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Destrega Ragnarok Online

Play Ragnarok Online for free at DestregaRO Balanced server gameplay, No Pay2Win We are a 1000x1000x400x high rate private Ragnarok Online server Trans Class only, Episode 13.2 Encounter against the unknown, no custom wings. no Pay2win. See you soon

Shaiya Infinite

New shaiya private server episode 4,5 , free gears, no custom gears, max lapis lv6, max lvl 60,. PVP based Anti DDOS protected, many events, come and check us


Version 5095Snce2018Online 247DuelZoneChange NameNew GarmentsFlag FightElitePkDrop 50 CpsNinja Fully WorkingMax 1250 Online PlayerNEW SERVER Join Us Now

Unstable CO | Old School 5065 Server

NO Ninja/Monk/Pirate/DWar - 5065 Patch - 130 Max - 2nd Reborn - High Performance US Server - Play to Win - Classic Style - Grind Hard

Acool.NET World of Warcraft

High Rate PVP Server Stable and is hosted by its own company. No wipe. Planning to add more server if we grow bigger.

Aliancity LC EP4

EXP x20 SP x60 Drop x30 Gold x25 Affinity x15 Cash shop nas juno

Mafia ReBorn

This is a world full of criminal activities, money, cars and respect. Are you hardened enough to rob the civilians of your city or other players Or steal cars from them You can show it here. Of course, every starting criminal starts out in jail pretty often, and also the more experienced oness will be there frequently. But the tip i give to everyone, keep practicing your criminal activities and you will see your succeeded crimes will grow gradually. I wish you the best of luck and of course and more important, many hours of great fun


Illicit is a new server, bringing back the old graphics style. We offer tons of bosses, mini-games, and things to do so it should never get that boring. The server is new, so dont expect that many players on if you give us a try Hope to see some of you stop by - Justin aka Owner

Immersive WoW

Immersive WoW | 1 Realm | Instant 85 PvP | Monthly Rewards | Staircase | Active Staff | | Scaled Rates | Mall | Duel Zone

Energy MU, S3. Free credits - MAY 14

Server version : Season 3 Episode 1 Server expirience : 3500x Server drop rate : 60 % Excellent drop rate : 35 % Points per level : 5 / 6 / 7 Reset level : 400 level Grand reset need : 60 resets Stats after GR / RR : Stats keep Jewels shop : No jewels in shops Server active : 24 / 7

Conquer Br - Slz 5095 Online


Revo Project RO

RATES Max Base Level 99 Max Job Level 70 Max Stats Point 99 Max ASPD 190 Instant Cast 150 Dex pls take note we declare as mid rate because rate is 100x 100x 10x DROP RATES General drop 15.00 Normal card 1.00 MvP Card 0.10 MvP Equipment 5.00 Mini Boss Card 3.00

Travian League

the best travian server with 1024x speed.we have a stabile dedicated server.we dont provide posibility to buy troops with gold and instant finish can win only with strategy and being the best on the server


-All skills working -All Miasmic Spells -All Ancient spells -All Lunar Prayers -Bank pins and tabs -Custom teleports -Donator store -Chrystal bow -Loyalty store -Random events -Charm drops -Warriors guild -Pest Control -Castle wars -Clan wars -Dueling -One click screenshot -Quests -Emotes -Full slayer monsters -Perfect runescape like switching -Perfect clipped combat -Combo foods -Instant special For granite maul -Wilderness ditch -Friendsclan chat -Price Checker -Equipment tab -Bones on altar -Wilderness bosses -Spirit Tree -Potions -Donator Rank -Achievement Point shop -Full grand exchange...

Mu Republica Season 6 Ep 3 1000x 60

OPENING 30-06-2017 Season 6 Episodio 3 Experiencia 1000x - Drop 60 Server PVP Level Reset 400 Max Stats 65000 Live a new experience. Get in now


The Ragnarock team welcomes all new arrivals and players of the server. This server currently has the cap lvl 120. The current rates of the server are EXP Rate x100 PT Exp Rate x120 Gold Drop Rate x10 Item Drop Rate x60 This is Just a preview of the Server. The best way is to testing it yourself

CoEmu PvP Conquer Online Version 6000+

[Version 6000+][Cps 999mil free][Free VIP 6][Free stuff+12][Server full fixed][New tournaments][Events online 24/24][New class Dragon Warrior][Join Us]

L2 Timeus

RatesGeneral Experience x5 Skill Points x5 Adena x5 Drop x2 Spoil x10 Manor x10 Quest Experience x50 Skill Points x50 Adena x10 Drop x5 Reward x10 Enchant Safe Enchant 4 Max Enchant 20 Enchant Rate 60 Enchant Skill 100 libro

Shaiya Nesarth Episode 4.5

Shaiya Nesarth Ep4.5 Custom private server,new maps,new invasion system and much more,join and show your power.

Mythology Conquer

V5095Drop 500 CpsMax Level 137New eventsNew StyleNo NinjaMax 12PvP ArenaPvP TopsSuperFlagFightClass pkNo LagNo BugSnowBansheeJoin For US

E-Ran Online Classic - Episode 7

Server Features 4 Official Class Well Balance Max Level 150 Max Skill 127 MidRate EXP MidRate Item Drop Official Gold Drop Rate Official Hunting Strategy Club Wars School Wars Auto Reward Item Link Add Stats Command PK Streak Right Click EquipUnequip Target Information Official Campus Maps Hunt Based Server Hunt your own items Solo Party Leveling None Bias Server Combo Based Pots Based Quest Based Stable Server Fast Loading ACTIVE GMS AND STAFF.


In search of a brazilian low-rate immersive server Your search is over 0806 starts the new server, RagnaReload - Pr-Renewal - Rates 3x3x2x - Max Level 9970 - Housing System - Fishing System - Mobs and Maps from Renew adapted to Pre-Renew - New quests A questboard for each job - Restaurant System - 3rd job skins for transclasses lv 90

1.12.1 WoW Old School Custom Vendors Anti-Cheat Instances Scripted

Rates Max Level 60 XpRate 50 Quest Xp 80 Drop 50 Legendary Drop 10 Money 35 Honor 20 Reputation 50 Craft 50 Server Features Anti-Cheat Anti-Spam Custom Vendors Dungeon Set 1 Dungeon Set 2 Instances Scripted New Characters starts with all flights unlocked

HoxTravZ T3.6

Server Speed 50x 150x 250x 500x 1000x 1500x 5000x Start Gold 1.000 Buy recourses and troops