WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List

Ashamane - BfA

Come discover Battle for Azeroth on one of the best BFA server available A cool team, quality scripts and great server stability are the assets of Ashamane Join us

Havoc-WoW 335a - 255 PvPPvE FUNSERVER

3.3.5aCommunity AchievementsCataMoPWoDLegion TRANSMOGGABLE Content35k custom itemsCustomscripted gearinstancesCustom InstancesQuestsBossesMALLLvL AreaPvPPvE rewardsCROSSFACTION BGGuild HousingKillstreakVIP systemHourly rewardsCaring and Helpful StaffCommunity

Unlimited-WoW 255LvL 3.3.5a WOTLK

255 Level Cap, Tier 1 to Tier 14, 1v1 Arena, All Classes for All Races, 80000 Custom Items, Amazing Custom and scripted Instances, Custom Quests, Working BG and Arena, Custom Mall, Balanced Classes, Transmog, Mall, Unique Wing Transmogs, Custom Bosses

RetroWoW Instant 60 5-Man Raids 247 PvP

PvP TokensArena Gold-Per-KillCrossfaction BGCustom Mall5-Man Raids ZGMCAQBWLONYXNAXXCustom PvEPvP QuestsScripted InstancesClassic VanillaPathfindingWorking BGsDuel ZoneActive DevelopmentNo-LagFriendly StaffActive PvPAnti-DDoSCustom Anti-Cheat

UltimoWoW - Bennu - x6 Exp. - x2 Oro, Prof y Rep

El Reino Bennu de UltimoWoW, esta abierto y disponible desde el 3 de Julio del 2018, dispone de unas rates x6 de experiencia y x2 de oro, habilidades de armas, profesion y reputacion. Servidor de habla hispana blizzlike, cientos de jugadores conectados, equipo profesional de asistencia en el juego.

Thorium WoW 335 Unique Artifact System

Thorium-WoW, A Unique WOTLK 335a lvl 255 Fun Realm, Unique leveling, upgrading artifact system, active uptime, daily content, fixes events, Extra expansion content, 14 races incl Worgens, Goblins Pandarens, Full Custom Instances, Scripted bosses and more


Professionally developed and maintained. We bring you Cataclysm, MoP and WoD content to patch 3.3.5a. Our custom content is nowhere else to be found. Were delivering you the best experience by approaching new ideas, which cannot be found anywhere else.

WotlkFriend 25x

The best wow 3.3.5a Lich-King WotlkFriend 25x Only best players is on this server

MasterWoW Fun and Blizzlike private World of Warcraft

2 Realm - Fun Normal realm rate x8 Fun realm is like old ETERNION-WOW haste server with a lot of changes 3.3.5a 100 Level Cap All Classes have Steal Health with Hits Custom Items Upgradeable All Classes for All Races Custom Quests Custom Mall Balanced Classes Tested Custom Bosses Weekly Update World Chat o

Cruel-WoW Instant 80 PvP PvE 335a

Instant 80 PvP - PvE Custom Quest-Lines Working Classes Quality Content Detailed player accesible areas Giveaways Free Season 8 Tier 105 Arena Spectator, 1v1 3v3


UNIQUE PROGRESSIVE SERVER from vanilla to wotlk -All content scripted - Mosts quests fixed - Competitive and balanced system - Daily events - Mid-rates

FUN Server Rates x 15 Main proffesions 4

Radical Server - 6.2.3 - Espanol

Servidor Radical Server, World of Warcraft Parche 6.2.3, temporada 1 de Warlords of Draenor Gladiador primigenio Servidor de habla hispana, Comunidad Amigable y agradable, ambiente de juego competitivo Profesiones funcionando 100, Todas las Clases Funcionales y actualizadas constantemente. Maestros del Juego activos y pendientes. Rates de experiencia variable Niveles 1 al 58 x5 Niveles 59 al 70 x4 Niveles 71 al 80 x3,5 Niveles 81 al 90 x3 Niveles 91 al 100 x2 Migracion Espejo hasta la expansion 5.4.8. descarga el addon y realiza el proceso desde nustra web, Bosses del mundo...

Acolytes Realm 2.4.3 TBC 255 Funserver

Instances, funny questions, balanced items, balanced donors, PvP PvE, Events, 247 supports, friendly GMs and expect more fun things, that will make the game more fun. The server is 255Lvl also known as Funserver.

Transcend-WoW 3.3.5 LEVEL 255


WoWMortal - WoW Legion, Cataclysm WoW PvP Server

Latest Legion Patch X10 rates Realm, Instant 85 Cataclysm PvP and PvE, Amazing PvP and PvE Content, Custom Malls, Working BG and Arena, Custom Instances, Balanced Spells and Classes, Custom Transmogrifcation.

WarStYle Heroes Level 1000 3.3.5a

WOTLK LEVEL 1000, CUSTOM classes,helpers, items , quests, souls sistem upgrade, loots, waves, world bosses, instances and more more others. Join to the new world today an be the heroe of WarStYle

Gigafun 2.4.3 - Zandalari

Zandalari 2.4.3 Funserver NEW START New START of Zandalari realm. Funserver with funny haste and custom world. We prepared more than 10 instances, 2000 items and 1000 quests. There is also all race all class patch with models from latest expansions. - Health points up to 5 milions - Full Talent Build - Funny haste, but balanced pvp - Gear separated for roles and classes. - Juicy Leveling 1-70 in our TorWatha exp zone. - Fully working Black Temple, Blackwing Lair, Hyjal Summit, ZulAman and much more - Scripted quests and event not just a speak kill. - New spell system including new...

WOTLK YugoWoW 85 Fun Server 3.3.5

YugoWoW is a 85 Fun Server.With more than 10000 custom items and a lot of custom contents Join us Now

InsanityWoW 3.3.5a

3.3.5a versionRanking Temporada de ArenasCampos de Batalla FuncionandoTitulos Arena y PvPInstancias Raids FuncionandoPvP BalanceadoVota y Recibe PremiosINSTANT 80 TEMPORALITEMSSETS CUSTOMSSISTEMA VIP


Would you like to try a custom fun server on Burning Crusade Then check out these useful informations about the server - level your character in our exp zone from level 1 to 200 - progress through our content to get many of our custom items - teleporter, that can take you to all important areas is ready for you all - global trainer, to train your riding, weapon skills, class and talent skills - custom buffs, that you can buy in one of our vendors for a suitable price - crossfaction Battlegrounds and we are working on a custom system for BGs - arena spectator, so you can watch other players...

Infinity wow Instant 80

Infinity wow Set Tier 10 partes off 25n. Pvp S7 partes off S7. 5k de oro, 2 profesiones, 0 lag, 0 caidas, comunidad para ayudar, gms atentos

Blackbones 3.3.5a PvP PvE

High rate stats Fast reputation Fast professions Fast leveling Full PvE content Boosting new characters Friendly staff

Malachit by MHD-Gaming - 3.3.5a

Neuer Deutscher Privat Server Alle Raids offen 7x LvL Rate Startevent 15x LvL Rate doppelte Votepunkte sowie tolle Belohnungen Berufe 2x Stabiler Server Nettes Team