WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List


Hello|Psyconomic-wow|Instant80|3.3.5a|custom|join today!

Epyc WoW 4.0.6 Instant 85 PvP

-Epyc WoW Pvp Server. -Friendly Gm's doing events, -we have forums, donationshop , voteshop -Join today and get 1 free mount of your -choise. -Server is 24/7 -so if you like pvp nonstop join us then. -so join today and have fun with us. -Transmogs Works! -Join and get vicious wep for free

Funserver Brasil

Olá pessoal entre já e confira o melhor do pvp battlegrounds 24 horas suporte 24 horas GM´s online sem bugs

WoWM8 2.4.3

Instant 70 | No lag | 99.9% Uptime | Mature Staff | Professional Attitude | Ingame events | Non-molested content | TBC | Working BGs and Arenas | 100% Scripted Raids and Instances | Join Today!


Private server 3.3.5 2 realm's open non-stop is looking for players and staff

WOW Reborn

Blizzlike 1x Rates No Custom Items Based in the United States for excellent latency. Server is recompiled and databases updated weekly. Friendly staff Donation and Voting rewards WILL NEVER result in pay2win. Server will remain as close to blizzlike as possible.

SkyWoW 3.3.5a

SkyWoW | Patch - 3.3.5a | ICC 10 / 25 Working | 24 / 7 Online | Nice Ping | Nice Team | Dugeon Browser Working | Raid Browser Working | Battelground Working and any more.

Undamed-Wow Reborn

Undamed-WoW Reborn!!! still working on it. come check it out all old items exist. Get your old Custom Back! 25000 + custom items alot of quest. 12000 haste 0.00

Design WoW-Guides

We're a community thats bringing you almost everything you need to become a pro in World of Warcraft, register today to get access to it!

Transylvania WoW

335a247 ONEVENTSXP x20QXP x152x XP WeekendsGold x3Honor x150g StartDrops Uncommon x5, Rare x4, Epic x3, Legendary x2Rep x3Working Arenas, BGs, All InstancesCustom Content Coming SOON

•WoWSpore 4.3.4• - Blizzlike FastLevel

24/7, 4.3.4 patch, Blizzlike realm, awesome website, good staff team. Join Now And Join The Epic Adventure You Never Forget

Spellgreen-WoW [3x Blizzlike]

Experience the Wrath of the Lich King once again on our server!


Legendary Wir sind ein Deutscher WoW Privat-Server auf dem Patchstand 3.3.5a. Wir bieten euch einen Chartransfer vom Offiziellen sowie wie auch von anderen Privat-Servern. Icc 10/25 NH offen sowie auch die Hardmode wariante. Klassen zu 95% Gescriptet! 6 Stunden Support Gm´s und Developer immer noch gesucht

WoW Purgatory HR Private Server

Best wow private server offering free account create, fun and high rates realm, pvp guides, pvp roles, community forum, scripted custom instances, wotlk patch required

Magic WoW PVE 1.12.1 RP Friendly

Blizz like rates / Role-Play Friendly / 2016 Release / No Pay To Win / Lag free / DDOS Protection / Community Driven!

Vanilla-Entertainment x15 1.12.1

• Vanilla-Entertainment 1.12.1 • 24/7 Uptime • Ragnaros and other raids opened • 15x XP • High Experience Rates, Other rates blizzlike • No Lag • Working Bg's • Scripted instances • Working pvp system • Best prebc server out there • Stable Server • Active Community • No OP donations • Dedicated servers • Join Now !

Purity WoW

Purity WoWArena Season Rankings ALL Battlegrounds work Lag-freeGreat Uptime PvP and Arena Titles Scripted Instances Balanced PvP Vote and be Rewarded Rates17x Xp 22x Quest 20x Drop 16x Rep 22x Gold 3x Honor 3x Arena

WotlkFriend 25x

The best wow 3.3.5a Lich-King WotlkFriend 25x Only best players is on this server

Venoxis-Gaming 3.3.5a PvP | PvE Instant 80 High

PvP/PvE directed with custom contents and Custom boss fights, instances and VIP-system are just a few of the features. We can promise you content and game-play experience that You've never seen before. We're working to make all classes balanced. No classes are more Overpowered than the other.

WoW 2.4.3 High-Rate

Instances scripted, no bugs, stable core, no lag , 10gbps conection data-center , no disconects , xeon, 16gb ram, 2x2Tb for backup

Nutri Turbo

Instant 80 pvp

[Deutsches Projekt][Blizz, High-Rate & Fun Realms] [255 Max Level] [8000+ Custom Items][Ultimative Stats][über 800000 Schaden] [Tier 11 bis Tier 15] [Erstaunliche Custom Instanzen][Custom Playertreff] [BG System][Balanzierte Klassen][Deutsches Team] [Keine Lags]

WoW Latro

Versao Instant 80 Season 8 e Armas Edit free , Itens Por Honor e Arena , Areas De Farm, Quests Diarias e Muito Mais Venha Desfrutar De Um Bom PvP.

Sword of Souls (3.3.5a)

Welcome to OTS Sword of Souls - the new generation wotlk progress server! Sword of Souls is a new made Wotlk Server with the main goal to offer you gradual blizzlike content release, along with custom improvements for better gameplay. Join us now and fight along with other people for the realm first raid titles or the gladiator titles!!! Xp: 1-20x [free to choose] Honour: 3x Reputation: 3x Profession: 6x Drop: 2x [Rare/Epic Drop 1x] Gold: 1x We wont offer you Pandas and pet fights, but we got some innovations which you are gonna like for sure! Also you cant donate BiS gear, as...

Frostbite-Wow - Instant 80 - PVP

FrostbiteWoW is a brand new 3.3.5a instant 80 PvP realm. With nice malls, everything working and no downtime you'll find yourself in love with the server within minutes. Join today and find out what we can offer you! We have many interesting features, some of them listed below: Instant 80 Custom Battleground Exclusive VIP Mall Active Battlegrounds All Arenas Working Transmogrification Active Staff Friendly Game masters Fun Events