WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List

3.3.5a RaidingLeveling Server - 10x rates

10x Rate Leveling Raiding server All dungeons and raids working 10 starting gold all flight paths unlocked no flight time instant FPs increased movement speed 1.65x cross-faction play enabled download client from warmane.comdownload set realmlist Welcome home champion.


Un Servidor Privado con una ideologa diferente, otro punto de vista, en el cual nos sumergimos en un mundo tanto PvE como PvP para que siempre tengas algo que hacer y disfrutes cada segundo que pasas en nuestra comunidad divirtindote, tenemos muchas cosas implementadas para hacer de esto, algo nico, te esperamos.

Genesis-WoW Wotlk Low-Rate

Genesis WoW 3.3.5 Wotlk Low Rate Server. Teleporter - Tansmog - Starterpaket.

EMPIRE 3.3.5a • CZ/EN Server

3.3.5a Patch • Quest Fixed • Blizzlike Realm 7x • Arena Spectator • Solo Queue 2v2 & 3v3 • Anti-Cheat system • All Arenas / Battlegrounds are Working | All Raids / Dungeons are Open and Working • Gunship fully working • Dungeon Finder • Wintergrasp • TRANSFER From Any Server Join us and get a free mount + leveling heirlooms!

Soul Keepers - World of Warcraft free server

5.4.8 - 3.3.5 Patch - Blizzlike - Fully Scripted BGs, Dungeons and Raids - SoloQueue arena system - Dungeon Finder - Fully scripted leveling zones - DungeonsRaids all working Blizzlike - Biggest italian server


- Custom Patch- - Level 255 - - Over 100M HP - - World chat - - Teleporter - - pocket Teleporter - - VIP system - - VIP Commands - - Starters gear - - Upgrade able gear sets - - Custom instances - - Over 15000 custom items - - Over 1000 custom quests - -

Nostralia - Australian Vanilla

Sydney Hosted - Blizzlike 1.12.1 PvE Server Fun friendly community with progression focus.

DevWow WOTLK + Vanilla - Custom Content

A fresh WoW server looking for plays to come forth and explore our soon to come custom content. Us at DevWow have individually mapped and planned different ideas to entertain the average gamer and we've put those to good use. We have dedicated staff who strive to help and our server is on dedicated hosting and we will be up 24/7

Ascension-WoW - Afterlife 3.3.5a PVE|PVP

[Instant 80 PVE/PVP Realm] [Custom GM Realm, Balanced Commands/Spells/Controlls] [New server with unique Ideas, with experienced staff from servers that brought you WoW-Pwnage, Dispersion, Zypher, We bring you, Ascension] [Client version 3.3.5a] [Customly Core by ex trinitycore devs]

4.3.4 Ravencrest i85 Tournament PvP x1 Blizzlike Progressive

Anathema - i85 PvP Invitational Tournaments Duel Zones Cross-Faction BGs Benediction - x1 Progressive Blizzlike No custom No cash shop Friendly Staff

DarkDream GigaFun

GigaFun server 80 level. Custom items, mounts... Open 6 dungeon pve. Pve sets and Pvp sets, World boss, Daily quest. Speak Slovak and Czech.

WoW Indonesia

New Private Server From indonesia


Chinese Blizzlike WotLK Server

Project Solace

All Class Campaigns Loremaster WorldEmissary Quests Fully Working Artifact Weapons Mythic Raiding Working World Legendary Drops Bonus Events Working Class Order Halls Bonus Objectives WorldPvP Scaling. Join The Revolution Today.


Ent wow 3.3.5 instant 85 Hard core farming ,server is haste cap , custom items ,dungeons ,instances, custom quests , PVP,PVE / we are looking for developers/ gm's