n uniques appear everyday at 1100 pm QWhich fortress war working AHotan only QHow i can get luck skill buff Ayou get it from the king hyungno ghost and the king mole uniques QHow i can get TS Magic Scroll Ayou get it from isis , anubis , Arabian shaitan and roc QHow i can get Lucky Gold Scroll Ayou get it from medusa , Arabian shaitan and roc Qwhat i can do with ice trophy Ayou have to collect 2000 ice trophy and change it from GM to weapon 20 100 stats QHow i can get Egy A items Ayou get it from normal shop inside jangan town with 1 gold Qhow i can get job coin Afrom job temple mobs isis - anubis and king kong uniques Q how i can get stone A from shop inside jangan town Q how i can get free avatars A fom shop inside jangan town

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