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The Kings Rage

Kings Rage is a server dedicated to its community with the prime focus on the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion. Are you able to compete against the king Our server is located in Europe where the latency is optimal for European server. With hourly automatic updates and fixes we try to deliver the best content there is. Weekly automatic maintenance keeps our server up to date and applies the latest features. Expansion Wrath of the Lich King EXP 6x Loot 6x Quests 6x Server Rules 1 Keep is civil and friendly, 2 Do not hit the dumb rule, 3 Do not attempt to scam or pretend to be someone else,...


Space-Combat is an SPace Multiplayer Browsergame Like Ogame. The Different its moboile Friendly

Ruby Reborn 100 Cap CH Revolutionary Huge Competition No Limits OBT 5.1

On our last project, we decided to change our brand name as the server would be a different cap and with a completely different structure. However, this time as we are going for 100 cap we prefer to use our first brand name which is Ruby. Of course, this doesnt mean we recycled our old project. Instead, we started from scratch and when I say from scratch I mean from scratch from designs to the database to advertising campaign all start from 0 Because thats the only way you will offer something new. Another way you will get lazy and be like thats already good no need to touch it. To deserve...

OgameBR Private Server Online 24 horas

Low rate Ogame Pravate Server

Premium Server and Website Files, Reconnect System - no more DC, Cash Shop, , Reset and Grand Reset System, Referral System, Level Road, Zen Drop Configured, Good Balance - Join US Experience 5000x With master exp x1000

MU Supremo Season 4 Brazil South America

Brazilian Online MU Server - Experience 300 to 500x - Drop 20 to 30 percent - Reset Type of Score - Maximum Points Status 65535 - Balanced PvP - Stay Online and Earn up to 20 Golds per Hour - Switch your hours online by VIP Gold - New Events - Off Attack and Reset Auto Active Commands.

Untitled Ran Online

Untitled Ran Online Babyran Gameplay mix Classic Gameplay Facebook Fan Page httpswww.facebook.comUntitled-Ran-Online-185495538673793 Facebook Group Page httpswww.facebook.comgroups251419095385862 -Balance Fair Game Play -Max Upgrade 9 -5 Class Archer,Brawler,Swordman,Shaman,Extreme -With Babyran SkillsItems -Babyran Gameplay mix Classic Gameplay -Leveling System -Max Level is 300 -Starting Level 1 -Low Regen Pots with CD Based -100 No Donate Items -Unlocked Lot of Skills -Huntable Scrolls -Huntable costume with stats -100 Hunt Based Farm Based -E-Points Based Game Time to E-Points ...


No buying of troop or animals and no abuse of gold Come join now and experience a T3 server like the classics before


PRIVATEEmpire-MU Season 6 Episode 3. EXP 666677779999 - DROP 707580PPL 557 - Easy Items. Reset Reward - WCoin to buy Items. Grand reset, Vote rewards, Newbie friendly server. Grand Opening


Server cap 130 Skills 130 Race ChineseEuropean Battle Arena Working System Coin New Style Weapon New Uniques New Scrolls New Events items with char Max Plus 20 With Advs r FortressWar Allowed Jangan


Due to the countries of the world being tired of losing people to wars, they turned to experimentation in search of the ultimate soldier. As a result, people were turned into zombies. Though stronger and harder to kill, zombies are often searched out by the rest of humanity to be destroyed. Some of humanity, however, pity these zombies and desire to help them survive. Which will you choose

Arcanos Online

EXP SOLOPT 1x2x MAX CAP Lv120Skill 120 Equipment Degree 12 Gold Rate5x Item Rate10xSOX5x Alchemy Rate 2xMedium Job Rate 5x Fortress Jangan Capture Of Flag Battle Arena Gm Bot Event


Join the best minecraft private server. Join our soon to be a big community. We would like you to join us. IP

Pvp Serverler MEtin2 Server

Dragon of Metin2 is a new server starting on 30.05.2014] [Rates: Exp-500%, Drop-500% and Yang-500%] [Max Level 250, Non Stop GM available for suport] [No bugs, Weekend events] [Dedicated Staff] [New Maps, new items from 2014

Limitless Reborn

317 Well of goodwill for double EXP Effigy Crafting Dwarf multicannon Cerberus Skotizo Lizardman shaman Fully working Kraken Venenatis Zulrah Scropia PIT Working Toxic blowpipe

MU ACN hardcore experts

mu online private hardcore style server no webshop no custom spots true game play custom bc more info in our web

ChronosMU - Era of Titans x5000 Dynamic

Premium Season 9 ep 5 Dynamic x1000-5000 exp Auto Party Auto Reconnect Muun System Events Market Grand Reset Online hours Spots All Maps Last Man Standing Battle Soccer Referral System Vote System Long Term - Good Community and much more...

eternal online

CAP 110 Race CHEU EXPSP X15 EXPSP Party X20 Gold X1 Drop X2 Alchemy X2

Slavehack 2

Slavehack 2 is a free online hacking game. In this hacking game, you become the elite in this Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game MMORPG

MuDream S9.5, Fun 5000x, Get F.O. via GR.

Version Premium Season 9ep5 Full, Experience 5000x, Balanced PVP, Big spots Get Full Opt Items with Grand ResetsStart at 1th December

NaxosMT2 - Server PvM hard vote4coins

NaxosMT2 - Server PvM Hard rate 50 swichbot adaugat bonus 14 perfect are drop metine 45 skill le faceti manual cu carti mai multe detallii va asteptam pe server


718 An old school runescape Server completely free and ready to be ran by you the players Come relax and hangout with us and help us grow larger and much better

Shaiya Thunder

Shaiya Thunder Episode 5 Relic Of Mystra 4PvP Areas 15-60-70,exp x500 Armor 70


PRE-RENEWAL Balance Server RATES 10K10KCustom Max Level 9970 Max stat 99 ANTI BOT Active and Friendly GM Farm Zone Build Manager.

MuSpell Season 6

Muserver Season 6 Ep4 7x exp 2x200ML 30 Drop 7 Reset max Monster 3 - 5 mob all Maps AntiHack Premium OVH Server 100mbs