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WykopMu S4 x300, Start 22nd June

New WykopMu server is almost ready. On June 22, were starting with a Season 2 Season 4 Edition. Registration will be opened at 7 pm GMT1. We have prepared a lot of new amentities and content for your maximum entertainment SEASON 4 CONTENT - We start with Season 2 and Summoner, but new content will be available to players over time. Everyone will find something good for him. Expect many events, quests and achievements related with unlocking new items and locations. DYNAMIC EXPERIENCE - The Initial Experience Rate is x300 and it changes depending on conditions and how much resets you have. ...

Immortal Gaming Ran Online

Babyran Gameplay Free2Play Balance Gameplay No Over PowerSkill Class40 Max Upgrade350 Max Level 100 Max Reborn Ran GS Interface 6 ClassBrawler,Archer,Swordman,Shaman,Extreme,GunnerFreebies 40 Premium Last Item 15DaysHunt your Own Item Premium Items are huntable

AlianzaMu S6

AlianzaMu ExpDinamic fast All Items FULL OPTS FREE make makeset drop ACTIVE Join Now Unete Ahora


OVER-SRO cap130 d14 Free silk coin system , 100 free server no donation system .

Pimpin - The Game

A FREE online pimp game where as a Pimp operating worldwide you must increase your networth and build an empire. Crew with your mates, form alliances, scout the local areas, tame your hoes, invade enemy homes and lots more! Do you have what it takes?

Pandora Ultima Online - Dedicated Server

DEDICATED SERVER - AOS.ML.SE.SA.HS.TOL Online Over 7 Years All Expansions using the latest Client. A community size that feels just right not overwhelming. No Skill Cap Easy Skill Gains You start with a house and mounts. From Gardeners to Serial Killers. Who will you be Welcome to Glory. - 13 years online - since 2005y Exp 650x

SOULMU Exp 650x Drop 40 SEASON 4 IGCN This server is online still since 25 december 2005 year This is 21th edition 200 ONLINE Lots of Admins Event Lets MUuuuuu


- 5 Class Server No Extreme - Craft Based Gameplay Free2Play - Indonesian based client with gunner - Max Lv 450 - Fast Leveling - Donator and Non Donator E-rooms - Gold to Premium Points - Not Pay to Win - Everyday CW - PK Streak and Counter - CW Ranking - Monthly Ranking Reward - High Rate GoldExpDrop - Suryun Event - Wing Enabled - Maximum Upgrade 30 - Crafting System - Hackshield Protected

MuZefiro Season XIII

MuZefiro Season XIII Cuenta con dos servidores Fast de 100x y Hard 1x Cuarta Clase de PJ Cuarta Clase de Alas Nuevos Eventos, etc Ingresa y disfruta de este servidor 247

NayRoad Cap 110 D11 Free Silk

CHEU Exp x5, Gold x2, Job Trade x30, Fellow Pets,Auto Event 2Hours, 2 Silk for Hours,D11 Weapons,Armor,Accessory drop in Unique and Mobs, VoteForSilk,All Avatars, Do no wait More

ReforgeCraft ClassLess

Enjoy unique ClassLess WOTLK experience as you create any race class combination for base and then build on it using spells and talents from any class and whatever stats u choose. There are 2 Diff realms and custom commands, you can do any factions quests

Magician Online

Cap130 Degree 14 PVE CH-EU Mastery 390-260 Coin System Job System Free2Play No Ip Limit New avatars New Weapons New titles Free bot Jangan FW Silkh Grand Opening 15-5-2018

Zone MYKO Max LVL 72, FarmPK Exclusive Clan WAR EVENT New Beginner Items and MUCH MORE

Looking for a MYKO style long lasting server, search no more we got what you need, Our long lasting server provides the best player support along with the powerfull anti-cheat SOACS system combined with exclusive custom events such as Clan War Our community is very involved in the development of our server and we push updates almost DAILY Just give us a try you will not regret it

Crusader Travian T3.6 T4.4 25X,500X,10000X,1000000X

We have for the moment 7 servers 3 T4.4 servers 25x, 500x, 10000x 4 T3.6 servers 25x, 500x, 10000x, 1000000x

Exodia RAN EP10

- RAN GS Style - Freebies upon creation - 300 Max level - 7 to 237 Skill - Tyranny - Royal rumble - Hunt your own item - Craft your own item - Faultless, Fierce, Horus Items - Fixed bugs - No RV Donation

SS-Travi, The best private server since 2012

SS-Travi it's the popular travian server since 2012. We have more than 300 players registerred every round and we growing up every day. Come and enjoy with a lot of people. Create your alliance, win the rounds, know new friends

Global MYKO Made with passion INTERNATIONAL

Global MYKO is most awaited v.1299 server that been developed for a long time. myKO style Our automated event system will be delivering Chaos battle uniqueBDWJuraid MountainForgotten TempleLast Man StandingClan WarBifrost best possible Support Multilanguage panel

AlternateUO - APK Style PvE-PvM Shard

Fully custom, fresh PvP shard. High skillstat caps, tons of new fully unique systems. Dedicated staff and frequent events. Always up

Duterte Ran

Classic 4 Class Server, Midrate so balance, HuntFarm to the max, Max Level 210, Last Skill 167. Free 2 Play, 100 NO DONATE ITEMSPREMIUM SERVICES. Max Refine 10, Everyday BTG EventPOWER HOUR. NO BIASOVERPOWER ACTIVE STAFFS AND PLAYERS

xArenaMU Season III Episode I

xArenaMU Classic Season 3 Episode 1 Exp x300,Drop50,PPL 57,Max Stats 32767,Webshop,VoteSystem,- Exchange Online Hours,Reset Bonus,Good Spots ,No lags,No Bugs,Active GM ,JOIN US

Pacific Ran Online

---7 Class Server ---24 Hours Dedicated Server ---Up to 237 Skillsunlock Skills ---View Char Info ---Region Chat ---Grind Announce ---Non Drop Card with announcement. ---Max Level Announce ---K Streak and PK Streak Ended Announce. ---Club Wars ---School Wars ---Tower Wars ---Royal Rumble ---Minor Blocking on C.E Anti HPF Anti HP Edit. ---Server Attacks blocked. ---100 Donator Vs Non-Donator ---Cap Race Reward

Ranpak EP7

Server Features - 99 FREE FOR PLAY - VPoints Base System DonorNonDonor possible - Server Release July 16, 2018 - Episode 7 Classic - 5 Class System - Balance Game Play - Low PC Requirements No Lag - Free all skills - Lunch Box - Hide and seek event - Random Event - Slot Event - Anti cheat detection - Max Refine 10 - Hunt Base Server good for market business - Quest base system - Unlocked 5th class Exteme - No Over Power Class - Max Level up to Lv 211 - Item Name with each rare grade General, valuable, etc - Come and Join us now - Server Release July 16, 2018

Shining Moon

Renewal Pre-Renewal. Set your own EXP-rates between 1-100 20x droprates Class Change, Soul System, Monster Hunter, Treasure Caches, Over 400 custom headgears, Warper warp, BufferHealer, Weapon Evolution, Daily Rewards, Automated Events and much more features. Active Development Join us

The Dream RSPS NEW Server Raids

We understand that you have been scrolling and clicking different servers to find the best one to dedicate your time to, so we will keep this simple and sweet. We have got a dedicated and active community and staff that loves our OSRS Updates with our own RSPS styled twists. We have got everything from The Real Old School Vestas to The New Old School Raids. If you want to check out our website click here, if not keep reading. KEY FEATURES In-Game Drop Table Bonus XP Weekends Cerberus Kraken Zulrah Rigour Augury with Prayer Scroll Support Raids Staking Vestas Trading Post Voting...


Six-a-side is a football based free-to-play browser management game with a unique 2D engine.