RuneScape Private Servers - RSPS Top List


Venom-X is the top pre-EOC RuneScape Private Server We have a busy and friendly community. We have over 30 minigames and bosses for you to enjoy, as well as full dungeoneering and construction

OS-Exile - OSRS content - New - Awsome commuinty - Updates everyday

OS- Exile, hourly rewards, 20 bosses, latest osrs data, updates daily, new server


BlackBarrage is Back and Better then Ever Revenant Caves The Inferno Raids Gambling Trading Posts Last man Standing All Ironman Modes Unique Content Highly Addictive NPC Drop

Ulthium Custom Custom Combat 20 Bosses

Welcome to Ulthium, the 1 custom runescape server. We feature 20 bosses, 20 minigames, boss pets. All our skills work, including construction, dungeneering and more. Weve even taken the liberty of adding new zones for you, custom skilling zones and pvm zones. Weve also extended the end game, featuring prestige tier based gear. With extra HP. Weve got the fast paced, balanced combat with just the right amount of scaling to seperate us from the rest of the Runescape Private Servers. We just arent shy on trying something new. Featuring active, helpful members. With a FANTASTIC devolpment...

T7emon PK Unique SpawnEco PK server

Welcome to T7emon Pk, We just started and are already growong fast We are a spawnpk server with perfect switching 1 tick. FEATURES perfect combat custom bosses all skills working summoning included minigames active wild pk ticket system bounty system perks alot more Join now


Hello people and welcome on this Page My in-game name is Eliyahu and i want to Introduce to you, Aleron. This Project is new, under construction and ready for the World to be explored. Active Members will help us get strong and known all over the World. Feel free to check it out and become part of a new Community....

Project Ilyneos Hybrid

FIRST 20 PLAYERS RECEIVE FREE MEMBERSHIP 247 Uptime Friendly Staff Looking for Server Supports Boss Pets Curses 24 Bosses Vote rewards Vote bonus experience Amazing Economy Shift-Click dropping Treasure Trails 10 Minigames Quick Prayers Kill Tracker NO Lag Experienced Developers Fixed, Resizable, or Fullscreen modes as well as HD Graphics Team Dungeoneering Well of Good Will 100s of Achievements More being added every week Monster Drop Table for ALL Npcs Perfect switching Amazing Combat Vote for Membership

Lost Aile

We strive to bring you an addictively fun and stable rsps experience. There is a lot of experience behind Lost Aile and if we arent the top server on the lists, we will become, through time, the top server in content and fun


247 Uptime We are home to tons of custom content, We have ironman and hardcore ironman Custom Skilling Great Community

OSLegacy Your 1 Old-School Experience 67 Bosses Active Community Highscores

Our Website - Play Now Client - www.OSLegacy.orgOSLegacy.jar Community Forums - www.oslegacy.orgforumforum.php Rankings Hiscores - Key Features - All OSRS Items- Various Game Modes Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, Hard Mode. - NPC Drop Table. - In-Game Trivia System with Rewards. - All skills working and trackable on Player Rankings. more. Skills- Hunter. - Farming. - Firemaking. - Crafting. - Woodcutting. - Fishing. - Fletching. - Wildy Resources. Many more skills are available. Minigames - Abyssal Nexus. - Pest Control. -...


welcome to our server please vote

Virtua 23 Bosses 10 Minigames Inferno

Why vote for us If you enjoy playing the server, and wish to see it grow bigger, you should vote daily so we can get more noticed on toplists. Featuring 20 bosses, 10 fully-working minigames, and loads of content coming soon


Log in and join a brand new growing community - Fresh server - Bank tabs - Tons of OSRS content - All skilling and bossing pets - Active and dedicated staff - NO LAG - Full screen and resizable - Working inferno - So what are you waiting for Login and start your adventure today


VURISYSCAPE Here at VurisyScape, we strive to bring you the best RSPS Experience imaginable We are constantly updating the server to ensure that you, our valued players get the best experience possible VurisyScape Staff Owner Cheese Co-Owner Enochian Features 20 bosses OSRSRaids data 667 data All working skills Custom Maps Wonderful staff Already stable playerbase Automatic donations Automatic Voting coming soon Curses DrygoresChaotics Flawless switching Flawless PKing Great PvM Zulrah PK armors Revenants Clue scrolls Random events Trivia Many more

Serenity - The best OSRS Experience yet

Welcome to Serenity A brand new PKEconomy RSPS, that features numerous custom content and smooth gameplay. Whether your interest is in fighting other players and bossing your way to the top, or playing minigames with your friends and family, theres a place here at Serenity for you Were constantly working to make your stay here fun and enjoyable, and the server development is player based, so all your suggestions are what drive this community When you login on Serenity you will have the option of playing a few different game styles including Normal, Extreme, Ironman, and Ultimate...

Arios - The 1 Remake Server

A jam packed 2009 Server with OSRS content and loaded with thousands of hours of gameplay. Experience construction, boss pets, minigames, bosses and many more at

Arcania 718-742

Features Our own custom minigame Fully working Custom Quests only on our server Rise of the Six with cool rewards Custom Private Islands to customize and invite players Pin system to secure your account Auto votedonate systems Very friendly community Duel everywhere

TeraPS and TeraPK

OSRS Style PK Server Free to play, no donations to get ahead of the game Boss Pets and much more




CryptPs is a brand new rsps currently in Beta so if you join now you get a free donator rank and 10 mystery boxes. The server is 718 loading 831 items like seismics, ascensian crossbows etc. All dyes work all the dyed weapons work.

MithrilScape Best RSPS

We just started the new rsps MithrilScape you should check it out today

Arcus - pvp - pvm - eco

arcus fully working pvp - pvm - gamble - osrs items

Scaperune 462 - economy server - Quests - Full world

center imghttpsi.imgur.comwli4Z8k.gifimg imghttpsi.imgur.comJQXN1Ev.pngimg ScapeRune is a professional and highly accurate RuneScape emulator from the 462 revision in July 4th, 2007. Free-to-play is completely emulated, and members content has just been released, with a handful of features waiting for you to enjoy them. ScapeRune is the only server of its kind, with highly dedicated developers that release numerous updates on a DAILY basis. You cannot pay to win, you can only play to win. Donating wont get you any ingame perks, therefore everyone has the same advantages ingame. Some...

Elywyn Pre-Eoc OSRS Free mbox on login

Elywyn Pre Eoc oldschool Brand new server Come get ahead while you can, before it gets huge Owner always online DOWNLOAD HERE -- Content VORKATH AND INFERNO COMING OUT THIS WEEK 5718 -bosses- NEX wilderness bosses, Wildy Wyrm, zulrah, kraken, corp, custom torva pernix and virtus bosses ect. Loyalty program All Osrs items Pre eoc items Drygores Torva, tentacle, blowpipe, Divine, Primal Unique Home area IMGhttpi64.tinypic.com10csr6b.pngIMG Custom Nex bosses that have better drop rate than nex, We have the real nex as well, full fight too ...

Awaken - No.1 NEW Custom Server - JUST RELEASED

Awaken to a new realm of possibilities... 100s of Unique Items Custom Prestige System Anti-scam Gambling Custom Drop System Player OwnedShops --- Join the fastest growing private server community yet