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KE Knight Online

V2 Server, LUNAR WAR,BDW,CHAOS,JURAID,DEATH MATCH,PARTY BATTLE. Start with chitin Chitin8,Weapons8,Jewelry1,Free Cospre. lvl 83 worms. exchange special items for KnightCash in moradon. max. chitin shell, weapons bifrost and personal


HEPKO Myko opening at 07-04-2017 2000 TR Come to Join Us Old Skin and New Quest System with max level 62, Regular Weekly Special wars, Daily Two BDW, Two FT and Two DM events, Ice Zone events, Caos Zone, Lastman, Collection Race, Stay online and earn NP, Special AntiCheat, great PK Join us

MaxACS | CastilloGaming 24xx Myko Server Estergon Open on 31 Mayıs 2019 at 21:00

Satisfaction of myko with version 24xx; Simplified level up system , gold bar is important and making items taking time.

Lost Map Online

As a team of Lostmap, weare follower of 19xx PvP servers. We are aware of the opening and closing servers that make players getting tired. In general, the purpose of the players, spending time with a good quality servers and savvy management team. We will meet the expectations of you as Lostmap Team. We will always do our best for a long-term game. We welcome you to our team next to us from you in return for all efforts.

CypherKO v1299 MYKO Server

Global MYKO is most awaited v.1299 server that been developed for a long time.

PiaKO - Homeko Server -17.02.2019.23:00

SERVER İNİ AYARLARI [Server] Count=1 IP0= [Version] Files=1299




Active old style Knight Online server. Light FarmPVP server with lvl cap 72. International Community. Players from all the world. Events like BDW, Boss Land, War, Juraid, FT and more Join us now and have fun

Best original version real MYKO is come back

As you know the original Knight Online Malaysia server was shut down in 30th of June 2007. All the Knight Online players miss those old days. We have reopen the last server Deimos of Knight Online Malaysia to end this longing. Deimos is a Knight Online farm server with original features..


1299 Hard Farm HomeKO

PersesKO.COM | PK Server | v1299

+10 Item +5 Takı v1299 PK Server


URLhttpmsvgames.comIMGhttpi.hizliresim.comngWm4g.pngIMGURLURLhttpswww.facebook.comMsvGames-172645266777993refsettingsIMGhttpi.hizliresim.comVLMXjV.pngIMGURLURLhttps7.dosya.tcserver4qcyol4MsvGames.zip.htmlIMGhttpi.hizliresim.comRV5oXj.pngIMGURL BOyun ierisinde sorun yaamamak iin, Clientimizi indirmenizi tavsiye ediyoruz.B QUOTEServer Count1 IP0msvgames.com HPBAR1 Version Files1299 IncludeExe Last1299QUOTE COLOR800000SIZE6BFONTArial BlackOFFICIAL 06 Nisan 2018 2100FONTBSIZECOLOR IMGhttpi.hizliresim.comLAVRY0.pngIMG -B831B Exp yok, Item COLORFF0000ortaCOLOR derecede. - Player Skills...


59 Level Start and last Level 59 Ardream Map PK Server 8 3 Ready Start He gives you np as long as he stays in the game.


After years of KnightOnline adventure We invite you to the oldest Knight Online era . We made a decision and we are living a MY-KO .NET project to make up for your yearning. Myko project Turkey-germany-france-english-spanish-peru-denmark-usa-mainly in the country. International PVP server work.Private databases and a professional editorial team will take you to the first years of the KnightOnline World, bringing those old days to life and driving you to an unsatisfied adventure. Promotions mainly in TURKEY - PERU, ENGLAND and USA. We are aware of the madness that you have on servers that open...

GLadius Empire 1299 PRO HOMEKO!

Light farm/PK 83 CAPS /Juraid Mountain/ Border Defence War/Deathmach/Lunar War ( Every day except Saturday )/ Snowball War / Chaos Stone/ Anti Cheat System ,Orginal Soacs/ Glitch Barrier (Results in an automatic DC)/ Powerfull Starting Items/ New Stall Event (Gives 10 np every 6 minutes) FULL PRO PK.!

YataganOnline.org [v1980Myko]

Beklenen Gün Geldi [v1980 Myko] Ödüllü Beta 26 Nisan Cuma 21.00 [MaxAcs] [Klassgame]

HomekoEmpire Beta 25 May Offical 7 jun

Starting Level 83 Master & All Skiller Play As Hungry Item Upgrade Limit Set to +8 Jewelry Upgrade Limit Is Preferred As +1 Mining and Fishing System Activated To recognize the PUS items and make a pleasant start to the game, short-term haze gifts have been sent to your letter. +8 middle class weapons, goblin fp set, and the so-called task jewelry are starting with the game In the beginning, you need scroller and premium pots as a gift You can get this scroll from the Scroll NPC in moradon Wing Concealment Available RANK'S FIRST 3 AWARD SYSTEM (KC) Awarded [FIRST 3] 100 Cash / 50...

EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00

EX-KO Beta Start 21.04.2017 TRY 19.00 v2 PK Server all events active no bug