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The most unique Silkroad Online Private Server out there Try Pvperz now Join the best Silkroad Server ever created D11NEW WEAPONSNEW SKILLSNEW PETS NEW AVATARSNEW WORLD

PoweR-RoaD Server Pve Cap 130 D15 Free

Level Cap130 Mastery Cap390 Skills New Skills Lvl 130 Item Cap D15 Exp800x PartyExp900x SkillPointsExp400x Gold Drop15x Item Drop25x SoX Drop200x Alchemy Rate15 JobNew System 150x BottingAllowed Working Guild Icons. Forgotten World Enabled Capture The Flag Enabled - Every 2 hours. FortressWar Jangan FortressWar 3 times a week Friday 0700 GMT2,Sunday 0700 GMT2 Tuesday 0700 GMT2 FortressWar Registration Everyday - 0600 AM - 0500 PM New Coin System All avatars to date are added and working. All Fellow Pets added. New Quests Old Job Suits added. 100 Magic Pop...

Qivin-X Silkroad

New Silkroad Qivin-X

Evolution Sro Best Silkroad Private Server 2016

Cap130 Startlvl1 Start Gold2B StartReverse11 StartGlobal11 Drop Arena From Mobs In Baghdad FTW JanjanHotanBanditContistapole Work Full Help From Gms And Supporters FW Every Friday Event So-ok Every 2h Event Plvl Every Day Event Uniques Every Day Pvp Event Every 3Days


SC Sro FULL NOVA PVP SERVER Baslangc 110 Level Olup --Free Silk -- P Limit 2 -- Academy Kapal -- Job Cezas 2 gn -- Guild Cezas Yok. -- Power Yoktur. --D11 Nova silahlar 7 Full Blue Stat 100 Freedir. --D11 Nova temler 7 Full Blue Stat 100 Freedir. --D11 Nova Accesory 7 Full Blue Stat 100 Freedir. --Scrollar Damageler Dresler Petler.. --Oyun almnda 2 kale mevcut jangan ve Dowhang kale sahiplerine Downhang Commander ve Jangan Commander olarak rtbe verilecektir --Art Rate Snr 11 Olup NPClerden 4 Adv zerinden art baslmaktadr. Ve 114 Sondur Daha Fazla Baslmamaktadr Oyunda Eitli yerde 101 moblar...

Unlimited Sro

Server Info Cap 110 Daggre 11 EuropeChines Both. Skills All Working - Status, Duration, KB, KD, ect Pets All working Maps All areas working Avatars Working and a large Range via item mall Item Mall Fully working GuildUnion Emblem Working CTF Working FW Working FGW Working

toxin online

Gear Cap 11Level Cap 110Mastery Level 110Start Level 1Exp 40xExp Party 45xSP 40xGold Rate 15xDrop Rate 10xMax Plus 12 with AdvancedTrade 25xRace EuropeanChineseFortress War Jangan Hotan AvailableChar inventory 3 PagePet inventory 5 Inventory is AvailableSystem Isro

Memoirs CAP 80 EUCH Low Rate Job Based Play2Win And more

CENTERIMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.coml3SIb.pngIMG This is... COLORDarkRedMemoirs SroCOLOR BAgain B IMGexpandable 0httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG IMGexpandable 0httpi.epvpimg.comHggXb.pngIMG HomePage COLORdarkredURLhttpmemoirs-sro.compgnewsMemoirs SroURLCOLOR Register COLORdarkredURLhttpmemoirs-sro.compgregMemoirs SroURLCOLOR Download COLORDarkRedURLhttpmemoirs-sro.compgdlMemoirs SroURLCOLOR Facebook URLhttpswww.facebook.comMemoirs-1572206693085499frefnfCOLORRedMemoirs SroCOLORURL IMGexpandable 0httpi.epvpimg.comSm2Ib.pngIMG IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comnsJTg.pngIMG ...

Silkroad Game Privete Server Silkroad Privete Server Server Information: Diablo-Sro Server Free Level Cap:130 Mastery Cap:390 Skills : New Skills Lvl 130 Item Cap: D15 Exp:800x PartyExp:900x SkillPointsExp:400x Gold

Server Information: Diablo-Sro Server Free Level Cap:130 Mastery Cap:390 Skills : New Skills Lvl 130 Item Cap: D15 Exp:800x PartyExp:900x SkillPointsExp:400x Gold Drop:15x Item Drop:25x SoX Drop:200x Alchemy Rate:+15% Job:Old System 150x Botting:Allowed New Characters: Diablo-Sro Server Free 5 Pegasus 1000 HP (X-Large) 1000 MP (X-Large) 10 Drug Of Typoon 10 100% Resurrection scroll 3 Berserker 20 Instant return scroll 1 4-Week Skill Gold Time Ticket 11 20% Damage Increase Scroll 11 20% Damage Absorption Scroll 11 Reverse return scroll 28 Days Rabbit Grap Pet 10m...

ChillOut-Silkroad OnlineCap 130 13Dgr

Cap 130 13 Dgre Race Chinese Europe Start lv 130 with Full Egy Job - Coin Based Free Silk Botting Allowed, Auto Event . Survival Arena ,, DDOS Protection Security for all TOOLS. New Futures and more you can find here httpswww.elitepvpers.comforumsro-pserver-advertising4321691-chillout-community-cap-130-13d-new-buffs-auto-event-free-silk-2-7-17-opening.htmlpost36139653 NEW Job System In order to get Sun, players will need to gain Job Experinces. After the each trade, experiences will turn into coins and locate in players inventory automatically after relog. By this way, botters will have...

Pioneer Gaming-Network

10Dg - Cap 100 - New SOX System - New Job based System - Free Silk - Vote for Silk - Including Job Temple - Many Players - Friendly Staff - Unique Ranking - Nice Community - No Lags and 24/7 Online

REAL SRO AkTiF yeni itemler yeni arkadalar buyrun gelin

120 cap 14-15 degree -balangc leveli120 -balangcta 250 m Gold, -9000000 m Sp -1000 Hp pot -1000 Mp por -10 adet Speed -120 Cap -Irk Chin-Eu -Skill Cap 120 -Mastery Cap 360240 -Max Set Silah 15 DG -Guild Ceza Yok -Free Silk 9999999 basmak var stat basmak var -14 dgler npcde gold ile -15 dgler coin sistem 11 100 statl -Damage Scrollar,HP MP 4100 Scrollar, God Bless,honor,10luk pre,rtbeler, hepsi Coin sistem -ONG HABBATTA CON KASABLRSNZ. -Her PAZAR Akam FTW... -Her Ayn 1inde Unqe Rank Sfrlanr. 1.ciye 20 TL 2.ciye10 TL 3.ciye5 TL

Destiny Network

Destiny Network is the best 11D Server

RioSro Cap 110D11New SystemNew Skills247 onlinePvpPve Advanced Features

Pvp.Pve Server With FGW ----------------------------- Cap 110 Items EGY A EGY B EGY C New Skills New Quests ----------------------------- some hint about the game that will help you 1- with 1 gold you can get Item Nova 7 Lucky Steady ston Elixeers Free So U Can Make 2- Kill Uniques to get some of arena and V-coin Normal Uniques 10 Arena Coin Jupiters 10 R-Coin 3- arena and CTF work Arena 7 arena winner , 2 Loser CTF --- 1 kill 1 R-Coin 4- new skill you can get new skill that will help you to kill your enemey and be strong with our new quest it is will be crazy grin item info EGY A...

West Silkroad

West Silkroad 120 Cap Orta Emek Server Drop Sistem zel Kervan Yollar 5 Eyll ONLNE 13 Degre Nova Moon Sun Drop System Mirror Maceras 13 Degre Sun Silah System Forgetten Worlddaki Kartlar Tamamla veya Droplardan Sun silah al veya dr ve gcne g kat Guild Limit 32 Union Limit 3 Jangan Bandit Fortess WAR Taxlarn balandg ehir. Cap olana tanmadan Emek vermeye meyilli Serverde Kapanmama Garantisi Jangan Bandit Fortess War Taxlarn Balandg ehir. Buglar Sorunlar Giderildi. Gvence Altnda Labor Server zel kervan yollar ile kervan ekmenin tadna varp, Rank Kasp dl alma heyecanna sende Katl ...

Integrated Online

Cap100, ChineseEuropean , Original system with medium rates, Unique ranking, Job ranking, 247 Online Support, Schedule for events. More information on Facebook Page.

Paradise-sro cap100 chines only

Servercap 100 Mastery Limit 300 Race Chinese Experience x35 Goldrate x5 Droprate x10 Alchemy rate x1 IP Limit-8.


THSRO Come have fun with us --Wellcome ThSro site Cap 120 Pvp Degree 13 System Coin mob 120 All mapa Samarkand Drop100 Max plus 19 ADV New Uniques All Avatar Free All Item Freee Daily Event Server SysTem Coin Easy Server Free silk You accont not have silk Pm


FunnRoad SRO system with 140 cap ,16 Degree item , New Skill system ,Our server will give you a new uniqueSRO experience that youve never had before, due to our brand new unique system


New private server provided by Roto Games Team, Cap 110, New Reborn System Max Lv3, Free Silk, BOT commands, Upgrade Forge System in BOT, New Alchemy Easy system, Automatic Event Bot, Full Secured, Much more stuff come join now and enjoy our Server.

Silkroad Europe

Client Version 1.188 Exp Rate 150x Party Exp Rate 160x Gold Drop Rate 15x Drop Rate 200x Giant Spawn 7.5x Job EXP Rate 25x Trade Prices 2x Magic Stone Drop 10x Magic Pop Rate 10x

RPGSRO Online server

RPGSRO High rate 110 cap Silkroad server with unique reborn system, item forge, unique skill system, unique character context menu, daily events, friendly GMs and much more Join us now

New Silkroad DarkEnergy

New Sro DarkEnergy 2016-2017.. New Avatars , Pets , Devil S , Latest in Silkroad Online I hope the link here facebook for more information httpswww.facebook.comSilkroad-DarkEnergy- 762669843835953posts

Happy Road Silkroad

Client Version 1.599 Exp Rate x800 Party Exp Rate x900 Gold Drop Rate x30 Drop Rate x25 Trade Price x3

Dark Knights Private Server Cap 130

- CAP 130, Skill 130 - Start Level 130 - Degree 14-15 - New Uniques - 2 Coin System - Arena Coin Drop From Unique arena STRINT and Uniques - Dark Doante Coin from CTFBA and Donate Uniques Spawn in Arabia petra volcano - Dark Donate points can be Purshaced from GM and From Ranks - Dg14 for 1 Gold in NPC - Dg15 For Donate Coin in NPC - Stone Dg14 for 1 Gold in Npc - Stone Dg15 for 1 Donate coin in NPC - Max Plus 16 With 4 Adv - Uniques Rank Reward Title Name and Donate Coin and Donate Points - Titles at Shop for Donate Coin and Arena - PremiumGodBless 20 for Arena Coin in NPC - PremiumGodBless...