WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List

Extaria Gaming

WoW 3.3.5a Support . New Brand Server . Need GM . Less Bug . PvP and PvE Environment . Join Us Now !

Spectral-Warcraft: Reborn

Best level 10 custom server 3.3.5 world of warcraft.

Toxic WoW

Toxic-WoW is a fairly new 3.3.5a Wrath of the Lich King 100% blizzlike server. We here at Toxic-WoW are passionate about our work, and do our best to give the community what they want; you speak, we listen. We invest our time, money, and effort into bringing the best World of Warcraft blizzlike experience to you as players. Toxic-WoW is dedicated to bringing you the best Wrath game play experience since the retail release of Wrath of the Lich King. We do not expect or pressure our player base to donate, and our server does not offer custom/donation gear, in order to help keep the game as fair...

Faction Gaming

Faction Gaming. 4 realms to choose from, Azad - x1 Blizzlike, Azsharaan - Blizz x10, Oblivion - x20 rate Fun realm, Redemption - I80 4.3.4. Custom items, Working ICC + Lich King, Warden anti cheat, Much much more


Custom PvP/PvE fun. I80, custom seasons & tiers, enchant npc, transmorgify,quests & story lines. Unique mall

BlenderGaming 3.3.5a - The Most Powerful 3.3.5 Server

24/7, no lagg, running on 8GB RAM, 100MBit internet port. Custom spawn, alliance and horde mall, awesome In-Build anti-hack system, running on TrinityCore


this is a lvl 255 server fun and friendly GM's we are a work in progress and hope to see you soon

Blade Of Justice 3.3.5 FUN

HardCore PvP Fun Server with 99% Working Talents and Spells.

The Reunion Reborn

Blizzlike with some custom scripts for transmog gear, teleport npc in major cities, fishing. We have custom events and giveaways. Custom patches for your client. Come join our growing server.


Mutiny-WoW is a PvP Focused instant 80 server.

WoW-Horb Best Fun Private Server

Level 255 Realm• Over 300 Players • 5000k+ dmg • Custom Items/DualSpec/Vehicles • Custom amp Instances amp Teleporter • Malls • Battlegrounds amp Arena • Vote amp Donor Rewards • Pro staff • Very Stable • Supports 3.3.5!

Charred-WoW 3.3.5 Funserver

3.3.5 Supported * Instant 80 * Av/PVP * PVE Custom content * Custom PvP Farming * Easily Obtainable Custom Gear * High Rates * Friendly staff * 24/7 Uptime * No Lag * Lots of custom zones

Dark Soul New 2.4.3 server based on MegaFun style, unique features, stable core, constant updates, fast development, professional management, well balanced PvP and PvE. Feel free to check it out!

Vanilla Exuberance

Patch 1.12 server featuring 2 realms. Bloodhoof at 20x rates and Grim Batol at 1x rates Fresh server No-lag 247 management 1Gbps connection DDoS Protection Professinal team 20x 1x Blizzlike Progressive Vote rewards

Ultra-Gamers | 3.3.5a |

24/7, custom scripts, multiple realms, high XP rate, good staff team, awesome website! Join TODAY AND GET REWARDED!

WoW Tuga 3.3.5

Servidor Português de World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King! -> Blizzlike Rates X2! -> Vote System com rewards! -> Transmogrifier! -> Free heirlooms! -> Scriptado e Estável! -> Wintergrasp! -> Same Faction PvP

World of Titans

WoW 3.3.5a Server. It has vote panel and donate panel for PayPal and SMS for those who don't have PayPal. It is fun server with lots of custom items, vendors, events and much more. Join us NOW!

InfernO WoW Instant 70

Stable uptime, low latency. All arenas and battlegrounds work. Full scripted raids & dungeons, spells & talents, PVP, arena. Custom NPCs, for example Barber, teleport. Masses of vendors.

History-WoW Private Server 1.12.1,2.4.3,3.3.5

History-WoW private Server supporting the old versions of World of Warcaft 1.12.1 Vanilla | 2.4.3 TBC | 3.3.5. Wotlk! Join us to play for free!

WOW-X Blizzlike/Funserver Cataclysme 4.3.4 is a blizzlike/funserver. We have a 16gb of free memmory and a fiber optic connection so expect a low lag game play! We have a custome server shop and lots more. Join us today!


100% uptime | 255 Real | chance of winning real money just for playing | dedicated server | Custom items| custom quest | come join today


World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria 5.3.8 one instant level 90 this server is not pay to win we do have an item shop thats updated daily this is a Blizzard like server come in have some fun enjoy playing on THE WORLD OF ZHOU se you all in there

[4.3.4] B-Zone WoW International Blizzlike Project

New high quality Cataclysm Blizzlike Project - Constantly content fixes made - Events for fun - Scripted Raids/Dungeons/Spells/Zones - Level 85/Starter Gear Promotion - Friendly GM's

Frozen-Revenge WoW 3.3.5a

Rates x6 - Funktionierende Quests und Instanzen - Funktionierende Spells und Talente - Charakter-/ Gildentransfers - nahezu alles auf Deutsch übersetzt - Nach einem Duell werden Cooldowns resetet und alle Werte aufgefüllt - Transmogrifikation zur Individualisierung eure Charakters Was bietet Euch Frozen-Revenge: - Keine Rollbacks durch ständige Sicherung eurer Charaktere - Schutz gegen Hacker durch Anti-Cheat - ständige Fehlerbehebungen - permanent online und stabil Wotlk HighRate x20 Woltk 3.3.5a

Specification of Realmist: Server Type: HightRate Exp kill rate: 20x Exp quest rate: 20x Exp exploration rate: 3x Gold rate: 6x Drop rate: 10x Reputation rate: 10x Honor rate: 6x Profesion rate: 10x