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Hot Perfect World

Version 1.5.1, PVE + PVP, Vote for Gold, Two reawakenings, Celestial Demon/Sage at character creation, Mirage Sky X at character creation, 1.5.1 and Morai skills, Interesting farm

Perfect World Storm

Perfect World Storm is a 153 server - Server timezone is USA - EXP and SP rate is x500 - Fast Leveling - Same gender marriage available - Plenty of events - Custom gear - titles - fashion - pets - genies plus much more - PwStorm Devs have 5 years of PW development and 10 years worth of PW gameplay

Perfect World 1.3.6 - Nitro

--Server Dusk, Inicia level 1, kit iniciante com Set full 4 slot, pronto para PVP, LvL Max 150 EXP 100 SP 50 Drop50 Gold 30 -Servidores Totalmente Full PVP , Venha Jogar Perfect World 1.3.6 Nitro

Perfect World Twilight International

Perfect World Private Server 100 Percent Free to Play, Find your adventures with your friends at Perfect World Twilight. Perfect World 1.5.3 Server hosted on dedicated machine. 99 no lag 99 No Downtimes Rates XP Using Custom Mobs Drop 20x Sp Using Custom Mobs Money Using Custum Mobs New Races New Quests Double rates every weekend Clean MID XP play.

In-Game Perfect World

Perfect World 1.5.4 Server hosted on dedicated machine. No lag No Downtimes Rates XP 5x Drop 2x Sp 3x Money 7x New Races New Quests Clean low XP play.