Top 100 Silkroad Private Servers

GodOfWar Old School

Cap 100 OLDSRO Race Chinese and Europe - Gold Drop 2x Start Items Yes Start Gold SP Yes Tradegoods Enabled Magic-Pop Disabled Alchemy Rate 2x Max Plus12 Not Adv FORTRESS WAR Enabled, god balance and autentic files BlackRogue

Valentus Private Online

SERVER INAUGURATED ON 2007 AT 2000 TIME OF BRASILIA CAP 110. VALENTUS ONLINE Website Group httpswww.facebook.comgroups492118544461192 Page httpswww.facebook.comValentusSilkroadOnline Our server will be started with the system EGY disabled and over time we will be releasing part by part each system. Lets have only NORMAL and NEW items on the server, I think the server is more competitive than in the old days. Obeservation Remembering that the updates for EGYs releases occurred part by piece depending on the movement of the SERVER. Valentus...

Play Sro - Old School, High Rates

Cap 110 OLDSRO Rates 100x - Race Chinese and Europe - Battle Arena enabled with higher reward - Mastery 330 - Experience x100 - unique character context menu - And more FIND OUT NOW

ZSilkroad 100 Cap CH

ZSilkroad II 100 Cap CH Only Free Silk Emek Job Based - Drop Sox System - GMs Box - 1M Free Silk Payla Kazan httpswww.facebook.comSavorGamevideos2056055374663736 Bugn saat 2100da buradayz. Tm ekibi bekleriz Site yelikler akam 2000da silinecekmi. Forum Sitesi. www.facebook.comSavorGame Facebook Sayfalar www.instagram.comSavorGame Instagram Sayfalar Skype adresleri. MaxiGame tantm konusu httpswww.maxigame.orgforumt256548-zsilkroad-ii-16-mart-100-cap-ch-...-silk-emek-server



Fuzzy Sro

Fuzzy Sro New Private Servers CAP 130 D15 First 100 Player will get D14 FB reward


Degree 11 Cap 110 Fortress War PVE Battle Arena Capture The Flag Job Temple Daily Events Weekly Events

Storm Gaming Cap 80 CH only Oldschool MOON GOLD SUN DROP HARD

SERVER INFO Storm Gaming - Max Plus 12 - EXP 15 X - PT EXP 25 X - SP EXP 15 X - DROP RATE 10 X Team Storm - GMTrillian - GMLucas Silva - GMMrAwesome

80 cap Go GG

Scarlet - Private Server

Free Cookies, Medium Rates, Bot Allowed, Multi Client, Cap 100, China Europe, 10 Degree, Uniques Hunt, Vote4Cake, Job Activity, Instant Support, Great Community, Invite Your Friends, Have Fun

new silkroad private server

Cap 110 OLDSRO Rates 100x - Race Chinese and Europe - Battle Arena enabled with higher reward - Mastery 360 - Experience x500 - unique character context menu - And more FIND OUT NOW

Exillium Sro

CAP 110 DG 11 - ChEuro - EXPSP 50x - EXPSP Party 60x - Trade Goods - Magic POP - Max. PLUS 12 - Events - PC Limit 8

Doris Sro

Play 2 Win Job War System Job Based Auto Events New Quests Ranking System Vote 4 Silk Special Trade System Mastery EU260 CH520 MAX Plus 12 No ADV PC Limit 3 New Features Cap 130 Skills 130 D13 EXP 150x Party EXP 200x Drop 200x Gold 5x

Valtyr 80 Cap Oldschool Only CH Vote4silk Grand Opening 18.08.2017


Obsidia Online - D11 - Cap 110 - PVP - JOB BASED - Auto Events - Non Donate - Alchmey - No Corruption - Vote4Coins - Coins per hour

Obsidia Online - D11 - EURCHN - Cap 110 - PVP - CH Balance - No Alchmey - Automatic Events - Play2Win - Non Donate - New Job system - New boxes system - coins per hour - Vote4coins - Auto UP Skills by Chat - RANKS - New developed anti cheat system - No Corruption - Anti cheat system for Game assistantscant appear uniques, dc, mobkill.


.Cap 110 .Deggre 11 .Race Chinese European .EXPSP Rates 20x .Gold Rate 20x .IP Limit 3 .Holy water temple drop rate 10x .Alchemy Rates 1x .Free Silk 1 silk per hour .Fortress war Jangan .FGW Avaliable .Event so-ok Avaliable .Magic POP Disabled .Battle Arena Available .Auto Event Available

Black lagoon Gaming Silkroads ISRO

Our Server is close to Official Silkroad Online with here and there some exceptions for those players who like or are new to silkroad but dont like to lvl slow and spend many hours to get to max lvl then this is the place we boosted different categorys just enough to have fun, everything you once had is still here monsters spawns and more so lets play now


Cap 130 . Dg14 . CHIN EUR .390260 New System Area Skill Vote System Coin System Auto Event Daily Event Free Download


Server,information PVP,Server Cape,110 Coins,System Old,Avatars New,Avatars Emoji,Scroll Legend,Scroll Daily,Events Weekly,Events Death,Bone,Roc,Event Honor,For,1Gold Premium,30,For,1Gold Model,Switch,For,Gold-Coin Avatars,For,Iron-Coin Iron-Coins,Droping From - Mobs Gold-Coins,Got From CTF - Battle - Uniques


Welcome Every One In Assassin Road New Avatar New Weapon degree16 PVE New Style Weapon silk every 1 hour Cap 130 Have Fun Guys

Sopedu SRO PVE CAP 110 Start 1000 Silk

110 CAP - EU CH - Medium Ratio - Vote 4 Silk - Free Silk - Old School - Auto Events


SIZE3CENTER IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comQy0Icab.pngIMG Open Beta 01032018 1900 UTC1 Grand Opening 30032018 1900 UTC1 hr75hr centerURLhttpsunworld-sro.euIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comQDLvbab.pngIMGURL URLhttpsunworld-sro.euregisterIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comCXeSbab.pngIMGURL URLhttpsunworld-sro.eudownloadIMGhttpi.epvpimg.com9puxcab.pngIMGURL URLhttpsunworld-sro.eucommunityIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comjSzGfab.pngIMGURL center hr75hr CENTERSIZE LEFTB IntroductionB Hello and Welcome I am excited and pleased our latest and finest work so far called Sunworld Online It has been a long and fun journey to create Sunworld,...

Mega-SRO Cap 130 Free Silk 14D

Mega-SRO High rate 130 cap Silkroad server with unique system, New Look 2017 Weapons, unique skill system, unique Auto events, daily events, friendly GMs and much more Join us now Free Silk Free Items EXP 200xSP 100xParty EXP 250xDrop 200xGold 15xBerserk 10x General Move Speed 2x

King Of Desert Sever zellikleri Cap. Max ulaabiliceiniz level 80dir. Derece. Max sahip olabiliceiniz ekipman 8. Derecedir. Irklar. Bir tek in rk olucaktr, avrupa rk bizim kurmak istediimiz eski Silkroad ortamna yakmyor. Mastery. Toplam kullanabiliceiniz mastery puanlar 240 olucaktr. Rateler. Gzel bir Silkroad serveri sunmak istiyoruz ve bu basit rateler ile olmuyor, level kasmak King Of Desertte ok skc olmcak yani arkadalarnzguilidiniz ile gzel kasmann zarar olmaz. Guild Job Cezalar. Guild cezas 24 saat ve Job 72 saat. Beklemek istemezsen Ceza silicileri alabilirsiniz. Vigor...