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Ultimate Rohan Online

Ultimtate Rohan Server exp x5000, drop x5000, crones x3000 Max level 110, dedicated server, fully spawned, full-proof anti-cheat, no hacked items, item mall, guild logo, automatic patcher, balanced pvp


Rates 50x50x,Nvel mximo 9970,Atributos max 99,ASPD maxima 190,Drops equipamentos gerais 10, Drop de Cartas Normais 0,50,Drops equipamentos de MVP 0,80,Drops de cartas MVPMini-Boss 0,01,COMANDOS go - Teleporta para - Deixa mercador vender itens - Abre o armazm.autoloot - Todos os itens obtidos diretamente no inventario

Valhalla Realm 1.12.1

-PvE Blizzlike server created and maintained by professional developers with a passion for World of Warcraft. -Here you will have the best content. -24/7 Online. -Dungeons & raids fully scripted. -New Server! New Community! -Staff LF Dev.


150 starting lvl260 max cap lvl1-237 skill can learn thru goldOfficial Tyranny and Royal RumbleRandomizer and Seal CardsCrafting

Xtyle RAN Online - Episode 7

Max level 300 No Reborn - Max Stats 6600 - Regeneration Server no hp pots - Combo skill gaming Attack Speed - Max refinesupgrade 25- 1-297 skill No donate skill

TransilvaniaMU Season 6 Episode 3 IGCN CASTLE SIEGE

TransilvaniaMU Season 6 Episode 3 IGCN CASTLE SIEGE

2 Worlds 718 PrometheusEconomy && 667 PrometheusPk || Hiscores,Vote4items,AutoDonate

Prometheus. "Why Should I play it?", "Is it fun?" Do you find yourself asking these questions? Well we've got answers for you. Prometheus is one of the most addicting Eco-based servers out there. On Prometheus from our forums to our server we strive to offer you the best RSPS experience you can receive, not just from features on our server but the quality of our community as well. We hope to see you in-game and on our forums!

Ultimate RaiderZ Online

Ultimate RaiderZ Server - EXP x2500, Gold x2500, Drop x2500, Vote for cash, new updated client free to download, high speed gameplay, website up 24 7 , no lag, fast loading, Enjoy

Skull island Online

Max Level 120 Solo 10 Party 15 Drop 20 Pet Growth Rate 1000 Max Status 120 Max Pet Level 50 With Normal fruits and with Improved Fruits Level Max Apparel Upgrade 120 Classe balance Mazes Chaos Argent, Arena Island, Demonic World 1,2,3,4, Forsaken City 1,2,3, Dark Swamp, Barbaric Arena 1, 2, 3 Leveling Isle, Run for Fun, Ruins of Despero, Coloseum PvP, Abaddon 5-8, Abaddon 10-17, Abaddon 18 and others Money map Fish island, Cake 100k note, wood for 15k Chaos Point for itens Neck, rings and others Npc Global Pk ranking New skills, New pets, New App, New map Vip System, Top Sytem,...

Lineage II Pandemonium

Retail Interlude Rates 1x Offline Shops TvT Events Vote Rewards and more


Hello and Welcome to ForsakenRSPS Toplist page. We offer a very unique Oldschool Experiance with Daily Updates with a Support Team that really does listen to the Community. Currently our server is in Beta with a average of around 10 Players. We Currently hold a uptime of 99.9 Down Time being Updates Below are Some Features A Home never before used Custom Items All Raid Items Tons of Shops Boss Points Skill Points Player Vs Monster Points PVM Bank Pins Void 100 Pets Bosses include King Black Dragon Sea Troll Queen BarrelChest Corporeal Beast Daggonoth...

Welcome to Hena Ran Classic Server

Server Features 4 Class Server Shaman,Brawler,Swordsman,Archer 7-167 Skills Hackshield Protected Balance Gaming Combo Based Server Vote Points System Game Time System Right Click Function Pots Based Server Quest Based Auto Suryun Target Information School Wars with Auto Reward To Be Announce Clubwar MWS 800PM to 900PM Pure Classic Rate Lowest Donation rate No Reborn System Max Level 210 3 Stats Per Level PK Counts PK Streak Ep9 Interface with Mix Ep7 Interface 247 Online Friendly Admins and GMs Growing Community 7 Complete Weapon DexInt and Pow 7D 7 Newbie...

Xnova 2

Dein Heimatplanet ist erst der Anfang Es gibt im Spiel drei Rohstoffe, nmlich Metall, Kristall und Deuterium. Um davon immer reichlich bunkern zu knnen, startest du am besten sofort mit dem Minenausbau. Beachte aber, dass mit der Minenstufe auch der Energiebedarf steigt. Nach nur kurzer Zeit bist du schon in der Lage, Forschung zu betreiben und Raumschiffe zu bauen. Bis zu Neun weitere Planeten darfst du besiedeln. Besonders kleine oder inaktive Spieler sind oft Ziele von Raids. Strkere Spieler versuchen, deine Ressourcen zu rauben und deine Verteidigungsanlagen zu vernichten. Achte deshalb...

Dark-Azeroth l WotLK 3.3.5a

Dark-Azeroth ist ein 3.3.5a WotLK Blizzlike Server, der Content wird nach und nach freigeschaltet. Content zu 99 gefixxt, bei dem alles zu 100 Blizzlike abluft. - Starterpaket 300 Goldstcke T5 Set. - Chartransfer Gildentransfer bis zur Gegenstandstufe 200.

AsinSro l Free Items 25 l Coin System

Cap 110 Skill 10mil Gold 500mil Silk 10k Free Item 25 Free Premium 20 System Coin New 4x Scroll Honor And Gods Blessing For Coin Fortress War Work Look poll Battle Arena Work Collect Asin Coin Flag Work Magic Pop Disabled Auto pot Work Stones can be stacked 100unite D11 Added Adv D15 Free Job Guild penalties Disabled D11 Wep 10 Jangan Black s Free D11 Set and acc 10 Jangan Pro Free New Avatar Scroll INt , Str 10 Uniqes Drop Asin Coin and mops lvl 109 drop silkgold You Can Get Gold From Job To Buy Stone For Stats Scroll For Stats 100 In New Npc New 10 Scroll For Titel Name In...

New Eco Mu S3 ep1

Version Season 3 Episode 1 Max Level 400 Reset Level 400 5000x xp. 69 drop. GrandReset need 70 Reset GrandReset reward 3000 credits. Vote reward and much more. Join Us

WoW Lotus

WoW Lotus - O Melhor Servidor Brasileiro Privado - World of Warcraft - Lich King 335a- Blizzlike 20x rates

DKReturns Season S12 E1-2 SlowFast

Opening 08152017 Exp x50 Max Stat 32,767 The best items in drop Drop 60 Drop Full Option No WebShop Come with your clan of more than 10 users and claim your GM package Exclusive DkReturns GM Pj, Clan Vip, Exclusive Shops and credit package for the entire clan

TEMPLARS MU The First Crusade



WorldCo Best Conquer Private Server Ever DropCps1000 MMax, FFull, SStuff, LLevel, PPlus, BBless ML255, MP255 e-thing steed,Crop,Germent,etc, MB255, 3 soc, FL140S, L140 Fan,Tower,Crop,Wings, all classesWindWalker, UTC Time Just join now you will discover everything


Lost1-PS is a server for players who enjoy a hardcore experience, due to the server being Deadman mode you can die any time and anywhere. Join the battle and get some sick loot

PhantomX Classic

PHANTOM X CLASSIC 210 Max Level 4 Balanced Classes Skills Lv.7 - Lv.167 Pow, Dex and Int No Reborn Pure Hunt Based Pots Based Combo Base Build your own Stats Skill Quest Based Item Link Enabled Character View Enabled Character Item View Right click function Classic Interface 10 Max Upgrade based on classic upgrade Success Rate All Original Based from Ran PH Low PC Requirements No Lag 700MB Freebies Automatically upon character creation Item Gift Wrapper Convert non drop non trade item to droppable and tradable Item Reform Card Reform the random value of your item Non Drop Card...

En1 BabyRan The Renewal

May donate ka ba na worth 500 pero nagdown ang server na yon Wag ka mag-alala Sa En1-BabyRan, sasagutin ni Admin ang 500 pesos worth of epoints mo Pakita mo lang ang resibo at valid ID pag nag message ka. Welcome to En1-BabyRan The Renewal Enjoy the following features -100,000 ePoints upon creation -Pure BabyRan based server -No Pots, just Regen and combo base server -6 Class Server Archer, Brawler, Swordsman, Shaman, Extreme and Gunner -Huntable Scrolls, Costumes, Change Name Card, Change Hair Color and Change Hair Style -Gold to eP Conversion -Guaranteed dedicated server 247 -Preventive...


1. 150 2. 150 3. 100 4. 150 5. 2 x5 6. 30 7. 200 8. 150 ------------------- . Ep12 Ep16 , . , . . 2 0 - 7. . Windows XP,Windows7,Windows8,Windows10 , .

Lost In Time 3.3.5a Fun Fast Leveling Server

Lost In Time 3.3.5a Fun Fast Leveling Server Fast XP. Custom Vendors, Teleporters, NPCs Items. Scripted Instances Raids With Random BGs Working. Goldshire Spawn For All Factions - Alliance And Horde Combined. Custom Commands So much more content Please Note That We Are Still New Once You Have Created An Account It May Take Up To 5 Minutes To Activate. Realm List Should Be Set To.... Join us on discord for more information Discord.gg65ykGqs