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This is an Amazing Rsps we need staff right now! Join now and get torva, pernix and virtus without donating! Amazing economy easy skilling incredible pvp and pvm, godwars warrior guild and more! Join today!

War-X-Scape - OSRS

Brang new


15+ Bosses & Pets || Custom Quests || 100+ Achievements || Custom Items & Shops || Bounty Hunter & Clan Wars || Custom Monsters || Custom Minigames

SincityPS 1 RSPS - Raids - Inferno httpsdiscord.ggRPbHsxY About Sincity-PS Sincity-PS was found by Vision In 2017. We are trying to offer a best experience to our players, weekly updates and great content You as a player, decide over updates, we are taking every suggestion in consideration, we want you to help us improve We are trying to run as many polls we can in forums so you could vote between yes or no. What are you waiting for Come and check us out FEATURE LIST Working Toxic blowpipe With chargeunchargeloading system Raid items Construction Works Fully. Player owned shops Cape customizer Cerberus...

EliteScape - Best Economy Server


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Exoria New Love, New Dedication.

New love and new dedication. Come play and youll see. This is the good ol Exoria you knew and loved back in the day.

Ultimatescape 4

We have two aims, to provide the absolutely best gaming experince for our players and to make the most legendary RSPS of all time. UltimateScape is an advanced server we have many guides on the forums explaining how to play the game

GoF-rs|Full construction|need staff

Welcome to [B]GoF-rs[/B] LOTS OF CUSTOM ITEMS over 1000 not in rs To Play now [URL=""]Click here[/URL] [URL=""]Website[/URL] Server has [B]Vote4Rewards[/B], auto donation, [B]highscores[/B], custom titles, cool game of thrones related items fractions and titles, Custom minigames and items, [B]Webclient[/B]. WE NEED STAFF BRAND NEW SERVER WITH BRAND NEW Highscores-which admins cannot be on-. to apply go to forums at [URL=""]ClicktoApplytoStaff[/URL] Pictures: [B]Pick your fraction[/B]...

Redemption RSPS 614

If you are looking for an addictive, realistic fun new RuneScape Private Server to play, look no further! REDEMPTION-RSPS has everything that you could ever desire & more! Here at REDEMPTION-RSPS we have something for everybody! 1. We don't believe in downtime. 2. We have a tight and friendly community. 3. There is always a member of staff online to help. 4. We have unique features no other server has! 5. We actually update regularly.. 6. We focus on the small details! 7. We have an economy. 8. All our skills work...


Unparalleled-RSPS New Server Rev Caves Bonus Weekends Raids Vorkath Active Community Weekly Updates Holiday Events Unique PK Eco Bosses

We have many experienced programmers. We are looking for a website developer! Come and join the most unique RSPS in the history!

DrygonScape Community 742 Nothing, but unique

Full construction, all skills, 15 bosses with mechanics, active community pvp, daily updates, weekly events and so much more

Last Chapter

2011 era rsps 2 game modes


OpticSouls is a 667/721 Revision(Beta), which means you will have old item looks and newer graphics. All Skills are currently working and have some customs in-game. Our home is currently located at the Gamer's Grotto for quick Fun PK and Dangerous PK. Boss's work and have various skilling locations. Enjoy!

#1 OSRS PK Server Just released 200 + players

Eden is a remake of Runescape 2008-2009 with OSRS Contest. We focus on even the smallest details to make the server exactly how you remember it back in the days when you used to play runescape in 2008 be apart of our community and help us improve Eden. We have tons of features - Shooting Star,