WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List

Ryn'ash WoW 2.4.3 [1x rates]

1 Gbps connection - 1x rates - PvE Progression - Arena Seasons -

Vanilla-Entertainment x15 1.12.1

• Vanilla-Entertainment 1.12.1 • 24/7 Uptime • Ragnaros and other raids opened • 15x XP • High Experience Rates, Other rates blizzlike • No Lag • Working Bg's • Scripted instances • Working pvp system • Best prebc server out there • Stable Server • Active Community • No OP donations • Dedicated servers • Join Now !

UnforgivenWoW - 3.3.5a Funserver

UnforgivenWoW - 3.3.5a Funserver Millions of health and damage Tons of custom stuff Reforging, transmogrifying,

Mythology Warcraft - Custom Content

We are introducing a whole new type of a private server. We have redesigned the whole game to create a new expansion. The expansion is based off of Mythological content. We have a full team of professional staff. No Lag. Join Today!

Crazzy WoW BR

Server PvP na versão 3.3.5a (Lich King) que busca proporcionar diversão ao player evitando uso de itens customs. Sem lag,nem crashs. O servidor conta também com várias scripts inovadoras,para oferecer um maior conforto ao player.Vem se divertir conosco!!


Wow private 3.3.5 Blizzlike server x1 and Instant 80 Fun realm x25 Level cap 100. Daily updates

Design WoW-Guides

We're a community thats bringing you almost everything you need to become a pro in World of Warcraft, register today to get access to it!


Legendary Wir sind ein Deutscher WoW Privat-Server auf dem Patchstand 3.3.5a. Wir bieten euch einen Chartransfer vom Offiziellen sowie wie auch von anderen Privat-Servern. Icc 10/25 NH offen sowie auch die Hardmode wariante. Klassen zu 95% Gescriptet! 6 Stunden Support Gm´s und Developer immer noch gesucht

dynasty-wow 3.3.5

Funserver Realm | Level cap 255 | 100% Custom content | Custom Instances and Farming Areas | Fun Custom Events | Friendly Staff | Transmografication Npc |

•WoWSpore 4.3.4• - Blizzlike FastLevel

24/7, 4.3.4 patch, Blizzlike realm, awesome website, good staff team. Join Now And Join The Epic Adventure You Never Forget

EliteDragons Private WoW Realms [4.0.6a - 4.3.4, Soon MoP!]

Blizzlike 3x realms || Battlegrounds + Arena working || Scripted instances || Custom items || Custom Quests || Vote/Donation Shop (Multiplier 2x) || Stable and lagless server || Professional GM's and a nice community! **Join now!**

Azeroth Legends WotLK 3.3.5a

Azeroth Legends WotlK 3.3.5a Server, 3x kill XP rates, 5x quest XP rates, transmogrification, start with 10g, riding training available at lvl 1, active community, extensive armory, ll trainers in Dalaran and many more, register and play.


Blade-WoW is a instant 80 Funserver,with loads of customs in it,we are only 24/7 with 99% Uptime. We got everything working and we will offer players the most reliable gameplay possible.

WoW 2.4.3 High-Rate

Instances scripted, no bugs, stable core, no lag , 10gbps conection data-center , no disconects , xeon, 16gb ram, 2x2Tb for backup

Theralion Network

This is a Blizzlike server with rate x2, faithful blizzard we open Raid in order. Stable server, dynamic team we expect

World of Warcraft 3.3.5 Blizzlike

True Blizzlike rates 1x Hosted dedicated server No Lag! Daily updates! Very stable realm GM hosted events Most spells tested and working* Battlegrounds working* Dungeons and Raids working* Quests working if not Blizzlike very close* On hand 24/7 developers Great GM staff, quick service for all issues Great, friendly players 500 slot Teamspeak3 server More to come... * May not be 100% Blizzlike or fully scripted

Games-Source WoW

Wir sind eine deutsche Redaktion, die sich das Ziel gesetzt hat, unnötige Ausgaben von Spielern zu minimieren, indem wir Spiele vorher Testen, dazu Berichte verfassen und ihr euch dann überlegen könnt, das Spiel zu kaufen


TrinityCore-Blizzlike/Funserver-3.3.5: Custom quests, questlines, scripted bosses, legendary questline, custom events, leveling roads full of quests, rare bosses and much much more for players to enjoy and do!

Nightmare WoW 4.3.4

Professional Cataclysm PvP Server with experienced Staff. Join us today!

WoW Like 2.4.3

High Damage, version 2.4.3 You can become vip 1 for free!High hp and HIGH attributes, only fun and fun!Join now


Wir sind ein neuer Deutscher - wow -Privat-Server,auf dem Patchstand 3.3.5a ICC Voll gescripet, Klassen Bugg´s zu 95% Behobe. Chartransfer oder Gildentransfer möglich. Gamemaster & Developer noch gesucht



Ms Crew Gaming

3.3.5a Lvl 300, 255 Fun Server / PVP | Cata server New Deutscher WoW-Server | 3 Realms | Version 3.3.5a WOW PATCH LEVEL 350 Server | Max lvl 85-350 - alles dabei | Fun Server / 85 Instanz / Highrate Server| Große Deutsche Community | Viele Events & Co

RealStorm WoW

Join Now On RealStorm WoW!!! We Have... Active GM's x350 XP x750 Quest XP NO LAG!!! Custom Mobs Custom Zones Custom Gear Custom NPC's Gear Giveaways Weekly! FREE TO PLAY!!!


Level 255 Funserver | Over 21 Custom Instances | Friendly Staff | 100% Uptime | Over 7 Custom Stair Events | Over 10 World Bosses | Transmogrification | Unique Gold/Gambling System | Join Now!