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Info Coming, In Alpha


Exillum.Net Mu Online S3E1 server. Server is trully MID Rates 250x , 15-30 drop, Fully balanced from base till battles. Stable dedicated server for Long term server

PVP Knights Perfect World

Latest ContentOriginal SettingsHigh RatesVIPHOMESTEADPlay To WinR8-R8r3R9-R9r4 Gear SetsRetail GameplayFast GearingFast LvlingCustom EventsFresh TW MapsCross Server TWFree Premium Starter Pack

Server International, low latency, hosted in Brazil, two realms, crusader and sparta, promotion instant 30 100gp rate 30x, for new players on crusader and blizzlike 1x for in the sparta realm players, come play with us no matter where you come from, all nacionalities are welcome.

Asteria X

Active Community - Perfect Gambling - Friendly Staff - Tank Boss - Flower Poker - Pristiege options - Boss Pets - Castle Wars - Upgradeable Items - Clue Scrolls - GE


GWK ouvre son univers aux conqurants Construirez votre empire, crer votre alliance, rivaliser contre vos ennemis et devenez lempereur de lunivers

LongRoad Cap 90 Sox drop system Only China Silks for Hour

GRAND OPENED 10 AUGUST 2018 Cap 90 Only China Exp and Skill Points x15 Party Exp x20 Drop rate x10 Gold Rate 5x Sox drop system Silks for Hour I Old School





Project-KO Light Farm PVP New Server Cyber

Active old style Knight Online server. Light FarmPVP server with lvl cap 72. International Community. Players from all the world. Events like BDW, Boss Land, War, Juraid, FT and more Join us now and have fun


hello all Jupiet Online NOw Info The Server Pve d10 Cap 100 Max Skils 100

Clash Of Pirates

Clash Of Pirates is a fully 3D designed multiplayer online game based on Tales Of Pirates contents by focusing the gameplay to PK Player Killing only.


Join a new fresh 831 Runescape private server and play with your friends. Friendly staff and community.

Playworld3 Aion 3.9

All Free, No Payshop Full 3.9 Support. Rates 5x EP, 5x Group-EP, 3x Quest-EP, 3x Gather-EP, 3x Crafting-EP, 3x Quest-Kinah, 3x Quest-AP, 8x Drop, 2x PVP-AP, 2x PVE-AP, 2x Arena-Reward, 2x Dredgion-Rewar. Instance-Rewards Coins for killing Bosses, Full Working Housing and Pet

Welcome to RegalMu

Server Status Release Rate x100 EXP Dynamic Client Completition 100 Server 100 Language soon Opening Server 4 August

Ulthium Custom Custom Combat 20 Bosses

Welcome to Ulthium, the 1 custom runescape server. We feature 20 bosses, 20 minigames, boss pets. All our skills work, including construction, dungeneering and more. Weve even taken the liberty of adding new zones for you, custom skilling zones and pvm zones. Weve also extended the end game, featuring prestige tier based gear. With extra HP. Weve got the fast paced, balanced combat with just the right amount of scaling to seperate us from the rest of the Runescape Private Servers. We just arent shy on trying something new. Featuring active, helpful members. With a FANTASTIC devolpment...

This is new, simple and unquine survival Minecraft server inspired by RuneScape and ther games. Running on latest version 1.13.1 You will find more information and voting sites here httpsminecraftlist.orgserver10817

Galactic Shaiya

Episode 5.4 Max Level 70 EXP Rate x300x400 Weekends KILL Rate x2 3PvP Areas 15, 30 and 70 Enchant Max Enchant is 20 Linking Rate Max Linking Chance is 50. Lapis Max Lapis Lv7, Elemental Lapis Lv2, Flash and Sonic Lapis Lv2, No Debuff Lapis Toxin only

L2 Blood Of Fire

Welcome to L2 Blood Of FireBienvenido a L2 Blood Of Fire. Server Rates. Rates Experiencia EXP x100 Skill Points SP x100 Adena x100 Party x5 Weight Limit x10 Enchant Rates. Enchants Safe Enchant 4 Max. Enchant 16 Max. Enchant Crystal 20 Normal Scroll chance 66 Blessed Scroll chance 85 Crystal Scroll chance 16 to 20 100 Unique Freatures. Buffs Buffs Slots 324 Buffs Time of NPC Buffer 2h Raid Boss Bosses level 80 Grand Bosses Customs Zones BOSS STATUS Augments Non Grade Skill Chance 3 Mid Grade Skill Chance 5 HighGrade Skill...

Schizo Ran Online EP7

Server Features 4 Class 210 Max Level 167 Last Skill Sync based Hunt,Quest Party Leveling NO FD SETWEAPON Max Upgrade InGame 10 Quest Based 247 Dedicated Server Official Tyranny System Combo Based Pots Based Hunt Based Market System Item Link Enabled Character View Enabled Character Item View Classic Interface Success Rate All Original Based from Ran PH Freebies Automatically upon character creation


MORE FUTURED IN PLUS SECTION 2000 GOLD BONUS WHEN YOU REGISTER TO OUR SERVER daily bonus 100 goldafter0000 the midlnight send messege to multihander for yoour registaration bonus counter time for you now when artifucts,nattars,building plans,released to the game COME AND PLAY NOW THE BEST T3.6 SERVER EVER THANKS SHADOW FOR THIS SERVER YOU ARE THE BEST

Ex Ran Classic

This server is 4 class, low to mid rate gameplay, hunt and upgrade your own and a lot more. Come and join with us

Heroes Ragnarok Online

255120 High Rate Server Pre-Renewal Transcendent Class Frost Server Ready PVP Freebies 3K XP Rate Modified MVP Cards Farmable Donates Easy to do Quest WoEKoE Automated GM Events and many more


Simplicity is a D11 Server with simple yet interesting features epvp topic httpswww.elitepvpers.comforumsro-pserver-advertising4501431-simplicity-11d-eu-chn-new-jobbing-grand-opening-13-07-18-a.html

Salve-PS Pure OSRS Raids All Pets

Salve-PS is a brand new rework of the previous-existing version. Salve-PS is a unique and authentic RSPS offering a perfect OSRS experience, with OSRS content, Raids, Inferno, OSRS graphics, All bosses, All Pets, Achievement Diaries, Miscellania, Max Cape, All IRONMAN Modes, Motherlode mine, Rooftops, Perfect OSRS Slayer, a world filled with NPCs and Shops, Hiscores, No custom items and monsters, active community, weekly updates, and much more