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Liberation Ragnarok Online

PLAYABLE IN MOBILE ANDROIDJoin us and experience the MIDRATE classic days server for Job Transcendent class. Max Level 9970 MidRate 100x10050x - up to 250x250x50x FloatingHappy hour Rates Pre-Renewal Episode 13.2 with Free JOB PACKAGE

Transcend-WoW 3.3.5 LEVEL 255


Nexus RO

Pure 2-2 Transcendent Job Ninja Kagerou Oboro Sprite BaseJob 255120 Max ASPD 196 Max Stats 255 Max Zeny 2,000,000,000 Normal Card Drop Rate 40 MVP Card Drop Rate 10

Beyond Aion 4.8

Retail-like with custom improvements, PvE PvP, increased rates, no VIP, no Gold Packets, 247 online, Events various bonuses, frequent Updates, qualified Support


- Free To Play - Play 2 Win - Free Silk - New Unique - New Areas - Vote System - New Special Trade Points Reward System - 247 Events - Cap 110

Die 4te Offenbarung D4O - Free to play MMORPG HacknSlay

Die 4te Offenbarung D4O ist ein kostenloser D4O Server mit einizgartigen Charme und einer tollen Community. Betrete jetzt die Welt von Althea und beweise deine Faehigkeiten. Dieses Spiel bietet ein einzigartiges Skillsystem mit jeder Menge Freiheiten

Gamer Social Network

Join SocialKicks - Tons of Games, even more Gamers. Register and Play for Free! Win Prizes! The Gamer Social Network.

Zurc Gaming Online

247 Online Dedicated Server EP 9 Gameplay 7 CLASS SERVER EP 9 Interface Free 18 SET 15 Weapon Access Wings Toy New Market Level 350 Cap Level No Reborn System Max Ups 19 Skills 7-237 UNLOCK UPON CREATION Huntable Warpoints Huntable Set Weapon Anti Skills HP Cuts Enabled Character Simplify Massive PvP CWRRSWTYRANNY Activated Easy Leveling Maps Death Prison 3f Regen and Combo Based Server PK Streak Enabled Active and Friendly Admin No BIAS CW Activated Everyday 8pm-9pm Potion Tray Lock Right-click Function Additional Set Info Enable duel in Market Item Link Char View Info No IMBA...


PVP Knights Perfect World

Latest ContentOriginal SettingsHigh RatesVIPHOMESTEADPlay To WinR8-R8r3R9-R9r4 Gear SetsRetail GameplayFast GearingFast LvlingCustom EventsFresh TW MapsCross Server TWFree Premium Starter Pack


Cap 130 . Dg14 . CHIN EUR .390260 New System Area Skill Vote System Coin System Auto Event Daily Event Free Download

Online Gangster Game

Bring your ruthless criminal skills to this online gangster game and be the fearless leader you always wanted to be. start with mini crimes and missions to rise to the top, own properties and rake in the money, but be sure to let no one stand in your way of success


Were a small economy server, OSRS based. We have several modes with different experience levels, a well voting xp boosts etc. Come and have fun with us, were all friendly

Olympusran BabyBossRan Gameplay

Welcome to Olympus Ran BabyBossRan Gameplay SERVER IS NOW OFFICIAL UP Leveling Map Death Prison 3F Hunting Map Fairytale Mechanical Persian Scroll Hunt Map GodRoom Mutant b1,b2,b3 Freebies Upon Creation 10 Angel Set Perma 40 GZ Weapon POWDEXINT God Of War Helmet 2PCS Super Almighty Ring Limited Edition 5 Hood. Copper Genesis Belt Copper Gensis Footring Copper Gensis Bracelet 5 Copper Hood 5K HP BloodBag Max Reborn 40 VIP RB 9 Class Server Huntable All Skills Balance Server 247 Online Club War Everyday 7PM to 8PM Club War Reward Char View Point A,B,C...

Malazan World Uo Shard

Malazan World MLSESAHS 350 stat cap - No Skill Cap - Lots of Custom Quests - Craftables - Systems - Monsters - Artifacts - Tameables No uber pets - New Dungeons- Spellcraft - Fast Gains - Dungeon Bosses - Increased FC-FCR-LMC-SSI-DI-SDI.

Nata Travian

New game server Nata Travian. To your choice of 5 races, the presence of the village of Natars for the farm, but before you have to fight with the soldiers of the natars who defend these villages. Can you compete with them for the championship in the game world of Nata Travian.

Fiesta Reborn

120 Cap Production system Reborn Coins Balanced gameplay New Quets Exp Low Drop High Money Easy Beta Phase


Univers x100MFleet x15Debris 70 - 20Construction fleet defense 0.001News three buildings that increase the number of units that can be built fleets tusks.The ability to fire multiple attacks at once.

Dragon Cross - Flyff Pserver

Donate Ingame Farming, Real Ride Fly Mounts, Tabbed Inv, LoginTime Bonus, Wikipedia, 4th Job, Charinfo 2.0, Fashion Combi, Pokemon Pets, VIP System, Online Exp, Wing SFX, Madrigal Gift and Modelviewer Join us... No Bugs, No Tools possible

Margonem MMORPG

Join us in dynamic, 2D, fantasy game! Explore the vast world of Margonem MMORPG, visit all nine towns, slay thousands of different monsters, accomplish hundreds of quests, equip yourself with countless weapons and armors, meet friends, brothers in arms and finally speak up on forums integrated with the game!


Info Coming, In Alpha

IceAgeMU Season 2 Season 3 200x

IceAgeMU Season 2 3 Experience100x-150x Drop 80 Balanced Characters PVP unique settings 247 Uptime,Stable Max stats32000 New Events New AncientsJewels Castle Siege On every Sunday Boss Attack Active GMs Premium Anti- Spots in all mapsJOIN US

WOW Reborn

Blizzlike 1x Rates No Custom Items Based in the United States for excellent latency. Server is recompiled and databases updated weekly. Friendly staff Donation and Voting rewards WILL NEVER result in pay2win. Server will remain as close to blizzlike as possible.

Mu Oriental

Servidor Uruguayo - www.facebook.comservermuoriental MuOriental BIENVENIDA MU Oriental ONLINE WEBSITE httpswww.facebook.comservermuoriental httpgameover-mu.comindex.phppageidregister Whatsapp httpschat.whatsapp.com7fOPB36ChQMHm3RLc7y0nh Demuestranos t instinto como jugador y lo poderoso que eres. Players Online, full activos. Est muy bueno. 247 sin lag Balanceado, medium y estable para alguien como t. CARACTERSTICAS Versin Season 6 Episodio 3 Exp 2500 Helper se activa a lvl 80 Spots balanceados en todos los mapas RESET No borra stat Master...

NewG Ran Online EP7

NewG Ran Online EP7 5 Class Gunner Powered by Gerber Game Security Server Opening March 3, 2018 Server Info 230 Max Level 207 Max Skill Boss Hunt Party Hunt Open Map No Quest