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This page sjsro Online is the only and official facebook page, the page has to communicate with other Sj SRO .. Sj SRO Online, Silkroad Old 80 Cap 'Private Server is based organizations. Our Official Web Site: My Our site is the official forum: Official Product Sales Site: Official Facebook Page : SJ SRO Online, old cape Silkroad private server is based on 80 organizations. On 02.20.2015 was online. You ll take much pleasure from a lot of fun and a mission was established by the old system. Is based on a very private Unlike a database server. Our server korunmaktat with DDOS Guard. Server are interested in our professional team. 2015 The first one is without server. Section "Water '' was initiated. 2. We will build an active year in our part of the Fire. We put forward our best performance for you, thank you for your endless Helps to heal we prefer .. Sj Silkroad WATER Section Properties WATER (80Cap) Server Information: Sjsro old system based on old, forgotten by day old SilkRoad style is very close to a private server. Prepared by our professional team and held sj sro with excitement until you put it in, if you want to participate in this exciting first steps given below and click on our website .. Opening Date: 02/20/2015 Water Server Website: Water Server Products: Official Facebook Page :

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