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If u go to this Link httpextionscape.gaindex.phptopic15-server-presentation u see the Right Presentation since ist bugged on this Website.

Ultimate RF Online

HIGH RATE SERVER - Exp 5000x - Drop Rate 5000x - Gold Rate 5000x - PROMO - FREE Jadens - Cash Shop NPC - NO PK RULES - PURE PVP



iLoveRO Server

Server Features Max Base Level 99 Max Job Level 70 Attack Speed 190 Max Stats 99 Base XP 100x Job XP 100x Normal Equips Drop 50x Normal Card Drops 2 MVP Equip Drops 15 MvP Cards 0.01

United-Chaos EP3

cup 190, armor max.25, weapon max. 21 ,update 100 exp x50, sp x100 come and join in

Revival Aion - tutto un altro server

Revival Aion - Tutto un altro server! Progetto tutto italiano di un server non profit! tutti i ricavi servono solo per sostenere il progetto. Il server èè player like come lo amiamo definire noi, ovvero si basa sull'Offy ma è attento a quelli che sono

R4PG RO Imperial Coins Store

R4PG Internet Game Exchange Is Offering the Cheap Revelation Online Imperial Coins to All Players Now, Do not Miss the Chance is The Leading Mu Legend Zen and Mu Legend Powerleveling Seller is the best leader which is doing business on MMORPG service. was established in August 2014 and have got rich experience of game products business. Now, we have Professional Team, Professional Knowledge, Professional Service to help all MU Legend players get a better gaming experience. And work hard to build the best and biggest gamer service platform in the world. We offer the buy and sell MU Legend Zen on, huge in stock, purchase Cheap games products with 100 security. 247 online live chat support for your fast games gold purchase from We take...

BlizzLikeWorld Progressive x15

Blizzlikeworld is a progressive private server with x15 xp rates, and gold Updates,every weak gamemasters active all the time to support you join us today

Mu Bavio Season 2 Full

Mu Bavio Versin S2 Ip Exp Drops 500 50 Reset 400

PlatinumScape 2

Bring back the best RuneScape Years with our new 525 Graphics With our TriviaBot youll never get bored PLATINUMSCAPE WAS REMASTERED -Working Dungeoneering -Working Pets System - All Skills Trainable -Pvp AND Pvm Based -Customize your interface The best experience. Join us now

Bet Muonline

99XT no Fo items 55xdfsdf sdf

Travian private server with x1000

Get free gold everyday dont waste your money on gold we never sell gold Server Speed 1000x Troop Speed 500x Evasion Speed 500 Map Size 400x400 Village Exp. Fast Beginners Prot. 3 days Medal Interval 3 Days

Jayden Online CAP 120

Jaydenonline Silkroad JaydenOnline CAP120 D13 New-Skilles BOT-Allowed Job-System Auto-Events A-Equip Dg12 1 Gold Dg13 JCoins Old School System High rates

Cap110 D11 Old Pvpers Every Hour Arena

Cap110 D11 Old Pvpers Every Hour Arena First 150 Player Doanter Free


xgamers mu es un servidor fast con exp 9999x full pvp en el cual podras encontrar todos los item tanto originales como customs free dentro del servidor como tambien en nuestra nueva web shop premium, te esperamo,

OLDravian - Old-School Travian Broswer Game

Hello join our community becouse we are growing up fast play and win prizes

E-Travi Travian private

One of the best Travian server since 2012 year. We have 50x server with no bugs, and very friendly admins.

Strock onlinePVECap110D11EURCHN Old SchoolPlay2Win

Start Lv 1 - Rates Exp 70x Party Exp 90x Drop Items 50x Drop Gold 20x Fortress Avilable Forgetten World Avilable CTF Working Old System New Area New Scrolls New Avatars Play2win

Shaiya Victoria III

Server PLEN,EP 5,Exp rate x30,kill x2,a lot of events, Classic sets, Debuff lapis, Max enchant 15, Donation for laze, Active Staff Team DDOS Protected, PvPPvE system, max lapis lv7,ele lv2, Join US

Ran-Kean Evolution

RanKean-Evolution Server Info beta test - EP9 - 7Class - Right Click WearUnwear - Pk Streak Pk Dota System - Rolling Wheels. - Animated Wings. - Mob Gen Notice. Boss Respawn Announcement - Official Chat UI System. - SkillTray Lock Function. - New SkillTrayTab F4. - PotionTray Lock Function. - Official Loading Interface. - SMS Mail System UI Only - Costume Combine System. - Option Set system - Fixed Major Glitch Bugs - PullPush Function Fixed - New Inventory UI - Fixed Loading Thread Bugtrap random map - Bike Color Fixed - Bike Booster - Fix ABL rotating - School Logo on Character Window -...


Grand Opening, Season 6ep3, exp 1000, drop 50, long term. more info web

DougScape BETA Economy

DougScape BETA is a brand new economy server made by a brand new developer.I've got tons of bosses, some of which are custom. Check out the forums for more information.


ToGra is free browser game style Ogame . This is the best uGamela and Xnova on the web Craving to be a stellar emperor, you are a good strategist, want to conquer new planets, galaxies, and be at the forefront of star players - sign up.


Many servers, 100x, 1000x, 1000x, 100000x etc... No bugs/lags, lots of free gold!