Gaming top 100 list -

GYX Almighty Server

10 Years of Gaming Reliable Server CW CDM Tyranny Royal Rumble Item Crafting Full Donate MAX RB CAP Reward Join US Be One of US

Mu WarFace Season 6 Premium

Mu online de aventura medieval en 3D MMOPRG muchos ya lo conocen. Anmate a jugar este maravilloso juego. La versin del juego es Seasson 6 episodio 3 con tems del Seasson 7. Es un 50 slow todos los sets armas y escudos caen en el juego. El servidor cuenta con un vps DEDICADO con una capacidad aproximada de 300 user online diarios hospedado en MIAMI. -experiencia500x -drop 70 -master lv 400 y 400 puntos para repartir -cuenta con sistema CashShop mediante Globin point para comercio dentro del juego. -puedes comercializar lo que quieras en el store por globin point o soul o chaos. -Tienda...




GalaxyPS is a server that focuses on OSRS and Unique Custom Content. We strive to bring you, the players frequent unique updates and make sure that GalaxyPS is a fun experience for all players. GalaxyPS is centered around PvM, most of the time you will be hunting for our custom items by killing our custom monsters and bosses. We have several different tier training zones which can be used for grinding out skills or simply hunting for a drop. As Ive said GalaxyPS does also offer the latest OSRS Data and provides up-to-date OSRS content for those oldschool lovers. Although like weve said the...


Galatium is mobile-friendly and a free to play PBBG/MMORPG. Join the epic battle that never ceases as you strive to become a true legend. Will you be a vicious Gladiator and allow your rage to rule the battlefield ... or perhaps a pillaging Pirate where looting is a joy as well as a priority? Select from six mighty classes and begin your journey of becoming the best of the best! No downloads required. Use any device that has a web browser!

Dawn 2055

Dawn 2055 is a free post-apocalyptic mmo browser game, it takes place in harsh nuclear aftermath. Choose one of the several roles that suits you best - an explorer trying to find expensive items in highly radioactive zones, a contract and mission runner mercenary, a trader looking for profitable trade or even a bandit killing and robbing other survivors.

Acolytes Realm 2.4.3 TBC 255 Funserver

Instances, funny questions, balanced items, balanced donors, PvP PvE, Events, 247 supports, friendly GMs and expect more fun things, that will make the game more fun. The server is 255Lvl also known as Funserver.

Crankroad Online

100 Cap Experiencerate 15x Party Experience rate 20x Gold 2,5x Drop 5x Quest 2x Traderate Custom Magic Pop Disable Alchemy 1.3x max 10 without Adv Elixir Active max 2

Barkada RAN

EXPmid rate DROPmid rate Server Information Max Level 260 Skill Level 237 Party Leveling Massive PvP 6 Class Only Server Features Max level of 260 Skills upto level 237free skills on npc 1-167 Mid rate gameplay hunting Based no donate items 6 balanced class Strategic Gameplay Massive PvP War Gameplay Crafting system


download client httpswww.dropbox.coms5gc60zq7snqhybfclosereality.jardl1 httpsibb.cohD0VaL httpsibb.cob2syUf httpsibb.cohivwFL httpsibb.con8mgh0 httpsibb.coiA6Q9f httpsibb.cobF4dUf httpsibb.cocZXAaL httpsibb.cocTNnN0 httpsibb.cobRsnN0 httpsibb.coeYNnN0 httpsibb.cogjM3vL httpsibb.cob0UdUf httpsibb.coiM4qaL httpsibb.cogJOivL httpsibb.cofZcXpf httpsibb.coj3jqaL httpsibb.comJqJUf httpsibb.codCVwFL httpsibb.cobJJ59f httpsibb.conkrgh0 httpsibb.codP4OvL httpsibb.cokV0wFL httpsibb.cogNKqaL httpsibb.coehuqaL httpsibb.cocQVVaL httpsibb.cofZnnN0 httpsibb.conPGQ9f httpsibb.cok04dUf httpsibb.cocgqwFL...

Shaiya Aero Episode 5.4

Episode 5.4 Max Level 80 EXP x200 x500 on Weekends Max Kills 1.000.000 Kill Rate x2 x5 at Events Max Lapis Lv7 Custom Lapises Custom Items New Gears Weapons Custom Sets available Enchant Rate 99 till 15 All Items can be farmed Many Events SelfParty Command


Private travian server offering you unforgivable fair gameplay and enjoyable experience. Our developers team fixing bugs as soon as we got an report. and testers team testing every detail and new feature. Game completely free Join now and show your strength to other conquers

Asteria X

Active Community - Perfect Gambling - Friendly Staff - Tank Boss - Flower Poker - Pristiege options - Boss Pets - Castle Wars - Upgradeable Items - Clue Scrolls - GE

Aion Evolution 5.8-4.7 EU-FR

First french server since 2009, Aion Evolution offers you a full offlike content and even more with some helping customs. Active Game Masters, frequent animations, experienced developpers, all what you need to enjoy our all new 5.8-4.7. Aion Evolution offers you all the game content PvP, PvE, Instances, Craft... and also - Boosted rates for your progression in game XP x4, Drops x3, Abyss Points x3 - Old 4.7 maps and all their content on the 5.8 version - Fully working RvR adapted to the number of players - Each saturday a big event - Many automatic events all day rift, ffa, pvp...


We are an Ep5.3 server with working skills . EP 6 gears and weapons Max level 80 EXP is 250 x Custom lapis Special MM mobs All Items drop ingame We have a great and friendly staff team! More custom and interesting things are sure to come in the future

FUN Server Rates x 15 Main proffesions 4


dg11 cap 110 Old School

Crusaders Ran EP9

Crusaders Ran Online EP9 Free 18 set Weapon Access Wings Toy Gpack No Reborn 350 Max LEVEL balance 7classes Unlock All Skills Item link Infoview Regen Based Combo Based Dex attack speed 20 Max upgrade hunt your own item PK Streak Enabled Club War Royal Rumble every School War every Item Mixer Anti Skills HP Cuts Enabled Active and Friendly Staffs No BIAS Donor vs. Non Donor 100 Possible

Emperium RAN Online EP7

- Welcome to Emperium RAN Online EP7 230 Max Level 207 Last Skill 4 Balanced Classes Pure Hunt Based Server -


Real OSRS - Economy - Zulrah - Lizard Shamans - Raids - 3 Ironman Modes - Zeah - Kraken - Max cape - Custom shops - Godwars Dungeon - Barrows - Pest Control - Fast EXP - Easy Drops - Bank Pins - NO LAG - Uptime - Daily Updates - Friendly Staff - Active Community - Double EXP weekends - Growing Fast

Shaiya Grimoire

Our goal is to provide an amazing experience for all types of players. Old shaiya vets, general people in the community, donators, non donators, farmers, everyone. We want to breathe a breath of new life into the over all shaiya and allow for it to begin growing again.


Version Season 3 Episode 1 Exp x5000 Drop 80 MaxLevel 400 Max Statl 32767 Points per Level 5 WebshopCashShopReset yes Rebuilded PvP Balance 99

Vetus Mundus

Choose between humans and gargoyles which are completely seperated from the human world, learn new skills like mysticism, imbuing, throwing or spellweaving. OSI-like but with many own feature like the fascinating criminal-system on Ter Mur or the castle siege system on Felucca. Explore many dungeons including the underworld and abyss dungeon. Skillcap 800 900 after one year, Statcap 225 250. Only Felucca is PvP and PK land. Shard language is German, but English speakers are welcome. Join one of the biggest German freeshards and its friendly community. A dedicated staff awaits you.

WOTLK YugoWoW 85 Fun Server 3.3.5

YugoWoW is a 85 Fun Server.With more than 10000 custom items and a lot of custom contents Join us Now