a)

Welcome to OTS Sword of Souls - the new generation wotlk progress server! Sword of Souls is a new made Wotlk Server with the main goal to offer you gradual blizzlike content release, along with custom improvements for better gameplay. Join us now and fight along with other people for the realm first raid titles or the gladiator titles!!! Xp: 1-20x [free to choose] Honour: 3x Reputation: 3x Profession: 6x Drop: 2x [Rare/Epic Drop 1x] Gold: 1x We wont offer you Pandas and pet fights, but we got some innovations which you are gonna like for sure! Also you cant donate BiS gear, as...

FreeDom-wow 1.12.1

100% free to play wow private server ! with 2 realms pve & pvp 5X exp rate come join us !

The Storm Tide

WOW Patch 3.3.5a Deutsch Community Teamspeak Support EP-Raten 2x Stabieler Server,Keine Lags,24/7 Online Blizzlike Zurzeit in Beta Leveling bis 80 Erfahrene Admins, GameMaster

Project Crucible

Crucible Wow is a private PvE Wrath of the Lich King server. We play to have fun. 10x leveling XP 10x gold drop 2x talent points 10x reputation Have up to 10 professions, 10 x Prof leveling Custom quests

WOW Play

WOW - Play is a World Of Warcraft private server of version 3.5.5a hosted in Nepal. You can join the game by registering in the site. The voting system is also available for you to earn rewards from store that is not obtainable in game but can be obtainable from Cards games in expansion Warth Of the Lich King like in Blizzlike Servers.

Hailstorm WoW

Hailstormwow is a non-profit server that will only give as a thank you for donations some unique mounts and visual goods.

Venoxis-Gaming 3.3.5a PvP | PvE Instant 80 High

PvP/PvE directed with custom contents and Custom boss fights, instances and VIP-system are just a few of the features. We can promise you content and game-play experience that You've never seen before. We're working to make all classes balanced. No classes are more Overpowered than the other. Provide Safe WoW Gold EU/US Online

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World of Sickly Dread

Blizzlike and fun private server for WOTLK. Get Lich King gear and other free mounts. New races and gear.


Earth-WoW, Blizzlike x7 PvP Tournament server with all expansions, experience world of warcraft once more, transfer characters from classic - tbc - wotlk - cata - mop - wod - legion.

Equniox WoW

Patch 3.3.5| Instant Level 70| 71 Talent| Custom Quest, Scripts | Cross Faction Battleground. Come on!!

Area WoW Private Server

Area-Wow Community provides 2 servers, 1 server fun wotlk 3.3.5, 1 Cataclysm 4.3.4 pvp. We expect the Area-Wow Community to play with us.

Winterlore - WOTLK 3.3.5a Blizz-Like

Free to play | X2 xp and rep | Very fast servers | Friendly players | Ingame GM's | Trinity Core powered | PvP Realms | Dedicated staff


[3.3.5a][Level 90 Fun Server] [Level 80 Highrate Server] [Balanced PvP] [Custom Items, Quests and more] [Battleground, Arena working] [TeamSpeak]

Afterlife-WoW | Instant 80

Instant 80 | Playertreff | Startgold | PvP | S8 u. T10 Startgear | S9 Custom Gear | 2 Custom Spells für jede Klasse -> sorgfältig ausgewählt um die Balance nicht zu gefährden | Trinitycore

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MMOReactor - WoW Emulation Forum

This is a mainly a WoW Emulation Forum, and Graphic forum however we have offtopic chats as well. You can advertise your WoW Private Server, recruit staff, ask for help, discuss graphic design, offtopic here! Make sure to check out the forum and learn more about it.

ImmortalCore Mist of Pandaria

Server ImmortalCore Mist of Pandaria ! Growing community, no lags, Highrates 12x. Weekly/Daily Events, Best GM assistance ! More stuffs. Shopping mall. Friendly staffs. Working PvP or PvE ! Just join and be a part of growing community !


Hello, We're an upcoming Blizzlike WoW with an honest donating system that doesn't give donators an unusual advantage. We're a friendly and helpful crew, and want everyone on our server to have as much fun with the game as possible. So, welcome to ÆsirWoW and thanks for choosing our server!

EpicIT WoW

EpicIT Brings you the classic WoW 3.3.5 Experience 1000Mb/s, 24/7 No Lag Beta Tests Now Open Rewards for Beta Testers! As an added bonus to all Beta Testers, You will receive the following: 1. 1 set of Heirloom Gear (Sholders,Chest, Weapon, 1 Trinket) for 1 class of your choice to help you level. Please speak to a GM (Make a Ticket) and when a GM is online and available you will be either mailed the items or have them placed in your inventory! 2. RaF Swift Zhevra,and X-53 Touring Rocket At the end of the Beta Period The Rocket Will Be Given BlizzLike but 1.5x Exp + Gold...