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Valtyr 80 Cap Oldschool Only CH Vote4silk Grand Opening 18.08.2017



Online since June 2008 Max lvl 85. Light farm pk server. Balanced classes and Items. EVENTS Killing Race, BDW, CSW, Forgotten Temple, Spinning Wheel gambling, Daily free items, Ardream, Rental items, Achievement system. Friendly and active staff. Come and join us for your ultimate Knight Online experience.

Radical Server - 6.2.3 - Espanol

Servidor Radical Server, World of Warcraft Parche 6.2.3, temporada 1 de Warlords of Draenor Gladiador primigenio Servidor de habla hispana, Comunidad Amigable y agradable, ambiente de juego competitivo Profesiones funcionando 100, Todas las Clases Funcionales y actualizadas constantemente. Maestros del Juego activos y pendientes. Rates de experiencia variable Niveles 1 al 58 x5 Niveles 59 al 70 x4 Niveles 71 al 80 x3,5 Niveles 81 al 90 x3 Niveles 91 al 100 x2 Migracion Espejo hasta la expansion 5.4.8. descarga el addon y realiza el proceso desde nustra web, Bosses del mundo...

Hope Ran Online Episode 9

HopeRanEP9 Officially UP August20 UniqueGameplay PureBakBakan EP9 SERVER 7 CLASS Midrate Server Regen Based Unlock ALL Skills 237 Latest All Items Market PK Area HP UP AND DEF UP Fate Box Auto Skill New Items Slot ------------------------------------------ New Features Automated Events PUBG WARS ROYAL RUMBLE TYRANNY WARS MINI DUNGEONS AUTO RANDOM PICK EVENT HIDE AND SEEK EVENT SW PVP LIKE AND SHARE EVENTS -------------------------------------- NO REFORM NO RANDOMIZER NO HIDDEN STATS NO BIAS Our Website Website Facebook Group...

Mu WarFace Season 6 Premium

Mu online de aventura medieval en 3D MMOPRG muchos ya lo conocen. Anmate a jugar este maravilloso juego. La versin del juego es Seasson 6 episodio 3 con tems del Seasson 7. Es un 50 slow todos los sets armas y escudos caen en el juego. El servidor cuenta con un vps DEDICADO con una capacidad aproximada de 300 user online diarios hospedado en MIAMI. -experiencia500x -drop 70 -master lv 400 y 400 puntos para repartir -cuenta con sistema CashShop mediante Globin point para comercio dentro del juego. -puedes comercializar lo que quieras en el store por globin point o soul o chaos. -Tienda...

Oldmyko Old Knight Online Myko Gaming 62 lvl Legit

Odin ServerBeta 23082016 OFFICIAL 04092016 4 september 2016 1400 PM GMT 2 Panel Forum Download httpwww.oldmyko.comHomeDownload Facebook www.facebook.comforevermyko IMPORTANT LINKS DOWNLOAD httpoldmyko.comHomeSearchMonster LIVE SUPPORT httpoldmyko.clubsupportschat.php UPGRADE RATES httpoldmyko.clubshowthread.phptid2429 GAME QUESTS httpoldmyko.clubforumdisplay.phpfid20 EVENT TIMES httpoldmyko.clubshowthread.phptid2431 GAME MACRO httpoldmyko.clubshowthread.phptid2473

Neutral Gaming Networks

NEW DEDICATED SERVER Extreme Edition 7-297 Mixed Skills School Wars Automatic Insert Reward Royal Rumble Automatic Insert Reward Suryun Event Everyday Automatic Hardcore Reborn Server Unique Gameplay 3 Schools in 1 Campus Club Wars Classic Features Right Click Function Item Upgrade Announcement Attendance System Active Events BTG High Drop Rate Satisfying Newbie Gift Box 100 Balanced 100 247 Dedicated Server 100 247 Website 100 247 Autopatch Launcher 100 No Edited ItemsSkills Exchange youre Game Time to Premium Points VOTE REWARDPremium Points NO SHITTY V-POINTS

Mystic-PS Brand New Need Staff Raids 1 New Raid Items

Brand new server, will be updating the description more. osrs based server with fully working raids 1. Need staff ABOUT US 317 Server Active Staff Updates every day Custom prestiging perks Bosses include Vorkath, Zulrah, Kraken, Corporeal Beast, God Wars Dungeon, King Black Dragon and many more Raids Donation Zone and Shop Skiller and boss Pets Prestiging ranks to better Drop Rate Better xp the more you prestige Owner Pj and run Admin Su Temperary description

Emerald Sanctum

Emerald Sanctum offers a multi-expansion progressive realm based on PvE that will run starting at Vanilla 1.2 and run till Legion. Players can choose at the end of each major expansion to stay or transfer to the next expansion. Rates are always 1x, never pay2win.


110 Cap 100x EXP 150x Party EXP PLAY2WIN Alchemy 3x 2 SILKHOUR Vote4Silk Active Staff


Welcome to the Spectral-OS, A 317 Economy based RSPS, There are many bosses features such as Cerberus, Zulrah, Kraken, Demonic Gorillas, Lizardman Shaman, Abyssal Sire, Ironman Mode, Ultimate Ironman Mode, OSRS Mode and so much more. Currently Online Being Developed, Feel free to download Experience it for yourself.

Thracian Classic EP7

This is a 4 class low to mid rate server. You can hunt and upgrade your own items. Come and join with us.

Code RAN Online EP7 Mix

4 Class 210 Max Level 167 Last Skills 20 New Skills from etc No Donation Item No Premium Services New meta gameplay Regen Base Combo Base Vote Points donation only Gametime to VP Gold to VP Vote every 12hrs and gain 10VP We are 100 online everyday JOIN US NOW


Jeu Spatial avec pleins de nouveauts.Vitesse x10, dbris 30 Def et 70 Flo.Ouvert depuis le 1 Novembre 2016.Nombreux Bonus.Forteresse, Loterie etc...MAJ rgulire.Jeu entirement gratuit.





Draconic Ran Online EP7

Join the newest Classic Ran Private Server in town EP7 4Class Classic Gameplay max level 210 max skills 167 Balance and Fair Gameplay

iPLay Ran Online 9 Class

SERVER FEATURES 9 Class System - Official BabyRan GamePlay UIs and More - Balance Game Play - Low PC Requirements Lag Free Server - Unlocked All Skills - High Rate Server - No Over Power Skills - Reborn Enabled - Combo Based Server - Freebies Upon Creation - GameTime to EP - Long Time Server -

AllstarLegends Oldschool Nostalgia

ALLSTARLEGENDS,Back to oldschool 24-7 online DDoS Protected22skillsAll MinigamesBossesFunPk Join now and feel the Nostalgia Double exp weekends OLDSCHOOL NOSTALGIA

DevilCore The Hell is Here

Devil Core nivel max 127, pvp , evolutii noi , iteme noi , game play nou


Galatium is mobile-friendly and a free to play PBBG/MMORPG. Join the epic battle that never ceases as you strive to become a true legend. Will you be a vicious Gladiator and allow your rage to rule the battlefield ... or perhaps a pillaging Pirate where looting is a joy as well as a priority? Select from six mighty classes and begin your journey of becoming the best of the best! No downloads required. Use any device that has a web browser!

Elite WoW

The only 4.0.6 custom haste server Instant 85 Bunch of custom stuff Friendly and devoted Staff No lags Balanced PvP Merged Pve and balanced PvP causes a lot of fun Many great events Renewable content Hard-working and professional DEV team Custom World Bosses Accept our warmest welcome and join us now

WykopMu S4 x300, Start 22nd June

New WykopMu server is almost ready. On June 22, were starting with a Season 2 Season 4 Edition. Registration will be opened at 7 pm GMT1. We have prepared a lot of new amentities and content for your maximum entertainment SEASON 4 CONTENT - We start with Season 2 and Summoner, but new content will be available to players over time. Everyone will find something good for him. Expect many events, quests and achievements related with unlocking new items and locations. DYNAMIC EXPERIENCE - The Initial Experience Rate is x300 and it changes depending on conditions and how much resets you have. ...

OS-Veldahar 1 OSRS Emulation

OS Veldahar Your 1 OSRS Based Economy Server Vorkath A very challenging boss for you to take part of and kill for great rewards Great Olm The great olm is available for fight as well, including drops like the twisted bow Good luck Achievement Diaries 200 Tasks is what you are able to complete within all of the provinces available with great rewards and perks of each achievement diary item. Abyssal Sire Fight the mighty abyssal sire for a chance on an unsired drop, in which you are able to drop into the font of consumption for a bludgeon piece, abysal dagger or misc items. PK District...


New server, very fun loaded with custom content including Chambers of xeric raids, Custom pets, Minigames, items and much more Come enjoy the content today