Top 100 Conquer Online Private Servers


Drop 1000 cps 7 king Wars One Hit - BlackName - ChampionRace - RedName - DeadWorld - Revenger - LifePk - BigBoss - GentelWar - Crazy War ButchersWar- Class pola War O - DailyPK Prize 500.000 CPS O - Ms Conquer Host Prize 500.000 CPs 4- Cross Flag Ctf Area- kingdom- unique War 500.000 CPs- SkullVsNinja- Top Supous- Arena Power-Team Pkmanger- Elite guild war- Last man- Captuer The flag -Guild War -Super Guild War - Clan war - MrMsConquer - LastTeam -TopSpouse . BigMonster

TroyOnline[5966][NEW SERVER][Epic Ninja]

[v5966][New Epic Ninja And New Spell][High Drop cps][JiangHu System][System SkillSoul][TeamPK][SkillTeamPK][System House][Full System Flower][Lv140 Max][ChiSystem][Guild Arsenal][CouplesPK][Sub Class][No Lag][TreasureBox][ElitePK][capture the flag][Cross Server]

Conquer Domyat | Arabic & English

Euro VPS , Muilti lang Arabic English - Epic Ninja - Epic Trojan - Horse New weapons - NEW Maps - Clan - 5 Citys Guild wars - Many PK Monster Hunt Quests [U Must Join]

CreativeKonquer - Just imagine

CreativeKonquerVR5095Drop Cps 5,000SmallGuildWarFree Stfus 9And 2 RebornArena Hits Arena PvPTops 12 HoursAnd Topat xx5 xx15 xx30 xx40 xx50Afk Paddle 100 CpsDuel Zone New Styles - Online 247Fixed AttackKing System


New Server with New Warrior . WindLord..Chi and Jianghu Full System Drop 10k CPS...Events Every 5 Mins with New TOPS and 5m Cps Buy P7 souls From Tc or From Big Monsters. Elite Pk Team Pk Guild War Everything Working 100


Free Gears Free Cup Free LVL SMALL GW Every Day Max Top Every Time Big Monster Every TimeDuel Zone Zone 2 Hit


el mejor conquer 2015 juegalo ya y aprovecha que no hay mucha gente para ser el mejor del juego

Endless-CO - Endless War is here

[LastVersion]High drop CPs - No Lag - English Community - No bots - JiangHu - SkillSoul - EpicWeapons - SkillTeam - TeamPk - SubClass - 140 Max Level - 3DMaps - New Lottery - Balanced Attack - CTF - FlowerSystem - No Bugs - Give us a try


Server latino , todas las clases disponibles , sistema de chi y jiang hu funcionales , muchos eventos pk , drop de cps 10k , carrera de caballos y mas , es con HAMACHI

Element v2 - innovation in mind

[Version 5839][New Maps][Jiang Hu][Skill souls][Perfect Chi][Assassins][Reincarnation][Sub-Classes][Flowers][Constantly updated][Competent and considerate owners][Nearly bug free][EU Host][Join and feel the difference]

Conquer online private server

Nitro-Co is a new server,vps hosted,english speaking server,no lag,chi and jiang-hu fixed,easy to level,max level 140,new mobs been added,in game features are p6,p7,p8 dragon souls,plenty of events,come join us :P

Conquer Br - Slz 5095 Online


OverConquer Classic 1.0

ClassicPk / PkTournament / No ninja / +12 Plus / Exp Balanced / Max Level 135 / In ShopMall / Events Diarios / Server Classico 100%

PlayConquer - Conquer Online Private Server

The first and only server to fully implement ALL Conquer features (5967). We have Chi, Jiang Hu, Epic Weapons, CTF, Poker, Roullette, Sea of Death, Quiz, Offline TG, Flower Rankings, New Forging Interface, etc! All monsters have a chance to drop 5 CPs and ExpBalls. 2x EXP rate compared to CO.


This is a new server. Here are some of our features: [Elite PK] [Class PK] [New Mounts] [New Garmets] [100 cp drop] [Level Medium] [Arena] [Nice staff] [Vps hosted] [Online 24/7] [Pirates] [Monks] [Ninjas] [No Assassin]

Unstable CO | Old School 5065 Server

NO Ninja/Monk/Pirate/DWar - 5065 Patch - 130 Max - 2nd Reborn - High Performance US Server - Play to Win - Classic Style - Grind Hard

New Age Conquer online

New Age Conquer online server with Client Version 5065, Server type Leveling Server, Rates Exp - high, Drop - 5000k Cps, Max LvL 137, Classic CO Style GamePlay, max reborn 3, Constantly updated, No lagging, Dedicated Team. Join now

Alfro Online V5990

NUEVO SERVIDOR Alfro-Online A qu espera para unirse a este gran servidor V5990 Servidor super bueno Alfro-Online Proteccin completa Creado recientemente Muy pronto dominio completo para el servidor. Servidor Difcil Drop 2 CPs Versin 5990 Servidor con protecion Creador Alfro Enlace del juego


5095Free 12 Gears Max Lvl 137 Max 12 1k Cps Drop Ape Bird Twin Phoenix Desert Guild Wars Elite Pk MoreEvents DisCity CouplesPK PkTournament ClassPkEnvoy Weakly Pk War MonthlyPkWar DropEvent Join Us Now


USA host, Classic Type Conquer. There are [NO CPS, ninja, pirate, monk, lottery, shopping mall, fans, mounts, towers]. We Do have 1 Reborn ATM, High level is 130 ATM, +9 max, Custom Quests, Events, Guild wars, Daily PK Tourny, English Speaking Server, Free 2X exp until 70, Much more to come.

Apex Conquer

[Patch 5017] [First + Second Rebirth] [Max +9] [Max Level 137] [Hourly PVP Events]


US HostedMedium Rate Leveling ServerClassic Conquer Style with Tons of Custom Content, Features, Quests and skillsNo TalismansNo BPNo Pirate, Monk, etc9 Max2nd RB 137 MaxSeveral PvP EventsAuto Meteor SpammerEquip GamblerFast and Stable HostActive GMServer Opened May 2015

Flare Conquer, Released 16th July

starter pack for newbie players ,Weekly updates ,PVEPVP custom events, all classes available,professionally developed according to the players needs, active customer service 247 ,players Join now and enjoy, give us a try

Dark Conquer

Version 5095Online 247Level137 MaxNew EventsEasty Level MapHourly Drop CPs EventSnowBansheeMedium Guild War Arena Room CpsDuel ZoneNew StylesNew GarmentsAccessoriesMonsterQuestEvry 30 Minets Online Get 50K Cps

Dexter Gaming is a private server client 5095

Dexter Gaming is a private server client 5095 Trojan , Archer , Water , Worrier , Fire Last level 137 Last 12 Last reborn 2 Drop 100 CPS , 8 to 9 Pm Drop 500 CPS Every Day Europe Hosting Private Domain All Time Support