Gaming top 100 list -

Magician Online

Cap130 Degree 14 PVE CH-EU Mastery 390-260 Coin System Job System Free2Play No Ip Limit New avatars New Weapons New titles Free bot Jangan FW Silkh Grand Opening 15-5-2018

Asteria X

Active Community - Perfect Gambling - Friendly Staff - Tank Boss - Flower Poker - Pristiege options - Boss Pets - Castle Wars - Upgradeable Items - Clue Scrolls - GE


Ultra FUNMax Level 100Unique ScriptsTime RewardsSpecial PlayerVIP BANKTalents RewardCUSTOM ITEMSCUSTOM QUESTBuff Can be UpgradedCustom DropFirst 100 Reward ScriptARACVIP SystemBoss Spawn ScriptWorking BG and ArenaTransmog MallPVP RANKS


ASTIG CABAL V3.0 Server Rate Exp 2000x Item Drop 3 Skill Exp 1500x Craft 5x AXP Rate 2000x Drop Rate 5x Pet Exp 1000x War Exp 1000x Alz Bomb x5 Als Rate x5 Server Info PLAY TO WIN SERVER Episode 8 upto 16 Updates No RebornReset Low rate to Mid Rate Server free Starter Items Freebies Episode 10 16 New Skills Senillenia Map Arcane Trace Map EOD B3F Part 2 Legendary Arena No Overpowered Items

Revelation RAN Classic

Welcome to Revelation RAN Classic Newly Created Serve With Classic game Play with a Twist Come and join us and feel the new environment Together with we will be friends and meet new friends


We are an Ep5.3 server with working skills . EP 6 gears and weapons Max level 80 EXP is 250 x Custom lapis Special MM mobs All Items drop ingame We have a great and friendly staff team! More custom and interesting things are sure to come in the future

Nova Genesis - A 742 RuneScape Emulation.

Nova Genesis is a 742 RS2 emulation, with our own twists. Wed like to offer a more stable, content packed, bug free server for players to enjoy, exp rates are slower compared to most servers to give our players an overall more enjoyable longer journey.

915 - XtremeworkX

FLAG WARNEWEVENT NON STOP ACTIONVIP REWARD 8 Class TyrannyVIP Rewards Royal Rumble Event MaxUpgrade Plus 18 1 to 11 no Vanish All Skill Free Active GM Events or Support 2 Ch 247 Online LastManStanding All items are drop by mobs BalanceGamePlay EP9 Srv

Mu Online S6

Version Season 6 Episode 3 - Full HD Resolution Available Server Titan Exp x50 Drop 50 ML Exp x25 Spots Variados Server Golden Exp x200 Drop 70 ML Exp x100 Spots Variados FansPage httpswww.facebook.comMuOnlineGS

Playworld3 Aion 3.9

All Free, No Payshop Full 3.9 Support. Rates 5x EP, 5x Group-EP, 3x Quest-EP, 3x Gather-EP, 3x Crafting-EP, 3x Quest-Kinah, 3x Quest-AP, 8x Drop, 2x PVP-AP, 2x PVE-AP, 2x Arena-Reward, 2x Dredgion-Rewar. Instance-Rewards Coins for killing Bosses, Full Working Housing and Pet


Jeu Spatial avec pleins de nouveauts.Vitesse x10, dbris 30 Def et 70 Flo.Ouvert depuis le 1 Novembre 2016.Nombreux Bonus.Forteresse, Loterie etc...MAJ rgulire.Jeu entirement gratuit.

Crusade Networks Classic


Clean-Mu Season 3 Episode 1

CleanMu Season 3 Episode 1

Hive Ran Online Ep9

247 Online Dedicated Server, DDOS Protected Server, Premium Services, Hunting Base Server, Big Boss Party Hunting Drop Tier Crafting Materials, Mini Boss Party Hunting Drop Tier Crafting Materials, Crafting Base Server, Starting Hive Freebie, ItemsForStarting,Tier Base Build Up Weapon, Set and Accessories, School War, Club War, Club Death Match, Max Level 300, Starting Level 100, Stating Stats 300, Guild Package T3 Full Items, Active GMs.

Die 4te Offenbarung D4O - Free to play MMORPG HacknSlay

Die 4te Offenbarung D4O ist ein kostenloser D4O Server mit einizgartigen Charme und einer tollen Community. Betrete jetzt die Welt von Althea und beweise deine Faehigkeiten. Dieses Spiel bietet ein einzigartiges Skillsystem mit jeder Menge Freiheiten

DevilCore The Hell is Here

Devil Core nivel max 127, pvp , evolutii noi , iteme noi , game play nou

Dragon Cross - Flyff Pserver

Donate Ingame Farming, Real Ride Fly Mounts, Tabbed Inv, LoginTime Bonus, Wikipedia, 4th Job, Charinfo 2.0, Fashion Combi, Pokemon Pets, VIP System, Online Exp, Wing SFX, Madrigal Gift and Modelviewer Join us... No Bugs, No Tools possible

Mu Valencia Season 6 Epi 3

Mu Valencia Season 6 Episodio 3 Items Originales Experiencia 1000x Drop 50 Todos los eventos activos Bienvenidos a esta nueva familia

Rampage Gaming Network

Rampage Gaming Network NO FULL DONATE NO PREMIUM SERVICE HUNT YOUR OWN UPS YOUR OWN FOUR BALANCE CLASS Swordsman,Brawler,Archer,Shaman 175 MAX LEVEL 157 MAX SKILL NO DUAL LOG IN ACTIVE GMs AND ADMIN FULL OF EVENTS MIDDLE RATE SERVER CLUB WARS ACTIVATED TTHSAT 8PM SCHOOL WARS Tyranny SPP ROYAL RUMBLE QUEST BASED Facebook Group httpswww.facebook.comgroups280493645739682refbookmarks Facebook Page httpswww.facebook.comRampage-Gaming-Network-189371540


ShadowKO is a Myko style farming server with max level is 80. Come and join us. We officially open now..


VeTo Silkroad private server New System New Date 140 CAP 140lv Skills New System Events 15d items 100x Exp 100x SP 10x Gold Vote for silks Coin System Special Upgrade system Active Job Custom items and more Join US

Maskroad Cap 100 Sox drop system EU CH LT

Cap 100 - Race CH EU - Mastery CH 330 EU 200 - Fortress war Hotan - Experience 15x - Skill point rates 15x - Items drop 10x - Gold drop 5x - Alchemy 1x - Max plus 12 wo adv - Guild limit 32 - Union limit 2 - IP Limit 8 What are you waiting for Your adventure just begin.


Hello everyone Welcome to Destiny-PS The Brand new custom RSPS We have 500 customs, Player Owned Shops, Active and Helpful Staff, Active Player Base. I do daily updates properly and weekly client updates for more content and new items. We are growing fast so join today

In-Game Perfect World

Perfect World 1.5.4 Server hosted on dedicated machine. No lag No Downtimes Rates XP 5x Drop 2x Sp 3x Money 7x New Races New Quests Clean low XP play.

BlastWoW 3.3.5 Funserver Realms

BlastWoW 87 Funserver, High Stats, Starter Gear, Custom Instances, Custom Bosses, Custom Items, Custom Zones, Custom Vote, Custom Donor, Vip items, Vip Places, Special Events such as Easter Zone etc, Custom Patches, Alot of Custom Quests, Special Quest Rewards Super Items or Legendary Items. Special Events such as EasterXmassMidsummerHalloween BlastWoW Funserver 255, Starter Gear, Custom Items, Custom Instances, Custom Zones, Custom Events, Custom Bosses, Custom Donor, Custom Vote, Vip Items, Vip Places, Custom Patches, Alot of Custom Quests, Special Events such as...